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The other day I went to a store but still thinking 💭.... Blue or pink? Can't decide 😅 I wish I would have born with a twin 👯 Cause #DoubleTrouble ps: yes my legs are perfectly imperfect 👌🏼

It's ok if you fall down, and lose your spark. Just make sure when you're strong enough to stand back up, to rise as a whole damn fire 🔥

🎥 Outdoor Workout [PART 1] 👉🏼 I get many messages asking if I only do weight training or other type of workout…
First, yes, I love lifting weights because i love the sensation of the burn in my muscles, the congestion process, the soreness and know i can workout a bit “A LA CARTE” like you would choose your menu at the restaurant - i think its fun too. -
Why do i prefer the gym? well, because also being at the gym is where im the most focus, and in my bubble some sort!!! I also do circuit during my gym training, outdoor, on the beach, in park…. All depends of my mood and a lot of others things. Surely it is not really my cup of tea because of many injuries i had in the past or physiologic discomforts i have, that limit me to do a lot of jump like plyo. I still do when i can but i found i can too go around that and have a great body. I'm still learning movements im not familiar with and I encourage you to do the same if you don't know either. In order to progress... make sure you master the technique, your posture, everything first before executing it. I'm telling you this by experience (I used to few crazy stuff years ago... but I didn't know what I was doing... result of it: injuries). 👉🏼 ❓Can you build muscle without weights❓
Bodyweight training is awesome for building endurance, strength, burning fat and improving flexibility.
A lot of people associate bodyweight training with high reps and believe there’s no way they could get seriously strong with bodyweight training alone. And yes quiet right: simply adding more reps won’t create a significant enough overload to continually develop your muscles. Body weight exercises, are often neglect when you are introduced to the gym machines, so work on that. You can mix both like i do in this video. -
To build muscle without weights and make bodyweight training an effective method, you have to progressively overload the muscles in the same way you would in the gym. You would need to continually challenge your muscles by doing bodyweight exercises increasing difficulties – just as you would do in the gym. Your muscles need reason to grow and adapt. -

⬅️ Pic left is from September 2016, I had hips impingement with labrum tear on both - yes - both legs! I was learning my muscles to stand up, walk and do hips movements. Was not fun for sure! It took long months to get back on the track to the ➡️ Pic on the right which speaks to itself. Not to mention that since those pic I had still improved my lower part. 🙌 .
If u follow me since a while u know that I struggled and I earned it! It's a continuous effort, a constant work with diet changes and training modifications. There is no end on this road of improvement!! I try to beat myself days after days to find the best of me. And each time I fail or go down, it happens and I try to show a balance of the bad and the good. Howsoever immediately I stand up and push harder! Hope it will help you to stay motivate cause it's really worth it!.
i just want to remind everyone that transformations don't happen over night, but they will never happen if YOU don't start. SHARE YOUR STORY, IT WILL INSPIRE ME & maybe OTHERS. #TeamLD #LDtuesdayTransformation

A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t get very far until you change it.
Una actitud fea es como una llanta que se rompí. No puedes ir largo hasta la cambia primero.
Une mauvaise attitude c'est comme un pneu crevé. Tu ne peux pas avancer loin tant que tu n'as pas changé le nécessaire

Hey!! It's MONDAY - smile and embrace it. Look ahead 10 years... then work backwards 😉. Make sure every step you make take you closer to where you want to be. It's important also to write down on your note book progression, feeling, sets reps and add some "lives" to those session with pictures too. Here my post-pump leg & glutes session! Honestly happy even if score was legs 5 - Linda 4 😅 I'm getting there! I was sweating like a dead pig 🐷 💦 (can a pig even sweat when its dead? 🙈😂😂😂) LOOK INTO MY INSTASTORY ☠️💀☠️💀

#MondayMotivation.......[TAG #FITwarrior] Believe you can accomplish anything and you will. Repeat that often. ⭐️If you can visualize it, you can make it happen. It will not be easy and it will take the heck outta of you, it will take a while, a time that never end. Hey, every battle you have in life starts between your ears in your own mind. If the belief isn't there, you're gonna fail before you even take that first step. Just do not stop until you see the light. There is always one. Like storms short or longer they always pass. But it is worth it. We are all in the same boat, going through hardship believe me I know exactly what it is.... I know it takes all you have inside....!!!! 🙏🏼💕

You gain weight when you eat more food than the energy you "spend" during the day. How much meals you have a day?

It's time to come back to this shape. It's not going to be easy but it's ok I love & always seek for new challenges. Having a slow metabolism I can make muscles easy but I struggle - even younger - my entire life with fat loss. So for me to get there i need to be very dedicate with my training and specially diet, to push through motivation, which at some point can fade by ups and downs. The thing is to have a vision with a plan, cause once you have this, you know no matter what you have to do it - a bit like a machine. Remember if you were able once to transform your dream into reality you can do it again.... get your sh*t together and stick to it. When something happen and you messed up, but it's ok - say yourself you do better next time and do better: don't abdicate & don't fixate! Move forward, and don't tell yourself you cannot do it again. It's not true, you can you already move forward. DONT BE TRAP & LOCK IN : you can do better. You have the ability simulate the mistake from the past and change it.My recovery is at 70% ROM... while I keep working on that I made the promise to go back to this! WHAT IS YOUR GOAL Write in the comment ⤵️ #tbt -
Ps: Look in 9 months I had 3 surgeries and was in wheelchair.. it's possible, learn and find it within yourself! YOU ARE A LEARNING MACHINE

Okay... You don’t always have to have your things figured it out together 🙈 You don’t always have to be happy or feeling motivate. Sometimes I feel like I’m 5 years old trying to navigate through life, tripping over everything, spilling my fresh juice on the ground, and steeping in dog crap 🐶 💩or something... Life isn’t perfect and never will be. But here’s the real POINT, you just go with it and with a smile (please) Step in that dog crap, clean and move on. Wipe the juice change your clothes and clean the floor... Victimizing yourself will just make - nothing - better for you. Nothing will be solved neither. So today, if you are feeling “EEEH” or even a little lost on what your purpose in life is – use that as momentum and motivation to strive to find happiness, and to understand how to avoid it, next time, if possible. And to be the "bossbabe" that you are, in the good and bad days!! We are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.. never forget that you’re NOT alone! CHEER TO MY #FITwarriors 💕😘 #humpday .

Finally the little bit of sun in Florida! After having a light workout 💪 this morning and the Zumba class💃🏻... It's time to relax! We all need it after all! All the week we are are busting out butt hard and to do not burn out motivation and mess up your journey you need this break!!! Use this time to rest your body and it doesn't mean you being lazy. It will do good for your body to recover. It's ok until you give yourself 100% all the other days of the week. 📆 Look i decided I was going to push my fitness journey to another level, now that I have recover in some sort, with big changes in it and a different approach. For those who follow my instastory or Snapchat, you know Wednesday I went hardcore - btw I am still very very sore from this leg session - but I pushed it through today, even if 48h passed yet and I'm still walking like a robot🤖 (I'm dead 💀serious) Hope you all have a great weekend 😘.
Supplements I take Trojan horse - dust V2 - isolation whey - orthobolic - where to find this? check out 🔍blackstonelabs.com 👉 code: LINDADURBESSON if you have any questions ❓write them below👇👇👇👇

Me saying "Hi" to those hating on my butt saying it's fake, or criticizing all my exercises videos or form, make sure you have all the same education/knowledge and practique as I do... Learn & train as hard as me and then we'll talk or simply unfollow! Why coming here for talking sh*t.... THIS IS SOMETHING I WOULD NEVER DO.... because it's called respect. I just feel sorry for them tho. 👉SORRY TO MY TRUE FOLLOWERS 🙏🏼💕- It's a bit out of what I use to post but sometime enough it enough!

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