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Louise Snow  I love Jesus. I have many names: Wife, Mama, LimeLight Lead Beauty Guide, and Grad School Student. Lover of people, travel, music, and dancing.


Parents vs Kids for the girls last soccer practice of the year. So. Much. Fun!!! 😍 I need to do this every week. #nofilter #soccer #soccerpractice #iscoredagoal #parentswon3to2 #Upward #mygirls #lovethemsomuch #tothemoonandback #youregonnamissthis #yesiwill

Quote of the day is on my sleeve. #nofilter #capturelife #shirtswiththumbholes #quoteoftheday

Had my next to last day at my preschool rotation today. Held one of my three year olds while she fell asleep and for 30 minutes after...she wasn't feeling well so hopefully I don't get sick. 😬 Man, I'm going to miss my classroom littles and teachers! I'm teaching all day tomorrow so I'm currently working on lesson plans and listening to my three littles play in the backyard...all of this after working on school work for 14 hours yesterday and on 1 1/2 hours of sleep today. Hello grad school! πŸ˜‚ But...I wouldn't trade it for anything! I am going to miss my littles so much! Oh, and I got complimented on my shoes a couple times today. 😊#nofilter #gradschoollife #thestruggletokeepmyeyesopenatthemomentisreal #teacherinthemaking #alreadydreadingsayinggoodbyetomorrow

Today is pregnancy and infant loss awareness day so 2 candles are lit in our living room honoring the two babies we lost. Here is a letter I wrote to them a few years ago. "Mama's angels, Today is pregnancy and infant loss day so it seems only fitting that I write my letter to you today. Angel baby number one: I only knew about you for a few days before you left, but it didn't take long for me to know that I loved you and was so glad you were going to make me a Mama. I was so excited to find out that you were growing in my tummy that I didn't even make it home before I took the test. Yes, I tested in a public restroom because I was so excited. Mama's do crazy things sometimes! πŸ™‚ Daddy and I couldn't wait to tell everyone that you were on your way! We let everyone know that day. Sadly, we had to let everyone know a few days later that you gained your angel wings because God apparently needed you more than we did. Although my time with you was short, little one, it will never be forgotten. Angel baby number two: When Daddy and I found out about you we were excited about a second chance at being parents, but because of losing your big brother or sister we were more cautious with you. We decided that we wouldn't tell anyone because we didn't want to cause anyone else heart ache if you never made it into our arms. I was so happy though! I bought you a little Arkansas Razorback beanie and a little teddy bear soon after we found out about you. Mama still has those things as a reminder of you and your little sisters know that the bear sitting on their dresser was bought for their big brother or sister. It was the day before my first appointment at 10 weeks that I knew something was wrong because of a physical sign and I left work to go straight to my doctor where Daddy met me. Once we got there my doctor did an ultrasound and told us you didn't have a heart beat. I didn't want to believe the doctor so I said I was still going to go in for my scheduled first appointment the next day. Mama loved you so much I couldn't really fathom letting you go so soon...I had to have a second opinion. Daddy and I went in the next morning and they...fb to read the rest.

Little brother hanging on his big sister. 😍 #nofilter #mytwoyoungest #lovethemsomuch

When you're doing laundry at the kitchen table and you hit the aloe plant and it falls and breaks...yep that just happened.

And another

My Friday night entertainment. 😊 I love watching how much she's learned in the last six weeks. #firstyearband #frenchhorn #6thgrade

When this is in your passenger seat at elementary school drop off and you wonder what's going through the teachers mind when they see it...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #Halloween #latergram #nofilter #fromthismorning #tookittoafriend #blackwidowcostume #orisit #hmmm #lol

First day I've had all by myself that wasn't an actual school day in a long time! The house was quiet so I got some school work accomplished, a couple loads of laundry and a load of dishes done, and I took a hot bath, did my makeup, and also curled my hair for the first time in over a month! Yay Fall Break! #backtorealitytomorrow #nofilter #lightmakeup #lessismore #naturallightphotography #gradschoolstudent #LimeLightbyAlcone #IndependentBeautyGuide #linkinprofile #directsales #networkmarketing #professional #makeup #skincare #linkinprofile #momtrepreneur #bossbabe

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