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Linda Durbesson Fit Coach  🇫🇷 La 'petite' Française 💙5 Million on Facebook 💢BPI / code LDFIT 🎥Youtube 🤪 #TeamLDFIT 🗣 🇫🇷🇺🇸🇪🇸🇵🇹🇮🇹 💍 Happily taken . ⤵️ NEW WEBSITE / MY PROGRAMS


When you think you’re tan... but truly only have partial tan part! 🤣 TAG SOMEONE THAT ALWAYS WHITE NO MATTER WHAT 😅 #pale #whitegirl #french .
. @bossgirlsempire

It’s your path ... and yours alone! Others might walk it with you, but no one will walk it for you. #fitwarriors #ldfit #lindadurbesson

🧐 yes or no

When i get up in the morning, i ask myself: “do you want to be depress today or do you want to live happy?”. Understand if you want to live happy you have to be happy in purpose. You cannot wake up and think something happy gonna come to you. There’s be Some day you won’t feel like going to work, or to go into the traffic, and feel grunchy and it’s ok... The moment you open your eyes you enter in a conscious state of mind. We do not realize it but we decide how our day are going to be - by having negative thoughts there’s high chance your day will be lousy, in the opposite, by starting your day positive; you might found more opportunities to your way - and overall - it will put a smile on your face and deal with events differently. So be loud positive today, .. tomorrow... and over and over!.
Time to swear all out and get sh** done ✅ @shrinktoning

Shape your body with proportion ladies - ok and men too (often I see the upper hyper developed but the legs 🤨) it’s not about having the largest or roundest booty ever it’s about to have this X shape by having a tone and aesthetic body. I’m 5’5 1/2 (yup that count / 167cm) & 148 lbs. My body can fluctuate drastically based on my diet and training style and overall aesthetic goals. I have learned to appreciate all stages of the process and never obsess over the number on the scale. In fact, I rather go by how I feel and how I look in the mirror. Give a try to this tri-sets with 12 reps and a total of 4 sets. I guarantee a nice pump 😉 ________________________________________.
See link in my bio for custom programs directly with me! If you decide to try hashtag: #lindadurbesson

#HappyMonday IF SOMEONE READ CAPTION AND COMMENT SMARTLY THEY WILL GET MY ATTENTION... NOT BY “you’re beautiful can i marry you...you have a fine butt (to say it a polite way right!)” or other kind of bs. My social media are platform to help you to be a better, to grow inside and out, with my personal training services. I’m here to empower women that feel stuck where they are, and interact with all of You in a positive way. I am NOT HERE to flirt or to find the love of my life. I already get him. If people aren’t appreciate what I am offering and are nasty rude or not even listen I will just block them. I just wanted this to be clear like the water you drink darlings! On that note I’m going to eat my delicious meal from @fitbyelia - thanks for always providing me with the best! 💪

Good morning 🌞 and how are you doing my FitWarriors??? Remember: Always be consistent with training & eating healthy to maintain your results 365 days a year. You might have days in the year like me - yesterday - when I choose to listen my body that was extremely tired and to go to sleep at 8pm 😅. It’s important to do so, in order to give each session the max and get a better response of your body! This is key !!! .
Today I will be at @thegymftl for the little seminar with @bpi_sports come say hi if around! 💗😘

She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.... [TAG A LADY] 🎀

You will Be always too much of something for someone. Too loud, too sure, too successful, too edgy... Never change yourself for someone, or to fit in a world that tell you what to be. You cannot inspire someone to be great if you’re fake, if you’re trying to be someone you’re not. Be you and this is your big power 😜 [TAG] a friend.... do you know @shrinktoning ?

Protein Pancakes tower 🥞 just like that! 😜 Recipe in the comments

If you’re thinking you don’t know where to start then my advice is to keep your eye fixed on the prize. Feel it, be it, breathe it, meditate over it, talk about it, I don’t care what it is, just consume yourself with it. This will allow for inspiration to appear everywhere and get you moving one step closer to your goal!

I address this message to whom might need it. Things are going so crazy at time that it takes us by surprise and put us in such dark places that we don’t know how to figure it out. Sometime it’s about our relationship falling in pieces, it might be because we are too this or we are not enough of that. We must be aware relationships its about trust that we build and grow little by little with Love, kindness, support, and courage. Suddenly our job doesn’t go right, we lose our senses, maybe we didn’t bring the best package, or had being too lazy.... Same things goes for ourselves, how many times we found ourselves wanted to give up all, lay in bed and cry? Yes this happen to everyone. I promise you’re not the only one, if I’m telling you right now I’m in a shitty situation. Well. Crying and laying may work for couple minutes to release what we’ve got but it won’t change anything in your life concretely. Hold tight and be patient, storm never last forever just enough to make us evolve or ready for what’s next and often, the sunshine is just right there again. Stay strong. My FitWarriors - TAG SOMEONE YOU LOVE

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