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lexi limer 🌿  / unicorns are real / avid doggo lover / counter & manager @cascadebodystudio / optimistic nihilist, intersectional feminist /@talltreesandlowtides 🌻

Yesterday i got to spend the whole day with my soul sister @laurenwimz and my beautiful niece Harper. We ate berries and ice cream, played with moms roller skates, and napped. Lu and i got these SWEET headband scarves and got to drive around lost for a while afterwards lol. I’m so beyond thankful to have Lauren and her little family in my life- here’s to many many more years of friendship, the growth of your already oh-so independent daughter, and a future derby wedding. I love you so much! 🖤💕

*trying to decide how i feel about turning 21 this month* 🙄

Happy 20th Birthday to my one of my longest friends @cas_cas7 🖤 These photos are an accumulation of 10? years of friendship (we all know i’m not great at math) and holy hell have we been through it and back. You’re the person who taught me that friendship, compassion, and love are the most valuable currencies and i really couldn’t be luckier to have you as my friend. i love you loads buttercup, hopefully i’ll see you soon 🖤💕 #facebookarchivepics

Seriously. Robbie Mills is an abuser. DONT get tattooed by him and DONT hire him. This industry is big, but far far far from too big to notice when somebody is being an actual piece of shit. From what i understand, he has never been anything but this abusive manipulative piece of fucking garbage. Please keep your clients, friends, and family safe from this person. Hop over to to help Erin get this tattoo removed, and to stop being reminded of anything to do with him. This is far from the first time i’ve heard something and i can only hope it will be the last.

Also: check out this funny @britneyspears piece i made for Brooke for her birthday. As always, CCW 💕😛😇 #2007

Happy f’kn birthday, Brookie poo!! Thank you for always knowing how to bring people together, and letting us share the love for ya!! Perfect weekend! You’re the Jesus for all of us, B💕🖤😜

really loving my little baby set up i’ve got goin on today, and actually enjoying the sunshine?! 🌞🌻

u know us, spending every waking minute outside of work playing with Francis the Unicorn 💕🦄

weird experience at our local river spot. that’s all.

missing these dorks, the snow, and watching jon pour heavy water buckets, somethin’ fierce. 💕💞💕🦄

just a goofy underdeveloped pic of our goofy, possibly underdeveloped (he’s just weird.) pupper- sweet boy Koda, AKA funny duck, pooper, dorkus, and sweet old man.

Got the privilege to meet some of @talltreesandlowtides family this weekend. Just goes to show what a great brother he is to Grace. It was so cool that Grace and i became best friends after bonding over unicorns, sparkles, and madonna- not a better soul to gift my retired denim jacket to 💕 Thanks for showing me such grace this weekend💕🌈

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