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Bless SUNday... #prayers of #peace into the #waters touch embody is all, that touch each of our lands.. 💦💧🌊

I haven't been much on Social media as I choose to live the experience not record it ... so Belated text but had to share my unforgettable experience on the rooftop of @1hotels for the Thursday night Feng Shui Funk Party with 🎶🎶🎶 by @idjwasabi
Good times with my girls @sonia_reikigoddess @mariela_jm8 @gisselle_60 @jw889🌿💃💃💃💃 #limitlessmastery

Don’t let your truth be manipulated by others. To get in tune with what you want, what you think and how you feel, use crystals for truth. Not only will crystals like Shattuckite, Azurite, Blue Lace Agate, Kyanite and many more help you to gain insight on the sincerity of others, they will tear down your own facades and force you to get real with yourself. With your crystals in hand, you bring harmony between the head and heart so that your spirit doesn’t get caught in the middle. 💎💎💎 @energymuse #crystalsofinstagram #crystalsofig #crystalgram #limitlessmastery

*NEW MOON* SuperMoon in Cancer (June 24/25) on the heels of the Solstice, brings us an opportunity to begin again. She brings acknowledgement of our feelings and helps us uncover a deep seated remembrance that renews our connection with Source. Her gentle Life Wisdom returns us back home to our hearts. Cathy Pagano shares: “The Great Mother is cooking up a sweet and spicy stew for us. Its taste is fiery, bold, rich and sweet – a truly subtle blend of spices.. the Mind takes on a watery depth, dispersing through the stew to pick up intuitive clues about our emotional state...All in all, the Mother is offering us deeply satisfying nourishment at this Cancer New Moon. She can help us re-birth ourselves through a deeper, fuller connection to our soul’s desires. Because these Cancer planets are re-activating the deep energies of revolutionary awakening, remember that these emotional energies can scare you as well as enliven you. Try not to retreat behind Cancer’s hard shell when you fall into fear. Just let it flow out of you and acknowledge the experience. Don’t hold onto the emotions; rather, ride the waves... Let them wash through you and free your heart." Pat Liles shares "We are being supported by Saturn – tested and coached to find those frequencies that inspire our creativity, eliminate self criticism, and uproot our old beliefs, while Uranus demands from us radically shifting our perspectives, rebellion against the status quo, learning to live on the shaky ground of change, and calling in our freedom to radiate our brilliance." And Ellias Lonsdale on Cancer 3: “you are one-pointedly intent upon grasping the central message that what you weigh down by negative bias, by apprehension, and by dark conviction comes back to haunt you a thousandfold; while what you set free, by precise and accurate read-outs and follow through, becomes such a blessing that you swim in it forever. By witnessing exhaustively just how negative intent and affirmative intent work, intelligence is refined to the utmost, and the approach taken is optimized quintessentially and exquisitely.” @mysticmamma

Take the time this weekend and make you, your priority. Run towards your goals as you're enjoying this present moment ✌🏻LoVe & Guided Messages ~ Marcelle❤
#AngelGuidance #AngelDirection #AngelsSpeak #LoVeAndGuidedMessages #ExpressCalls #Goals #PresentMoment #TGIF #PeaceOut #Readings #SynchronizingLife #limitlessmastery @synchronizinglife

Happy #SummerSolstice2017! 🌅🗿🔺 remain the wise owl in the tree, observant and vigilant, calm and steady, coming from a place of acceptance. 💫 this arrives in Cancer, it's a brilliant new energy for new beginnings for home, family, and new projects.
#wiseowl #sun #summersolstice2017 #solstice #seasons #firstsummer
#newideas #strongintuition #opportunitestomakechanges
#youreatransmitter #firstdayofsun

Having a lover/friend who regards you as a living growing criatura, being, just as much as the tree from the ground, or a ficus in the house, or a rose garden out in the side yard... having a lover and friends who look at you as a true living breathing entity, one that is human but made of very fine and moist and magical things as well... a lover and friends who support the criatura in you... these are the people you are looking for. They will be the friends of your soul for life. Mindful choosing of friends and lovers, not to mention teachers, is critical to remaining conscious, remaining intuitive, remaining in charge of the fiery light that sees and knows.
~Clarissa Pinkola Estés
(Women Who Run With the Wolves)
Art By : @ruvexenvisionaryart

So much love 4 U Hermana @luz__duque

As we work in service to the collective whole, life begins to expand in new and magical ways. The limitations we once experienced fall away and the true nature of reality becomes apparent to us. By aligning with All that is and allowing Great Spirit to work through us, we release the stagnancy and blockages that limit our expression of truth. We are more than we can even imagine at this present moment.. It is only the construct of time and attachment that keeps us trapped in the cycles of karma. We are learning to let go of the self and embody all that truly is. We are one family coming together in Love to bring about a shift in the human race. All that we are is truly one with All that is. The mind perceives separation while the heart knows unity. There is no question when it comes to Love because the answer arrives before we can even ask. Know that the other is a reflection of you. Love connects us all and if we can live in the heart than the lies fade away. For truth reigns supreme in the present moment until it becomes half truth as the only thing that remains the same is change. Welcome to the infinite dance.. Enjoy the music and surrender to the flow. Let Love lead the way.💖🔥

#unconditionallove #service #surrender #letgo #beyourself #love #light #peace #magic #synchronicity #divine #reflection #separation #shift #humanity #awakening #consciousness #transformation #dreamers #lightworkers #starseeds #oldsouls #rainbowwarriors #limitlessmastery

Pleiadeans must work to develop communication skills on a third dimensional level and also to develop self-esteem. It is important for them to reclaim personal power, learn to communicate freely and become strong within. At times, it may appear to others that Pleiadeans are overly reserved and distant. This is due to their tendency to criticize their thoughts to the point of not sharing them and the self esteem problems many Pleiadeans have. Often they feel that their thoughts are not “worth” sharing and must work in this area also.

Those from Pleiades may develop patterns of using various third dimensional pursuits as temporary escapes from reality, or false aids in building communication ability and confidence. This could be ventures into drugs or drinking, creating sexual or romantic dramas, or simply escaping into other realities through reading, television or movies. Pleiadeans are very strong on faith and trust. They have a strong sense of purpose from childhood, a feeling of knowing there is a God connection, purpose and plan, even in their darkest hour. There is an inner desire to seek spiritual answers and to find their connection to the God Force. As they begin to seek and learn, growth begins. As they begin to realize the God connection and to love themselves as the perfect beings that all are, many of the old feelings, emotions and self doubts fade. •
@lightstardimensions #starseed #pleidian #pleiades #starsystem #sirius The Starseed ⭐️ @faerynnova ~ love you 💙 @1123amm

The exchange of Energy within the Solstice SUNLight. I will lead us in a guided meditation to amplify the frequency of highest love and perspective... to liberate us into beauty, truth, and abundance. Join me Live 6:30 EST on FB & IG : Limitlessmastery , to receive the energy Wisdom of all that is Now. In alignment I will connect with you. •feeling crazy mentally and physically ? you are not ~ all energy has intensified since last full moon, all is anew in burst frequencies... •✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #summersolstice2017 #energychannel #columnsoflight #treeoflife #limitless #masterybridge #higherconsciousness #soulfamilycommunity
Rebirth, rejuvenation, reincarnation. Change constant, stimuli leads, magic in the consciousness, chrysalis emerges into truth of who IAM.

One decision at a time. •
Thank you @doctorconducive

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