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John John today you are one year old. I am in disbelief as to how quickly this year has passed us by. At times it has been challenging and chaotic but you constantly show me how resilient you are. Every time I look at you your face lights up and you show me your big beautiful smile, hence your nickname is “Mr. Smiles”. I love that you love to cuddle. You rest your head on my shoulder with your arms around me and kick your legs while we sway back and forth before bedtime. If I’m holding you and begin to rub your back you quickly nuzzle your face in my neck, let your arms go limp, and you take it all in. You’re a lover.
You love to be upside down. Every chance you get you throw your head back while you’re sitting in my lap so you that you’re inverted. You have no idea what’s behind you or where you’re going. Lucky for you I anticipate it’s coming and take it as an opportunity to tickle your exposed neck and listen to your giggles. You do it over and over again and we laugh together. You’re adventurous.
When I found out I was pregnant with you and realized you and Leah would be 14 months apart I was terrified. I was also excited, anxious, and overwhelmed with joy. Once you arrived I quickly learned how lucky we were. You could be placed anywhere. Literally anywhere. And as long as we were in your range of sight you would just hang out or fall asleep. You rarely fussed and made raising two babies look easy if that’s even possible. You’re easy going and patient. (Unless you’re hungry. Than you are very demanding.) I love watching you and Leah together. You create your own games and have secret conversations with one another. You support her in ways you don’t even understand yet. When she cries, you cry. When she laughs, you look for her and laugh too. When she takes away a toy your playing with, you let her (we are working on sharing, soon you’ll understand how difficult it can be). You’re eyes are soft and accepting. I truly feel like you let me in. You’re sensitive.
John you are going to do amazing things in this life. I love you more than I can put into words. You are my light, my stars and my moon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BOY! ❤️

Well, after 11 months he’s finally interested in solids. Let’s put those 7 teeth to work! #growingup #babyboy #food #hungryman #almostone

We had a great time celebrating Sophia’s 3rd birthday today! #happybirthday #babyblues #babygirl #dramaqueen #cupcakeparty

Best picture we could get of the three of them by the tree 😆 #merrychristmas #cousincrew #groupphoto #fail #goodballs

It was this guys first Christmas! Love you buddy! #firstchristmas #suchaham #mrsmiles #cutestbaby #lovebug

Happy birthday to this amazing, intelligent, spunky, independent, beautiful girl. I am forever grateful to be your Momma. I love you Leah butt 😘 #babygirl #2yearsold #happybirthday #tothemoonandback ❤️

I cannot believe this little guy is already 9 months old! ❤️ #meltsmyheart #bestlittlemanever #handsomeboy #mylove #thatsmile #butterball #happiestkidever

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