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lindsay jean  writer // co-founder of @womencatalysts // #the100dayproject with @elleluna // writing about breast cancer on @tonic // all about that fierce love ⚑️❀

Day 26: I started working on a script today! I've never written a script before -- it's totally new to me. But if you'll allow me to toot my own horn for a minute, one of my superhero talents is that I believe I can do just about anything I put my mind to. Radical idea, right?! I don't wait for anyone's approval or permission but my own. So what if I've never done it before? So what if I don't know how? I'll figure it out. Two questions for you: what's something you've been thinking about doing but not actually doing and are you ready to start today? And what's one of your superhero talents? #The100DayProject #LJTwrites

Day 25 (!!!): "Your problem isn't perspective -- not the way you think, at least. It's that you've got to feel bad about about someone else's life to feel good about your own." WOW! A quarter of the way into #The100DayProject! I celebrate you, Artists! How's it feel?? #LJTwrites #breastcancer #cancer #mastectomy #radiation

Day 24: "We haven't even closed the gate behind us when a car drives past and come to a quick halt. 'Taxi?' he asks, leaning out the window. Funny how communism has made an entrepreneur out of almost everyone here." #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #Cuba

Day 23: "Do I sound angry? I guess it was inevitable, getting mad. This is *inconvenient,* you know? I feel inconvenienced by you, Cancer. I have other things to do. I have a life, and it's a good one. You weren't invited." How is #The100DayProject going for you? Are you bored of your project yet? @elleluna says that's when it gets interesting and I think she's right. I'm definitely getting bored of the cancer diaries, but it's been nine I suppose what I'm really bored of is cancer. Looking forward to finishing radiation in two weeks and moving on to other "projects" πŸ˜‰. And swimming, which I'm not supposed to do right now. #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #breastcancer #cancer #saltwater #whalehouse

Day 22: "Remember the first time you got your heart broken and no one in the history of the world had ever felt as bad as you and it seemed like it would never end but then it did? Slowly and all at once at the same time, surprising you with just how fine you felt one day? It's like that." Episode 4 of the #cancer diaries is up on @vice @tonic. Link in profile. #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #breastcancer #chemo #chemotherapy

Day 21: "The room I'm in is called Yosemite. There's even leaf imprints on the ceiling. As if I'm on vacation in one of our great national parks instead of taped to a table, half-naked, while a machine shoots cancer-causing rays into my body." #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #breastcancer #cancer #radiation

Day 20: "My breast surgeon tells me the sensation may never come back. How bizarre, to not be able to feel part of your body. That's not exactly true -- I can feel it, the way you can feel your tongue slide across your gums after the dentist, but I can't *feel* it." #LJTwrites #The100DayProject #breastcancer #cancer #writersofinstagram #mastectomy

Day 19: "Our taxi driver offers us a half-drunk bottle of rum from the front seat. It would be rude to decline, so I take a swig and pass it around." #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #Cuba

Day 18: "The thing about adventure is you think you want it but you don't really. You complain about those tourists (you're not a tourist -- you're a traveler), but as soon as you're somewhere real it's obvious. You're not one of the locals. You're one of them, just a fucking tourist after all." #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #Cuba

Day 17: today's office and creative buddy ❀. Worked on the cancer diaries -- happy to report that radiation is getting better (and so is my attitude πŸ˜‰). #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #breastcancer #cancer


Day 16: my favorite writing spot. Worked on the cancer diaries this morning -- the upside of daily appointments is so much material πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚! Where's your favorite place to work? #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #breastcancer #cancer

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