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L I N D S A Y  + Wife & Mama + Bilingual Casa 🇺🇸|🇩🇴 + Passionate about finding beauty in the small things, choosing joy daily, & helping others🌿

I love that we serve a God who is perfect, & yet is OK with the fact that we are not. His grace is sufficient for us. In every moment, we are loved with a greater love than we have the capacity of understanding while on earth. God cares about the details that we think are perhaps not significant enough for him to pay attention to... but he is a Father who cares deeply & loves fiercely.✨The dreams that have been broken & shattered he is calling to LIFE!🌱The hope lost has been restored! He will revive the things which the enemy has made appear dead. God is miraculous & he ALWAYS has the VICTORY.🙌🏼🎉 #celebrate #victory #waymaker #grace #mightyGod #ministry

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🎉National TAKE A CHANCE Day!!🎉
Today, I am extra thankful for the chance God helped me take 6 months ago! My health needed a change for the better. I was so nervous to step out & try something I didn’t know much about. But with a 60-day money back guarantee I thought, “Well, it’s worth a shot!” I had nothing to lose but EVERYTHING to gain. This jar holds one of my favorite daily products!💃🏽
Like anything TRULY GOOD in our lives, it’s not about a quick fix, it’s about a life-style change! You wouldn’t work out twice & expect a 6-Pack would you? 😜NO! You’d TRAIN and stay CONSISTENT! It’s the same thing with supplementing... only a liiiitle easier. 😂
This has been one of my greatest “risks” I’ve ever taken & I’m FOREVER CHANGED!😍 #changed #lifestyle #health #beauty #happiness #forever #healthmatters #selfcare #loveyourbody

Allow God to wrap his arms around you today. There is a comfort like no other in the rest of his embrace. ❤️ #rest #comfort #peace #love #flowers #field

🙌🏼 Grace, G-R-A-C-E, & more Grace
I have been in a long season of needing God’s grace. Thinking about that this week, God revealed to me that we ALWAYS NEED His grace upon grace, it’s just a matter of whether we realize it or not. As we pray for our eyes to be opened, we begin to see all those intricate moments where he has placed his hand of blessing on our lives!☀️
I am seriously amazed at how God has put different people in our lives to help us in this season. Every moment I have felt weak, He has done something to help encourage me that he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. He knows the plans he has for us & they are for GOOD.🎉 Walking in faith is scary at times, but when we trust & expect his peace to fill us... it DOES. You know why? It’s always AVAILABLE!! He is the most GENEROUS God! God fills us to the capacity in which we ALLOW him to! ❤️ So ask yourself, have you been pushing his hand away? Are you allowing him to fill you, bless you, encourage you, LOVE you, the way he desires to? 🌿You were created for more!
#createdformore #blessing #graceupongrace #anointed #faith #bold #trust #walkbyfaith #chooselove

I am in the midst of moving/ setting up an apartment while taking care of a toddler (pray for me 😂). My Mom is going to be in town Friday & we are prepping for my sister’s wedding! 🎉
What are your BEST, QUICK, HEALTHY meals?! I need alllll the help coming up with ideas. 😘
#mealprep #quickmeals #cheapfood #healthyfood #foodie #goodeats

This is me. I may not have it all together... in fact I don’t & the last couple years God has slowly been helping me realize that that’s OK.😊
🌱Sigh of relief🌱
What I know is that despite my imperfections, I am fiercely loved by Him; a God who chose to sacrifice his son so I could live an eternally abundant life. Wow. My heart is overwhelmed sometimes just thinking about how TRUELY POWERFUL his love is.
Lord you are good. Your mercy endures forever. You rescue me from all my fears. You’ve won my heart. I will praise you all my days! 🙌🏼
#foreverloved #relief #heknowsourneeds #heprovides #lifeeternal #praise #imperections #grace #powerful

There will come a day when she rises & realizes that she is a world changer!🌱I’m already so excited for that day! 😍 #mygirl #MaicaEdel #worldchanger #teachthemwell #growingsofast #hispanic #dominicanamerican #joy

Little did I know 5 months ago when I started these supplements that my life would be forever changed. I was desperate to not be such an exhausted Mom-zombie all the time. I pumped myself with caffeine daily, yet still struggled to feel energy. I never felt like I got enough sleep, and was just trying to fake it ’til I made it. You know what I’m talking about…So, here I was just praying this could be my answered prayer…and it was!🙌🏼☀️🌿
I am so thankful for my sweet friend who helped guide me into understanding the importance of gut health, and how it can either wreck our lives or help us function the way we were designed. I still have so much to learn, but here is what I know to be true: I took a leap of faith and now my gut (& MIND—because our gut is connected to our brain!) are so much healthier! I’m not addicted to coffee anymore, have natural energy, and have deep, REM sleep every night! Other things have improved to, but I’ll save that for another post. (Or you can message me if you can’t handle the suspense!😉)
Do your body a favor…make yourself a priority. ✨You are IMPORTANT. ✨Your life is VALUABLE!✨#lifechanging #guthealth #mentalhealth #wellness #plantbased #dontdelay #thisisforyou #SAHM #tiredmama #nomore #deepsleep #energy

Because someone needs to know, that despite everything there is a God of HOPE that seeks to rescue you & carry that very burden that has been weighing you down. 🌺 #hope #recuerda #faithfulGod #esperanza #faith #despiteeverything

🌱A door can be beautiful, but what if what’s on the other side is even more stunning? & what if you never see it because you are too afraid to open it?!
Life outside of my comfort zone has shown me more beauty than I could have imagined. God is so quick to show us just how truly wonderful he can be, when we choose to walk in his plans for our lives.
Sometimes that beauty doesn’t reveal itself like an ornate package. Sometimes it’s messy, weird, & surprising.😆 But beauty it is, none the less... and true beauty can only come from the Lord. +
I am thankful for lessons learned & those that I will be learning my whole life. God’s patience & grace are such a blessing.❤️
#lessons #inthewaiting #doors #opendoors #freedom #beauty #surprising

Where do you feel the most relaxed?☀️🌿 If it’s up to me, the beach is my #1 choice! #beachlife #palmtrees #ocean #relax #tranquil

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