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Surrender all those ideas about being what you are not, and become what you really are. When you surrender to your nature, to what you really are, you no longer suffer. When you surrender to the real you, you surrender to Life, you surrender to God. Once you surrender, there is no longer a struggle, there is no resistance, there is no suffering. 📷 @neilkrug
“PHANTOM: Stage One”

Lotus of Divinity. There is a Sacred part of me that resides within my crown that No wickedness, or venom or anger or mistrust, No evil doings or wickedness can touch. There is a sacred part of me that is graced with harmony. There is a Sacred part of me filled with serenity. Where is she? Where is she? Go within. Go within. She’s there. She’s there. Close your eyes She’s here. Thank you, Divine Mother/ Father. Thank you, Ancestors. Thank you, all my Spirit Guides and Guardians.

In so much Faith these days, praying for the great good of all.

2018 has had many labyrinths for me, as expansion continues⚡️✨🙌 I RISE #minus #thecigarette #limitlessmastery

My #power comes not from my influence, but from what I allow to influence me. I #choose to surround myself with loving people that reflect the truth that I put out. I choose wisely what I allow to influence me. I choose love instead of fear; I choose faith instead of despair; and to choose peace in the face of the most obscene. I am who you see before you, stepping out of the spiritual scene to be more authentic and do the worMy power comes not from the amount of eyes on me, but from my knowing without a doubt that I am one with #God Source. The #grace I carry is not of my own making, but was earned through loving service. Remember that influence is not a number, but a matter of who you truly are to those who love and who love you. •

inspired and paraphrased @pineal_purity
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Nov.16 – Venus Stationary Direct (25:14 of Libra; Direct until May.13.2020) BY WENDY GUY VIA WWW.EVOLVINGDOOR.CA 🔻🔻🔻
For up to a week before and after this date, you may experience or witness a shifting of energy affecting finances, relationships, love, resources, values pleasure, beauty, harmony and/or balance. Situations or issues related to these areas that have been occupying your attention during the past 6-7 weeks (while Venus has been retrograde) may reach a turning point now. It is a time when decisions and choices could be made—perhaps out of necessity.
If you have felt unusually introverted or extroverted during the retrograde period, this could shift back the other way again. If you have experienced difficulties or challenges in close relationships, this may be a time when decisions can (and perhaps must) to be made about them. Adjustments, compromises or renegotiations may be necessary; and if this is not possible or tolerable, it might be necessary to consider ending the relationship. During the retrograde phase, you may have encountered people or social situations from your past, and now it's time to decide if you want to continue with the contact or to bring closure and move on.
You might have experienced a change in your finances—for the better or worse. This change could simply revert to its previous state, according to a natural cycle of ebb and flow. Or, you might be faced with a choice of what to do from here—to change something in your life so that your situation improves (or so that an improvement continues), or to let go and move beyond this period of temporary change.
Whatever you have learned, embraced, questioned or invested your time in during the last 6-7 weeks, you will begin to apply and integrate in a new way over the next 4-5 weeks (while Venus is in the Shadow).🔥 @suitestpee

A beautiful storm pic that blew my mind. ✨✨✨📷⚡️🌊
#lightningstorm #bluehour #sunset #reflection #earthpix #earthfocus #lightningmafia #nightphotography

My heart go out to All those experiencing the fear and aftermath of these fierce fires, and prayers to brave #firefighters & first responders who are putting their lives on the line to protect the #California community. Sending love light healing prayers to all animals, plants, waters... 🙏✨🙏✨🙏
#earthkeepers #pray #elements #askformercy #gratitudeforlifeitsself #wildfires2018 #californiastrong 🔥photo: @kellansworld)

When you visit Earth's ancient lands and look at the creations of other times and places, you can feel the frequencies and vibrations inherent in the sites. You know that there are keys there, and you know that there are messages that there is something locked within that once existed and will surface again. In the same way, human beings have something hidden within them that is very valuable for the evolution of the universe. We refer to this data as the codes and master numbers: geometric formulae of light that are integral to recreating and producing life forms throughout this universe.
You are needed because you carry something that many other species have no idea of: emotion. And just as you need to work together to bring your own selves into a wholeness and richness of multidimensional being, there are those who are striving to catapult the entire universe into a new octave-a reach toward and creation of new territory.
Energy is being sent here at this time to redirect certain universal forces so that they will come into alignment and bring this universe into simultaneous awareness of its identity. What is in Earth is like a locked-away secret in the chronicles of time, and it has to do with emotion. In this gift of emotion there is wealth and richness; there is incredible ability to transcend many different realities and to move through and experience many different states of awareness. Emotion allows certain energies to coalesce, fuse, bond, and come together in realization of themselves. Without emotion, that bond could not be.
— The Pleiadians 💎Art by: Alex Groseth💎@atalkinglion

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