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لينا ديبو🥀  👻 lina_heyy 🎨 @makeupbylinailey 📍Washington, DC | GWU Content creator | MUA | Student Support my best friend’s fight against Leukemia👇🏼


Inspired by this amazing weather 😍

Baby abs in courtesy of severe stress and sleep deprivation ❤️

Lol at how put together I look in these pics...cause I’m currently mentally and physically falling apart 😂🙃

About to be a hot frizzy mess for the next 15 months...please bare with me 😩 #naturalhairDOcare

Officially done with the second week of my nursing program and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t already have my first mental break down lol...when they said this program was accelerated, they really weren’t lying...BUT, when I came home yesterday, feeling so drained, I sat down for a while and all of a sudden I had the urge to create this picture...and while I was working to put together this outfit and getting the right angle, I temporarily forgot about all of the stress, assignments, and exhaustion...moral of the story: no matter what you’re going through in your life, make sure to make time for yourself. Make sure you have some sort of outlet to express yourself and relieve that stress; whether it’s through art, writing, or even talking to a friend. Your mental health matters ❤️

My bitch bad and 🤤

So blessed to have these two bad bitches by my side that are always willing to put up with my extraness, letting me style them, and being down to stand in front of a tripod with me in the middle of the city 😭❤️

But she plays more games than the NBA

(Had to re-upload this post, couldn’t phase the black cover on my feed 😂). But my first ever vlog is finally up via link in bio ❤️! I’ve gotten soooo many questions about lip injections the last few months I finally decided to make a video about it! 🚨Disclaimer🚨: I am not promoting the fact that people need lip injections to feel or look beautiful or anything of that nature. The main purpose of this video is to provide helpful info to anyone that has been seriously considering them; a video I wish I could’ve seen before I got injections for the first time!
PS- I thought it was really funny that a lot of people had nooo idea that I even got my lips done before I posted a poll whether or not you all wanted to see a vlog about it!! But I’m very open about a lot of stuff and my opinion when it comes to things you do to your body is very unbiased/neutral. If you and only you, want to do something to your body, then what other people say or think is completely irrelevant. It’s your body and you have the right to do whatever you want with it. And if you’re happy that’s all that matters 💁🏻‍♀️!! Huge shoutout to my boo @jaycolleli for dealing with my extra ass and filming for me ❤️

These platforms make my 5’2 ass feel like a sky scrapper 😩😍

Look, a picture without one of my arms bent toward my hair 😦😂

Do you guys prefer outfit pics in a street-like setting or against a blank wall 🧐? I think I want to start doing more street pics 🙃

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