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Linda Durbesson Fit Coach  🇫🇷 French in📍Miami #LDFIT #Bionic 🎥Youtube & FB (LindaDurbesson) 💊Blackstonelabs:code👆🏻 🎓Lic.Personal Trainer @LDFITvideo ➡️customized plans

An oldie but goodie 😋.
Tell me 3 good things about yourself ... 👋🏻 #humpday #slay - @LDFITvideo @LDFITvideo @LDFITvideo

I guess it's #humpday today... 💭 The best program is the one that you can stick to mentally AND physically! DOUBLE TAP & COMMENT if you agree 😘
🇫🇷🇺🇸🇪🇸 Transformation Program : - let's do this together, things can always be improved and be better! Take the step today!!!!!

Sports clothes off and summer dress on! It's a nice feeling too, dress can also be comfy and not only the gym functional clothes!!! 😁👌🏼 Which girl is with me?

Hola, Salut, Hello, Salam, Ciao, Priviet, 😄👋🏻.
( today it's #transformationtuesday so tag me in your pic for the shoutout) #LDtuesdayTransformation
#random #nofilter #nophotoshop #hardwork.
🇫🇷🇺🇸🇪🇸 Transformation Program :

Side mirror check 😋.
🇫🇷🇺🇸🇪🇸 Transformation Program: .
The problem with meal plans is that they fail when "life happens". They don't teach you how to make mindful choices or swap outs on the fly. I will teach you TAG SOMEBODY

Making a change starts with taking full responsibility for your situation. Tell me...what's holding YOU back from being healthier?
Before an amazing leg workout I use the strongest non-stimulant fat burner from Blackstone labs Lime flavor to help use fat as fuel! Taste amazing. Grab yours at using code "lindadurbesson"

A little comparison who look better the pic or the person? & look at the bag #goals 😂😂 😂 On a serious note: today I dedicate this post to my followers🙏🏼❤️.
Flashback to an amazing time at the arnold classic 2017 in Ohio where I met a bunch of you guys, listen to all your stories and your kindness words! Thank you for having wait in line, and to simple have pass by!!! #fbf #TGIF #LolAtTheHashtags #lovebacktomy followers #loveyou #YouAreLoved.
Thanks to @blackstonelabs for this trip, @_diggy_ (for the pic) & the whole crew ✌🏼

#Tbt when I have a more muscular body... my struggles are to get lean 🙈😅 👉What part of your body are you struggling with? Would love to hear about it 🙏🏼 Hope you all have a great day

First to my new followers thank you for being here in this journey. To the ones that following me since day1, thank you too for being such loyal. LADIES PLEASE READ:.
Im a woman, and as others women experience it. Having cellulite on my glutes or tights it happens, having dimples in your skin, stretch mark, or whatever else is not the end of the world. It is not making you ugly. It does not make you worthless. It does not define who you are. It can depend of your level of stress, the duration of your sleep (often less than it should), the water in your body, your hormones level and yes of course your food habits. Yes, i do experiment it at time, and it comes and goes. To help to fix it exercise, eat healthy and those fat cell will diminish - for some others they won’t be visible anymore. Depending of your metabolism and habits. Stop fixating on that so much, this is normal. You are not alone. Just put your focus primarily on things that matter like being kind, to work hard, to maybe help someone else, to be true to yourself, to learn confidence (without being too ego and narcissistic thinking you are the best), to keep your car - house clean (this is the base), to grow your mind (educate yourself do research…be curious of things), to participate in a team work or an event. We are not the center of world, and who cares honestly. Perfection doesnt exist and will never, be happy in your own skin, yet work hard to achieve what you want to be but do it for you without trying to “fit” what others want and DO NOT COMPETE with others your competition is to be a better version of you than you were yesterday, the month, year before! #ThisIsKey 🔑 #thingsthatmatter #important #dontbeafraid #nocompetion

People who shine from within don’t need the spotlight to be seen… DOUBLE TAP & TAG A FRIEND IF YOU AGREED #florida

Those pics are taken 6️⃣months apart, from a wheelchair ♿️ to a walker after a both legs labrum hips repair to April 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ yesterday to be exact. This was tough physically and even more mentally. I felt for the first time useless and so dependent without any of my legs. So now people who talk bad mouth about my progress they can kiss my butt! 🌷 Trust me, I earned every single pieces of my body, so bad that my friends & family call me #Bionic #terminator and such names 😂 😂 All this is made of 💯% DEDICATION & HARD WORK; yet muscle memory and genetic..Yes! The reasons are I started sports activities at 5 years old to current present. A very young age where I practiced ballet dance, Martial arts 🥋, tennis 🎾, mountain bike 🚵, and list goes on.. non stop! I think sport was and is my passion - isn't it? 😂 Also during almost all my life basically, i wasn't aware that I inherited of some joints/ligaments weakness from my family (thanks a lot 😅). And as everybody know, the body ages with time, everything get even weaker from the inside out😩; bones turn fragile, articulations less mobile, cells and elasticity diminish, well.. you'll know one day 😏🙈. With my weakness and me training like an hyperactive person (which I am) I overused the hydraulic pistons if you know what I mean haha! But it's all fine! I'm always back BUT just more well aware and cautious! So guys, whatever the circumstances are, there is always a different approach you can reach your goals! .

Good morning my #FitWarriors☀️😃 As I adore coconut and lately I'm kind obsessed with. After doing some research between the young and mature coconut. I wanted to share that with you. Coconut isn't a complete source of protein, but it’s still packed with 17 amino acids out of the 20 amino acids needed for optimal protein formation. Also it’s particularly high in threonine, an amino acid needed to protect the liver, central nervous system, cardiovascular system, and to support the formation of collagen in the body. For your muscles, it builds connective tissues and maintains elasticity in the body, even in the heart. Threonine also supports healthy tooth enamel, and it speeds up healing from wounds or injuries 🤗. We find, Folate, a B vitamin that we need for healthy metabolism and red blood cell function, plentiful of potassium important mineral to reduce high blood pressure. aids in water balance in the body to counteract too much sodium (bye-bye bloat!). We need 4,700 milligrams of potassium a day. The fiber and medium chain tryglyceride fats in coconut also help boost the metabolism due to the way they are used during digestion. Not only does this give you energy, but also creates a thermogenic effect in the body where your calorie burn is increased naturally. Keep in mind, this doesn’t apply for eating coconut in excessive amounts. The white young is less meat, more rubbery meat and more water = good for smoothie, at the reverse the old brown coco more hard meat and less water = best for cooking, toppings or raw, due to her high fibers amount! Now - do you know how to open a coconut? If so let's compare each other technique ? 😜

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