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Melissa ALUNA Solano  ✨Energy PsyD ✨Transformational Leader •Coach • Speaker ✨Energy Medicine Expert

Feeling the magic .. step outside look up at the magnificence of this #Crescentmoon and #Venus #Jupiter. Get an sky app and explore. Meditate and Visualize your Dream , experiencing it Now this moment.

See the SUNlight designs on my face I Choose the Power of Great Spirit above me... Be curious, persistent, and explore, explore, explore—for the sheer fun of it! Let go right now of some of the goals and outcomes you are hoping to achieve and you will find you progress much more quickly. The sheer joy of exploration will take you much farther than focusing on “fixing” a problem you are experiencing.
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#Roseofjericho. (Anastatica) a white mustard flower from the moss family, called the resurrection plant for peace and power. The plant when not near a water source curls up into a dry ball. When supplied again with water, the plant magically opens up with beautiful, fernlike leaves. They often turn a bright, vibrant green. When water is removed, it goes back into a state of hibernation again until water is introduced again. It is much like a tumbleweed, it stays rolled into a ball until it comes into a source of water.

#change is my ally 🌹
people think they have you figured out. they miss to get the very point of the continuous adventure of having to keep discovering who you are. flowers blossom and die and then blossom again. just like we do. life is as beautiful as the rose. if we choose to see it.

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Catching Dreams 🌱🌱🌱
Artist @johannes.matsson

Challenge yourself to venture beyond your comfort zone. ✨Begin aNew way. ✨Take steps to expand your life. ✨Experience another perspective. ✨ Increase the depth of the experience of your life. ✨Create


By the Grace of God(dess) we become more awake, willing and able. Grateful for her strong, free voice and for all beings finding the courage and learning how to find theirs. It’s not easy, it hasn’t been for me and it is now the main work I do with people. It’s a journey to be able to SPEAK up for ourselves and for others. But well worth the pain we are asked to face inside to be able to bring more Truth and harmony into our own hearts and into this suffering world as we go. To feel and share the freedom and the power that we ALL ARE. These words are super deep and I’m sensitive to how much healing and Grace it takes to know even the slightest bit of Truth. It’s important for us to be living what we’re sharing, doing the actual work it takes to change. Imperfectly as welnlearn from our mistakes. #motherteresa #prayer #yoga #meditation #courage #innerstrength @

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