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This soup is smoky, sour, spicy, savory. Mom made from roasted duck pieces and bones with fresh mustard greens, carrots chunks, slices of ginger, garlic bulb, dried chillies, tamarind pieces (asam keping); all boiled and simmered until flavorful then season in salt to taste. Other roasted meat and bones like pork, chicken, or turkey are perfect recipes for this soup as well. So good to have it on rainy days.
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Scrumptious dinner
*Angus Beef served with Potatolitos and Veggies *Tomatoes, Celery, Avocado, Onions, Carrots, Jalapeño Peppers Chop Chop
*Shrimp Fettuccine with Pancetta, Caramelized Onions, Red Peppers Oil

Thyme Sautéed Mushroom on Sunshine’s Toast
Good morning ☀️
Here’s a simple and healthy recipe that can be made in less than 15 mins with Sunshine Bakeries new Sunflower Nutri-Seed Wholemeal Bread, filled with the goodness of Vitamin E! It’s delicious with the nutty crunch of sunflower seeds in between bites! It makes an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper... Each thick slice of Sunshine Sunflower Nutri-Seed toast is packed with fibre from sunflower seeds and goes so well with the earthy taste of mushrooms, keeping you energised and full throughout the day! This recipe is great for anyone who is on a diet too. Try out this healthy recipe featuring the new Sunflower Nutri-Seed Wholemeal Bread for you and your family!
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Serves 3
6 slices of Sunshine Sunflower Nutri-Seed Wholemeal Bread
300g king oyster mushroom, sliced into bite-sized
sprigs of fresh thyme
1 tbsp chopped garlic
3 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

1. Add olive oil in a pan over medium heat.
2. Add king oyster mushroom to sauté until soften then add garlic and leaves of fresh thyme to combine. Continue stir fry for another 1 to 2 mins.
3. Add a good pinch of salt and pepper to taste.
4. Place a griddle pan over medium heat, place slices of bread to toast on both sides. Alternatively, the bread can be toasted in oven or bread toaster.
5. Top the mushroom over toasted bread and serve immediately.

This is a home cooked version of the ever popular Spanish Seafood Paella. It is important to use a non-stick cooking wok that is deep enough to hold the ingredients while the rice simmers but without the rice charring as it cooks. A see-through lid is useful to monitor the cooking progress every now and then. I’m using Zenez cookware, a non-stick marble with an anion ceramic coating wok cooking wok.
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Serves 5
2 tbs olive oil
1 large onion, diced
1 thumb sized ginger, julienned
2 tsp turmeric powder (instead of Saffron)
1 tsp paprika powder
3-4 tsp salt (to taste)
1-2 tsp black pepper (to taste)
8 cloves of garlic, washed but with skin on
2 large red chillies, cut into 1 cm lengths
2 large Chorizo sausages, sliced
2.5 cups of rice, washed
1 can diced tomatoes
2.5 cups of chicken stock
6 pcs mid-joint chicken wings
6 large prawns, cleaned and deveined
400-500g of green mussels
250g salmon slices
150g squid, cleaned and sliced into rings
A few sprigs of fresh thyme
A lemon, cut into wedges (optional)

1. Heat oil in deep pan, add onions and half of the julienned ginger and fry till fragrant and soft
2. Add sliced Chorizo sausages and stir fry with 2 tsp of tumeric powder, 1 tsp of paprika and 3 tsp of salt
3. Add rice to the pan, mid-joint chicken wings, garlic cloves, fresh red chillies, the entire canned diced tomatoes, along with 2 cups of chicken stock. Mix everything in the pan evenly, cover up the pan and let the mixture first over high heat, and then let it simmer over a gentle fire.
4. After the 15-20 minutes of simmering, the stock would have reduced and the rice would have been about half-cooked. Gently place the prawns and mussels on the bed of rice, careful not to disturb the rice underneath them. Sprinkle the remaining julienned ginger and sprigs of thyme over the ingredients. Cover the pan and continue to simmer for another 7-8 minutes.
5. Lift up the cover and place the salmon slices and squid into the pan. Cover again and simmer for another 5 minutes.
6. Turn off the fire and let it stand covered for 5 minutes
7. Transfer the rice and ingredients to plates, add salt and pepper to taste

You can cook a perfect pot of Seafood Paella if you use the right pot. I’m using Zenez cookware, a non-stick marble with an anion ceramic coating cooking wok. I’ll be sharing my recipe on my next post; definitely a “must-cook” for your upcoming Christmas feast! .
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The tastiest and healthiest sandwich I’ve ever had...hummus, feta, olive, cucumber, tomato, balsamic onions, avocado

Breakfast in America

I love to cook one-pot pasta on colder days...
For a similar recipe, please check out the link on my bio
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