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Day 79: today I picked up on the mid-year reflection that the @womencatalysts community did with the wonderful @simply_ariana of @flightdesign. Nothing I'm ready to share yet but I will say that it's a good time to pause and reflect: we're almost mid-way through the year and nearly done with #The100DayProject. What are you learning? What's working? What do you want more of? Less of? Write it down, commit to it, say it out loud. Invite people to help you. #LJTwrites

Day 78: Remember a month ago when I cried because my oncologist put me back on one of the oncology drugs? Yeah, it's making me feel pretty terrible. So that's what I wrote about today. It probably won't make the cut for the cancer diaries -- that's one of the reasons why it's helpful to have some time and space between when I write something and when it gets published. Gives me better clarity on what matters. Do you post right when you're done, or do you take time and revisit what you've made? #LJTwrites #The100DayProject #breastcancer

Day 77: today we were so incredibly lucky to have SARK on the weekly call for The Creative Collective. She talked about embracing the full cycle of your creativity, including the collapse or the parts without clear "progress." And it's so true. A lot of my progress happens between writing sessions. AND today I felt ready to get into action mode on the script. I bought the kinda pricey software as a commitment to myself and my project. We're heading into the final weeks of #The100DayProject -- what do you need to give yourself to move forward on your project? #LJTwrites

Day 76: "I smile and nod politely as she drunkenly tells me her deep thoughts on the energetic causes of disease, like I haven't heard it a million times already. When I can't take it any longer, I cut her off with a sarcastic, 'Yeah, I'm pretty sure even Western medicine professionals know stress is bad for you.'" #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #breastcancer #cancer #cancerdiaries

Day 75: Forty-six. That's the number of times Philando Castile was pulled over by police. Forty-fucking-six. Can you believe that? I wish I could say no, but I know better by now. And meanwhile, my Facebook feed is full of news of the Whole Foods acquisition. There is no justice, and you're talking about food delivery?

Day 74: worked on the script outline a bit. It's been awhile since I've had a big chunk of time to work on it. Looking forward to wrapping up some of my other projects so I can focus on it more. I'm also thinking of taking a week off this summer to go write if you have a magical cabin somewhere 😉✨❤

Day 73: "On a spring cleaning rampage, I throw away everything I can. Even things I know might be useful to other people; to other breast cancer patients. My mastectomy bras, Vicodin, you name it. I know I could save these things for someone, but I don't want to. I want to be done with it." #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #breastcancer

Day 72: "We take a quick day trip about 15 miles out of Havana to visit Hemingway's house. Judging by the number of other foreigners here, it's probably the most touristy thing I've done but I love it. He was such an incredible reader, there must be thousands of books here. Can you imagine having that much time to read? I'm a little jealous." #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #Cuba #hemingway

Day 71: "The light is too bright and harsh for an amateur like me to get it right. How many photos of peeling paint does one really need anyways? I see a lot of tourists take photos Cubans and I'm sure they're being paid -- or I hope they are -- but it feels gross and exploitative to me. This isn't is an exhibit. These people aren't here for your education or your entertainment." #LJTwrites #The100DayProject #Cuba

Day 70:
The beat
in me
Is the beat
in you ❤ #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #pride #wereallinthistogether

Day 69: "Surgery gets postponed two weeks and in a way I'm relieved. It seems like there's so much more I need to do. I can't stop thinking about what kind of bra I'll wear and how it will work. I know it's silly. Petty, even. I Google 'mastectomy bras' and they're awful. Ugly. Matronly, made for old women. I wonder if I'll have to buy all new shirts, mine are so low cut." // my latest on the #cancerdiaries is up on @vice @tonic (link in profile). It just came out, which reminded me to find some notes and do a little editing on the latest piece. I find it easiest to keep notes as I go (though sometimes I forget) and to put it together later. So most everything I write starts as a brain dump then gets edited later. #The100DayProject #LJTwrites #breastcancer #mastectomy

Day 68: Keeping with the idea of being flexible with your project, today I wrote the script for a new workshop I'm leading on listening and communication. Feeling so grateful to do so many different kinds of projects that I love and that feel creative to me ❤ #The100DayProject #LJTwrites

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