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Lindsay Essence  Spiritual Goddess Who Empowers & Teaches For Everyone To Reach Their Full Potential In Their Spiritual & Business Life Through Intuition and Art

With the spring equinox right around the corner I have been pulled to the goddesses.

They provide guidance and empowerment based on their characteristics. For me athena and Isis have been knocking on my door hard.
Thank you to these powerful women for all their wisdom and strength they provide for all of us.

#goddess #springequinox #springcleaning


The number one thing that ruled my life. It crept up in all aspects of my being.

Still does from time to time

So here is one thing I do to let that go. I pull an affirmation card.
Its super simple shift and change that has compound changes in my life.

Lets change my thought patterns.

#spiritualsunday #fuckfear #rockyourlife

I woke up to a screaming 5 year old, I have soreness and aches surging through my body, a head ache forming, that lingering depression starting to kick into day... Here's what the guides said:

Sit down and do your 15 mins wake up for you.
So essence rise up, its ok I promise. Nothing is better for you to rise up and take care of you. That's the only way to be of service in this world. Rise up

#morningmotivation #getupgetgoing #yoga

I Am... I am worthy
I have value
I am beautiful
I am talented
I am me

Its never too late to shift that inner self talk.

I am

#meditation #motivation #nomakeupdontcare

What do you do for yourself everyday? I strive for 11 soild mins everyday doing just this.
I was suggested by a mentor this book on network marketing.
So if you are a part of a MLM/network marketing company have you read this?
#strive11 #networkmarketing #knowledgeispower

Been working on some deep emotional wounds since the move to Orlando and let this space be quiet while working on what has been needed.
I pulled this for today and it is time to come back to this place to share with all of you the magic of personal development, spirituality, and mindset again.
The 1st card is the 8 of wands which brings about change. The daughter of cups is about bringing forth emotion and creativeness and finally the 10 of wands about working and releasing blockages.
Anyone else feeling that energy? I sure have been. Keeping this polychrome jasper with me today for some extra grounding and support.
#cardoftheday #wildunknowntarot #motivation

Today the tower brings us the message of chaos and questioning our inner beliefs. Now whenever the tower or the devil pops up in readings the majority of my clients freak out because the card looks scary.
Do not be weary my dear essence because this card isn't anything bad. Its actually a great thing. Its about questioning your beliefs and shifting and focusing into a new direction.
If this rings a bell with you and you would like to dive deeper through July 4th I am doing 30 min readings live or recorded for $40. DM me if interested.
#cardoftheday #thetower #flashsale #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #psychicsofinstagram. #psychicmedium #psychicreading

Day 1 of the @wildsistermag #wildmeditationchallenge
I tend to get my meditation in the evenings but I also like to pull an affirmation card for the day in the morning. This morning was this gem and I carried some lovely crystals in my bra today. I ended up over all hitting 31 mintutes if meditation today.
Not too shabby when I consider all the muggle shiz that gone today. **if you are interested in meditation or want to join in on the challenge be sure to follow the wild sisterhood magazines account to get the daily prompts!**

Are you ready to pursue them?
#WaltDisney #quotes #morninginspiration

Pulling cards for others is the most wonderful thing ever. If you are interested in a private reading comment below or DM me and we'll set one up.
#tarotreadersofinstagram #oraclereadersofinstagram #messagesfromspirit #starwars

The knight of pentacles brings us an unique message today. Its for us to focus on tapping into our hard working nature to work on a project. For my fellow biz owners go and set aside time for that new system you are creating or that new product you have in mind.
Or if you don't have a biz focus on that project you've had in mind for awhile, like that new art project: grab the supplies and start it.
The details dont matter right now. Just get your butt moving and get out there beautiful essence
#knightofpenacles #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #cardoftheday #messagesfromspirit #meditation #morningmeditation #morninginspiration

So journaling was brought up in almost every conversation I've had this week.
This is a page in my #bulletjournal of the cards I pulled for myself for July.
My question to you is what do you journal about?
#journaling #journal #dailyart

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