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Linden Ashby 

Stung by a radioactive bee! And now my hand has become my paw. lol Holy crap!

The 405 at 5:16 PM on a Friday.

My hero.

When there’s nothing to watch but you hang on to the remote just in case....

My new “Tomo Hydronaut”!!! I love his small wave boards and now I... hang on... wait a sec... crap... Now I have NO excuse for not taking off on the big ones!! lol Thank you @firewireboards for getting this here so quickly! #FijiTime #ThanksJared

Are you not entertained!!


So.... I recovered from my stabbing (No thanks to you @andrewmatarazzo ) and joined the Night’s Watch! Where you fight dead people and climb ropes up icy walls. I was pretty good at the first part (I mean, they’re dead already so,,, it’s cool right?) but that climbing part... ugh

Well crap. @andrewmatarazzo

Yeah, it’s not so funny now is it!!! @andrewmatarazzo

I thought @andrewmatarazzo was happy w me being king! I thought we were cool. I didn’t start any wars. Lot’s of casual Fridays... but nooooooo! Next thing I know, I’m running through the snow wearing shorts! Dude!! Bros before thrones!!! Right??? WTH Drew!!!

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