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Happy Lim  🔞I study Eastㅡasia SEX cuture everyday and maybe i am top master. 🤑 http://m.blog.daum.net/_blog/_m/articleList.do?blogid=07m3T

10 pages🦎...🦋 The only solution is China's birth control. It is fear that the population increase. 🔕Myanmar's government is killing Rohingya.It is sad. The South Korean and UN ctiticizes the British colonial policy(in past times) and Myanmar's government and Islamic extremism.😭 But I do not agree it. 🦋 The only solution is China's birth control. It is fear that the population increase. 🔔Moses' morality refuses abortion.🔕Another one is changing religion.🕊 South korea has solved the problem by changing its religion.

10 pages...I see other ways for welfare system. Bad thing is never come ing from only Trump. 🌐And Good welfare come never from Sanders. 🍁 I discovery it first in world history now. 🦁🐯Welfare situation is only in SODOM CITY. Paradox. And Free-feminism with free-nude style is living in only Sodom city. Paradox I think that It is last pandora box for us.🔞🔞 Then In sodom city, Religion for god must be salt roles .🌐 In earth sea, It is a 3.1%~ 3. 8% of salt . If it is downing or overing , All living are all dead..🐧 Too much morals kills peooles . It is Syria wars. And Africa is also. .🕎. Solution is abortion and condom and Two babys. And permiting sex trade in adult world. It is not for moses's morals. But When Salt must be small like 3.%~ 4%, We gains peace and money and freedom and free-feminism. Other ways is fake news. I discovery it first. 🔞The old bible is only good for The Jew. Old Bible makes Bush and Trump. 🙏In future, We choice only muhamed or Only Jesus. Never is moses for sex - problem.

10 pages .📣😥REWRITE..🤗Nude style and orgasm is not sin in old middle asia in same class. And also Nude style is God's clothing and kingdom family's clothing. 🦁But After. Bc 10 C, Middle asia became sand land because rain is more small. Then Orgazm and nude is big sin because low and middle class is main .👍 All super power have been nude style and sexic style.🙆‍♂️ Roma is never destroyed by Sodomism. 📣Anti-orgasm culture did NEVER gains super power. It is real news. 🙆‍♀️Now America feminism is fake news by pro-moses peoples.🦁🐯 If Arabs and china come back times with free-sexual culture(bc 10c Hitait culture-middle asia ot Tang kingdom-china, Soon They became super power and peace land.

NOTㅡIMMIGRANT IN AMERICA...!?.....Real reason is too many persons in small land. White people is going to more small numbers..🎁..I think Solution is china baby numbers. But America church and Musulim church stop it in the name of humenright.😭 If color-peoples do abortion and have small baby in family, It is real Exit ㅡDoor. But I know it is impossiblely dream. In end, Color peoples must Re-Immigrant. And Why not voting in that time?? I did predict this situation . I said before 3 years that Trump will be king by Poor-White. It is a sad destiny of DNA. It is my Dnaism. It is not changed by education and debating. It is a nature of DNA(=moses morals.) ...Solution is color people's china baby numbers. Other ways is all fake news.

10 pagesㅡㅡㅡ5.000$ㅡㅡ..My wife speedly change to Vietnam. It is awosome culture. Vietnam are itself god in defend war.🔆 If US let Vietnam be??? Now this nation is more grand. Please do not wars in the name of humenrights. It is their destiny. Only We must action for genocide. .🌐And Vietnam also now need abortion and condom. It is fake news that many persons creates capitalism. It is real fake news. .🎁.More freedom and downing laws penality for emotion makes capitalism When per 5.000$.. ㅡㅡBefore per 5.000$, Moses morals is good for capitalism..🔆😢 Now China and korea is going to moses morals....😭 Japan did give freedom to people for sexfreedom. And It makes big sucess. #vietnam_economy

Soon my summer vocation with my loving wife.🌐😁🎼 I am going to abroad . 2017. 9. 2.~ 2017. 9. 7.

10 pages...Where is welfare nation without wars and without genocide in world?? This is my answer. I think that strongly patriarchy system hates welfare system..🌎😢..paradox😢 Eden park is itself strongly patriarchy. The moses 10 commmandments always creates strongly patriarcy system....🌻🌷Solution is Sodomism. All sodom city with right -tex laws always makes welfare system. 🍮🍹For it, We trust on only Jesus or Muhamed. Never is moses. It is good for The Jew. 🎧🎼Next is abortion. 👨‍👩‍👧Other ways is fake news. 🌷 Play boy and porno and free-sex trade -laws is real weapon for strongly patriarchy system. 🍒Let it be. But Religion deters it. But penalty laws is never. #welfare culture#sexfreeculture#abortion_feminism#Eden_park#strongly_patriarchy

10 pages💀 This picture was Euro middle times...😭...All terro and all genocide and all wars come from too many persons in small land. 😑.. All terroist is moses' moralist for sex. Paradox. In modern times , All peace is in Sodom city...🎁 All terroist believe in more Moses 10 commandments than Muhamed or Jesus..... If we kills terroist' family, They will do not it. Some nation may be do it???....But Real solution is China baby numbers(Two babys). If asrab' do it, Soon Arab will be Super power and peace and rich. 😪In old time(bc times) Arab was super power and grand culture.... But After Bc 10 times, The rain is small in arab land.😑. And Moses is up to leader in arabs. 😂 After anti -sodomism is ruleing to all arabs, Then Arab became small power...Paradox.... Now America's feminism rejects china - abortion. ☠Why???

Today Family goes to lunch now. It is hometown.Sunday with peace in korea. 💞

9 pages...#abortion#Sodom_city_feminism#Gotham_city#Moses_feminism_Arab's modern music and video is very grand...This is pretty culture. Paradox ISIS. 😟 It is mistery to me long time.... More free for free love, More rich and more peace.🌹 I find it first in world history 🐳. Only free love creates peace without genocide . 🎉Before .Bc 10c , Middle asia is best in free love. And in that times ( sodom city) Middle asia is super power and grand culture.🍄 It makes Greek and Roma culture. They find first free -will. But That times, Rain is down and small...And middle asia became Sand land... Sand land Makes anti - sexual love.... Then Moses's anti - free love destory arab's grand culture.😟 Moses morals only is good for Jew. We must depend only Muhamed's pardon or Jesus. We must return to Hitait grand culture. Never Egypt or Moses morals.

10 pages..All wars and genocide come from too many persons in small land... Syria peoples is up to 4times for 50 years.🚫 China baby policy is only solution for arabs. Other ways is never...🕷🦇Hijab is small thing..Real Problem is anti -abortion..... Original middle asia regards Nude as God's clothing....But Moses and The old bible regards it as Sadan .. .  Nude makes  always Super power  paradox.🍒.. Salt must be 0, 2% in the world. When  Salt is  over 2% ,  There is genicide and wars and the poor. Paradox . 💨 Sodomism always have super power and rich culture. .  It is because Jesus or Muhamed says us love and pardon.💓..Only Sodon culture have free feminism and peace .

10 pages..😢😢😢Barcelona terro by ISIS🌐🌐All terro in religion is come from the 10 commandments🦋......I find it first in world history from my studying korea's genocide🐂..... Never Muhamed and NeverJesus.🍻 Paradox ..The old bible is good for The Jew.But It is harmful to other peoples. THE Old Bible rejects abortion and condom. It makes too many peooles in small land....🐙 All wars and All Genocide and All religion terro is come from too many persons in small land.😤...It is a sadly destiny of DNA. It is another Food Chain...😢..KKK's clothing is hijab's mind. Two are same. It is come from Moses 10 commandments. The old bible is only good for The Jew and America church. It is harmful to other culture. 🌐Allah is same with Catholic's God. Two are pronunciation. They regards orgazm as sadan. They hates sodomism. Sodom is sadan. They seeks AntiㅡSodomism. Then They makes ISIS. It is come from The old bible.🍒 The solution of terroist is "Let it be" . SOLUTION and Exit door is come from only Jesus or Muhamed. 🍚Never The Ten Commandments. It is only good for Jew. It is cruel for other culture. ISIS and original Puritan makes Terro for anti-sodomism. They are all too much and deep moralist. Orgazm- free is sadan.They believe that Sodomism makes God's angry.

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