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🌸 Acteon/Julie  🌸 Layla, Macaria, Melinoe, Minerva, 🌸 Cain, Noah, Malakai, Orion, Icarius 🍁 EN: 2YLM8X8 🍁 OCs from my story "Heroes of Olympus" on wattpad! ‡


Layla 🌸 god I love this hair so much, the bow fits her so well,, sadly I haven't gotten it yet, part of @cerberus.dg 's rec my girls are spoiled by him

On her way to a date...? πŸ’• Nita is very excited and ready to have fun! She's such a sweet curious girl, everything from the mortal world amazes her every day

My sweetie Orion loves all animals and insects, loves interacting with them, nature itself. He would stay in his garden all day if his husband didn't remind him it's time for dinner πŸ’ž there's three or four faces I'm definitely buying next time I get NP, this is one of them 😩 my girls are incomplete until then (perfect rec by @cerberus.dg he spent ten minutes on each rec to fit what I needed he's such an angel)

Movie date night~ πŸ’– thanks to a special someone I was able to get almost every hair I wanted from the turquoise gacha, so blessed to have you in my life πŸ’ž

Happy valentine's day! Cain's the only one dressed and thanks to @cerberus.dg omg look at my sweet boy. Being all cute


Macaria's future eyes πŸ’• (her eyes are still dual colored in the story though πŸ˜…) quick fun facts, Macaria is married to Thanatos, the greek god of death. The two tried for many years to have a child, but due to some issues, they are unable to. Not long after they adopted the lost soul of a young boy they named Nico, who was brought back to life thanks to Macaria. She spoils Nico far too much, often gives him gifts such as that bear. Her love for her little son is immense πŸ’ž they're one of my favorite families in this story. My babies (rec by @cerberus.dg and Nico belongs to him~)

LMAO I woke up to my post of Nita wearing the alluring aphrodite MR being deleted πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ some butthurt person reported a pixel girl wearing a bikini? Okay hunny (rec by @cerberus.dg)

I wonder if ambition thinks we forgot about the merge server items... time to email them πŸ’Œ

An excuse to use a super old OC of mine, actually one of my firsts, Alnitak! Nita or Nini for short is a playful and friendly mermaid who can hide her tail at will and visit the little town close to her home whenever she wants. Bi g thank you to @cerberus.dg for giving me this hair I'm on the floor sobbing uncontrollably

Veronica is overjoyed we got our first enstylopedia reg on JP with such sweet delicious looking cake!πŸ’•

They ACTUALLY listened... we love a company that listens to their players. Right when I have no money tho smfh

Quick guide on how to save a proper screenshot of your JP outfit! Go to your twitter account afterwards and save the picture if you don't have the app. Slowly figuring out this event...

Theme: 3rd Anniversary Originals ❀ some of my favorite series... rip me because I have 90% of each

C R I T I C A L H I T πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž Thank you @_seth_pai for killing m e

Looking good 😜 Dream wings, dream hair and dream background... I love this event

Wew I'm poor as hell now but managed to get everything I was missing πŸ’ž Macaria got a power up and is now "tall" though still 5'5", she now shares slot with Melinoe. Some changes were made and a new boy joins the crew, I'll introduce him later~

Surprisingly the limited shop is open already for us too that's... an odd move... but pretty outfits can't complain. Rip those with no shells

Explaining the Anniversary event in few pictures-- for the last two pictures, there's a mini medal gacha (Kobayashi banner) to use, press the banner and select the left option, once you go in you can exchange for example 40 medals for a RR outfit. The button with the πŸ” button will refresh your screen for 10 medals! Why refresh it? The screen only shows 4 items at a time, if you don't see what you want you'll have to refresh until you do. We'll definitely see more items after the midway. You can get MRs in this event too! If you have any questions just ask! And good luck πŸ’–

Veronica is officially my gyaru/sexy girl and I'm so here for it πŸ’–

My beautiful nephilim maid πŸ’• Did you know? Cain has a little girl named Meredith that he and his husband Acteon adopted. Reading this scenario made me tear up a little πŸ’– Maid rec by @cerberus.dg

Minerva 🌸 I should bring her to EN someday, being half japanese she can be my traditional girl πŸ‘€

Got Orion's eye color the other day~ my fairy boy is now matching his sisters πŸ’ž

Sorry for not posting much this week! I've been a little busy 😫 here's Veronica in one of my fav MRs that I will regret not getting πŸ’” rec by @nizirat

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