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Limlim  💜💜💜 Mommy of 3 🌘🏥👩🏽‍⚕️ICU RN, BSN 💪🏽👵🏽 USPA 82.5kg Classic Raw 🥇Coach/Programming: @simmons_strength ☠️ Gym: @ironmongersgym

Deficit just wasn’t happening today. Couldn’t get to the bar comfortably with the belt, so I took it off. Did one rep belt less then felt a sharp pain in my lower back mid 2nd rep and had to walk it off 😖 Talked to coach & took the mats out. Didn’t feel any pains pulling with my belt on off the floor. Modified the program today, but got it done. I was so unmotivated after. The end.

Nothing exciting. Just logging my crooked barbell pauses.

Didn’t let the wt get in my head like last week and BOOM! Like buttah 🤩 I miss wraps, but I’m loving my raw squats right now 😍 Thank you coach @simmons_strength for the spot 😎

3 Mississippi’s are long af!! @omggemmab & I decided to make a more legit 3 second pause this week & the wt got heavier with each Mississippi 😅 Tried to stay as tight as I could. Not too bad I guess 🤷🏽‍♀️ End of set 1 @farahsfitness: “You had that!!”... I definitely did not have that 😂 Finished with close grip 130x2x8 & other accessories after this too 💀 The end.

Bench was hella sloppy today, but happy I got 11 on my max set!!! Bench buddy @omggemmab and I were thinking 8, but I was able to grind out that lest rep for 11. Pretty happy about that 😏 Thank you again, Emma, for Lift off and spots for my long ass bench day today! 😎

So, I’m a sissy and was having a hard time using the reverse hyper. Idk if it’s cuz of short girl problems, but it was hard to breathe on that damn thing and I was feeling an uncomfortable pulling in my lower back that radiates down with each rep. Coach @simmons_strength told me to do these on the GHR instead & I added the 10lb plate to make it a little more challenging. This was more comfortable 😅 Get it done, son!

Note to self: Do not play twister the night before deadlifts 😑 My back was so tight I was having a hard time getting down to the bar. Thank you @powerfully_in_red for the stretching tips to loosen me up so I was able to finish my top sets 🤗

Finished with pauses. Done, son! 😎

I was nervous and hella overthinking this top set. Haven’t repped this wt raw in a loooooong time. It was surprisingly easy & I feel like I had more in the tank ☺️ @xavier_romeroelitepl @omggemmab @simmons_strength

I remember when I would struggle with 3 second pauses, and now here I am doing 2 max sets at 135 for 8 ☺️ I was hella tired from my 150, but I think I did decent. Finished with 125 close grips for 2 sets of 10 and I’m done, son! 😎 Thank you again bench buddy @omggemmab for the commands and life saving 😆

Day 1 of meet prep with all da volume! I want that big bench come October, so let’s gooooo! Thank you Bench buddy @omggemmab with all da sets and all da reps today 🤙🏽

So I thought it would be a good idea to combine my squats and deads today cuz I had a busy week and need to burn off some post birthday calories. I learned that was a bad idea after finishing trap deads 200x4x6 (not shown) 🙂 At least these moved well!

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