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Jakarta Poke Bowl Spot  ● Pacific Place 4th Floor +6281517166608 ● Pondok Indah Mall Foodcourt 2 3rd Floor +6287882728377 #limupokejkt

Everything your body needs, all in one fresh and fulfilling bowl.

Say Aloha or Hello in Hawaiian language! These flowers somehow remind us of the tuna and salmon cubes of our pokebowls. Craving so much that everything looks like our bowls 😎

Hello pokebowl lovers, we'll be participating in #BridestoryMarket2018 at @ice_indonesia, 19-22 July 2018.
Ready to serve you our delicious and fresh pokebowls while you prepare for your wedding. 😉

Tuna has a lot of benefits for your body. It reduces risks of cancer and heart diseases, prevent infection from skin and kidney, lower blood pressure, etc. Can't wait to put it to your bowl, right?

Combine our toppings as much as you like to make every eating a new experience. Stay healthy guys!

The health benefit of salmon is really great! It provides nutrients need by literally your head to toe. It gives good eyesight, bone and joint and prevent cancer.
Choose salmon cubes for your pokebowls for all those benefits! 🐟

Healthy mind can be started by consuming healthy and wholesome food. Start with eating our pokebowl with fresh toppings.

We're presenting you three of the most loved toppings for the pokebowls. Don't be afraid to experiment with your toppings, combine it as tou like to get endless possibilities. 😊

You can use vegetables as the base for your pokebowls. More vitamins are all you need for your body.

Here's a recommendation for a healthy relationship: a pokebowls date! Healthy relationship start with healthy food 😉

Don't be afraid to experiment with our toppings. The possibilities are endless. Challenge your palate with fresh flavors!

Our pokebowls are made from fresh delicious toppings which are high in protein and nutrients. Enjoy the taste and health all in a bowl.

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