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Lindsay Richards  500ERYTૐ #Handstands | Rocket | #Ayurveda | @doterra | Samata Digital: #marketing #webdevelopement #graphicdesign🌙 4 biz quote/workshop/coaching dM or

training #handstand365 on my head today ::: attempting to make sense of breathing into heart space while still moving the lower body when upside down. idk if that makes sense to anyone else but it made sense in muh bod-dee 🕺🏾 @jessebraade

it’s been a whiiiiile #handstand365 @jessebraade

this is @jessebraade posting on lindsay’s phone. this little town was great. #handstand365

the struggle from handstand to crow continues — but with progress 🤪 #handstand365 @jessebraade

super sloppy but fought hard to find the balance here #handstand365 @jessebraade

wasn’t able to get quite straight here but ‘tis a work in progress. swipe ➡️ for both attempts #handstand365 @jessebraade

the return of wifi and #handstand365 || working on keeping the gaze steady, in between the hands and using the lats more to stabilize. 💪🏼@jessebraade

today’s day off workout: 60
minute vinyasa flow, handstand line work + 10 rounds of 66-stair sprints, opening each round with 10 jumping air squats 💦 a$$ is kicked, now headed to village nearby for day of exploring. #handstand365 @jessebraade

level 💯skies with @jessebraade #handstand365

not my most graceful exit but hayo how purdy is that sky #handstand365 @jessebraade

front porch morning asana 🌞 #costarica @jessebraade

just completed first cycle of training, starting our first day off from teaching with morning practice of Rocket I. #handstand365 @jessebraade

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