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Lindsay Essence  Spiritual Goddess Who Empowers & Teaches For Everyone To Reach Their Full Potential In Their Spiritual & Business Life Through Intuition and Art


Today the tower brings us the message of chaos and questioning our inner beliefs. Now whenever the tower or the devil pops up in readings the majority of my clients freak out because the card looks scary.
Do not be weary my dear essence because this card isn't anything bad. Its actually a great thing. Its about questioning your beliefs and shifting and focusing into a new direction.
If this rings a bell with you and you would like to dive deeper through July 4th I am doing 30 min readings live or recorded for $40. DM me if interested.
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Day 1 of the @wildsistermag #wildmeditationchallenge
I tend to get my meditation in the evenings but I also like to pull an affirmation card for the day in the morning. This morning was this gem and I carried some lovely crystals in my bra today. I ended up over all hitting 31 mintutes if meditation today.
Not too shabby when I consider all the muggle shiz that gone today. **if you are interested in meditation or want to join in on the challenge be sure to follow the wild sisterhood magazines account to get the daily prompts!**

Are you ready to pursue them?
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Pulling cards for others is the most wonderful thing ever. If you are interested in a private reading comment below or DM me and we'll set one up.
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The knight of pentacles brings us an unique message today. Its for us to focus on tapping into our hard working nature to work on a project. For my fellow biz owners go and set aside time for that new system you are creating or that new product you have in mind.
Or if you don't have a biz focus on that project you've had in mind for awhile, like that new art project: grab the supplies and start it.
The details dont matter right now. Just get your butt moving and get out there beautiful essence
#knightofpenacles #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #cardoftheday #messagesfromspirit #meditation #morningmeditation #morninginspiration

So journaling was brought up in almost every conversation I've had this week.
This is a page in my #bulletjournal of the cards I pulled for myself for July.
My question to you is what do you journal about?
#journaling #journal #dailyart

Morning routines are so important. Having gone through one of the biggest changes in my life... Moving to a state and town where I know no one has been overwhelming.
My biggest tip to you today beautiful essence is to make sure you have a spiritual practice routine. It not only brings us connected with spirit but to bring us more centered and connected to our purposes here on earth.
What is part of your sacred morning spiritual practice?
#cardoftheday #lightworker #morningroutine #morningmotivation #crystals

We are officially being moved into our new home in Orlando and while the movers are doing their thing I'll DM anyone who would like a free affirmation card into their in box for inspiration today. If you are interested please comment, "I'll recieve"
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Spirit brings us the message of temperance which is all about balance and integration.

If you are trying new things today or recently remember move forward with balance in mind. Every thing has a ying and yang of life.
The integration portion of this card brings forth the understanding that there may be projects upcoming up or things you are working on that needs elements woven together.
The card brings us to pause and bring a moment of awareness of what is out of balance and what needs to be brought stream lined together

#cardoftheday #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarot #temperance #meditation #messageoftheday

Let's have real talk. When living a spiritual life, working for spirit, somethings have to happen.
This is where spirit is persistant and the more I have fought it, the universe has landed me on my ass. Again and again.
Word to the wise, learn from my mistakes these past 2 years. Do what spirit wants you to. As crazy as sounds.
My hope is you are not as stubborn as me.
So here is today's mantra:
I follow the path spirit has in front of me for my life and my business to flourish and thrive.
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Today I pulled the #2ofcups as the card of the day.
It is all about being equal and in balance.
The suit of cups is centered around our emotions. So the two of cups brings us to center our thoughts around balance and equality. Are we putting too much focus on one thing? Are we not being fair and just to what is important?
The challenge spirit brings to the table today is for us to do an honest inventory of our thoughts, wants, needs, and actions. If we are ignoring our self care, do an act of self care. If we are acting out in negative self talk, speak to ourselves kindly at this moment.
Everything is connected and it all makes a difference. No matter how big or small the action is.

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