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Lindsay Maitland Hunt  My first cookbook, Healthyish, is in stores everywhere! • Use #healthyishcookbook to tag your posts • Order your copy here!

Hello from one of the top ten most delicious salads I’ve ever made. Coming soon for @shape 🥗💋

Looking for new smoothie recipes? I developed this watermelon-chia smoothie (and 8 others!) for @delish. The chia are meant to look like watermelon seeds! (Nerdy development moment...🤓) Head over to for the recipes!

Prosciutto and fancy vegetables for lunch.

Dinner for an unabashed lover of simple food: spice-rubbed steak with radicchio, avocado, lightly tossed with olive oil and red wine vinegar. Oh, and gluten-free and dairy-free, too.

This skillet banana-chia gluten-free pancake is very “business in the front, party in the back.”

I have some news! And it’s not just about this delicious buckwheat pasta with caramelized fennel and onions for dinner. I’m writing another cookbook! It’s called Help Yourself! The recipes are all gut-friendly (like this pasta, which is high-fiber, grain-free, and dairy-free.) I’m writing this book because I’ve learned that gut health is the root of all health, and this way of eating addresses things like inflammation, autoimmune disease, and just generally feeling better. This is really personal for me, and was hard-won learning over four years of struggles with my health. I can’t wait to share the process with you all as I write the book, and rest-assured for any #healthyishcookbook lovers, these recipes will be ones you will love. More soon, but for now, thank you for your support! xx, LMH #thehelpyourselfcookbook

My word of the year for 2018 was faith. I’m not religious or even spiritual, per se, but I do like the concept of calmly believing that things will unfold how they will. Some big changes have been in the works in my life for a while, and as these fall into place, I’m taking a moment to celebrate and reflect on getting here. The thing is, I’ve tended to always white-knuckle every transition and moment of change as though I could control outcomes. (Spoiler: that doesn’t work.) That’s not to say I don’t still bust my ass and hustle—I do—but this year I’ve been focusing on my goals in life, work, and love with an eye towards believing things will be okay no matter what. And I can say from where I stand now that this non-religious faith, or whatever it is, has transformed my life from one of general anxiety to one of happiness and excitement. 🔮🧙🏻‍♀️✨

Today is one of those slow-start days, where by the time I have it together to make breakfast, it’s actually much closer to lunchtime. Sure, I could pause and meditate to realize everything is okay, that it all gets done, that there isn’t anything truly wrong. First, though, is food, because I’m pretty sure that hunger is playing a role. And, since I have that already-behind-on-a-Monday feeling, that means I don’t want to “cook” anything. I’d rather just pile things into a bowl, in this case sliced endive, canned tuna, avocado, and pickled red onion, all topped with my “special sauce.” (A vegan mayo dressing that distracts me from mostly wanting to eat a fat wedge of cheese.) Now, back to that deadline already!

What is there to say about a platter heaped artfully with meat, cheese and vegetables? You’ve probably seen thousands of similar pictures at this point on instagram, and it makes me wonder why I’m sharing this at all. I know the caption that would probably get me the most likes is something like, “get yourself friends who have a patio in the West Village and arrange a mean cheese platter,” but in this age where any corporation can hire a “creative” to drum in pithy comments to get “engagement,” I’ve started to feel allergic to making a wry pun when I post a photo. Instead, I’m trying to just be myself, talk more honestly, and right now, that means saying how grateful I am that @audreymiyoko, who made this platter, and her boyfriend, Ned, always make me feel welcome, even when I show up early for the party, almost singlehandedly drink the bottle of wine I brought, and end the night dramatically emceeing the karaoke session.

I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve ever made a caviar snack at home, and, no surprise, it’s wonderful.

A bacon, egg, and collards breakfast soup is in the works, with chicken and quinoa, too. Good for the gut (lots of fiber and low glycemic load) but still has tons of flavor!

I was not-so-secretly excited to wake up to a cold and rainy Sunday after two days of insanely gorgeous spring weather, because I had a baking project planned: the Birthday Cake with Fluffy Milk Chocolate Frosting from #tartineallday. I am so in love with this book! To make a gluten-free celebration-worthy cake that looks and tastes great is frankly worth a celebration alone. 🌟🍰I am going to frost the sides and do swooshes and all that jazz, but I also dig this naked lewk.

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