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Happy Lim  🔞I study Eastㅡasia SEX cuture everyday and maybe i am top master. 🤑

Socrates is NEVER starter for free democracy. Germany admiting Socrate's thinking do NAZI-genocide and also ISIS .😝 I think It is fake news. High-Education do not creates good democracy . Socrates do not chage his nation....paradox....😢and Now China people is high education. ...Paradox .... I think for this problem over and over for 20 years. ...🙄In end, When over per 10.000$ , We must admit sexual - trade - laws. ......Never AGOR and Never Reason !! But Yes=Night clubs is real demicracy🤹‍♀️ Only Sexual culture creates real democry and welfare nation and free-feminusm. ... paradox...🎶..When AI times and DNA times , Only Ressaiance makes real democracy and welfare and Super power nation. . . 🤹‍♀️Sexual Euro and Sexual America is stronger than China and Arabs..🎹 Sexual Japan is stronger than korea. Paradox....🍭📯 Alexander great king is itself The Renaissance. He makes Roma and  Euro empire and America.  I think Democracy come from him. Never plato and Socrates...I think other ways that All democracy come from sexyㅡ tradeㅡ freeㅡlaws culture.  It is Renaissance.The modern progress have ignored The Renaissance's power..... Paradox ... Antiㅡsexual mind makes Bush and Trump to king 🐠and It makes ISIS. 🎬.Now Modern puritan America feminism lead feminism to err road. They are daugher of socrates and moses morals......🙇‍♂️ See next 8 month.

0.ㅡㅡ😢😢😢Re write this 😝😁ㅡㅡ
I think below content.
But Now All korean hates me. They deny my thinking. I think this from before 5years.

1. Now South korea sexual culture = America puritan cultute + Iran and Turkey culture
North korea colture = China culture + Soudi culture + ISIS culture.

Two are itself Moses 10 commamds.
The old bible culture rules now Asia. 😎
It is good for us When per income 10.000$.😅
When we do over per 10.000$, We must choice only Jesus or Muhamed.... If we do not it, ISIS will come home 😎
Paradox..... The Old Bible always makes hijob. .. Never Muhamed. It is fakenews. See the Catholic. The nunery wears hijobs.... Before 400 years Korea wears hijob style... Moses morals invades korea culture... The old bible is good for only The Jew When they becames per income 10.000$ . ⚓Now korean puritan feminism reject sexual freedom.🤤 Paradox.....😓 2.
Hijob is small thing . Big problem is anti -abortion .

Korea culture(1400year--2017years = arab culture. South korea = Turkey!! North korea = Soudi!! ... The Americs puritan = Turkey religion... 🌻All cultures contains always The Old Bible🌻

It is that Eve's orgazm is big sin. ..♖
. korean puritan feminism is ISIS
.⚤Solution is only free sexual trade laws and abortion.

War is not coming from mere Religion ....Then Jesus say that eve's orgaxmzm is no more big Sin. Maybe Muhamed. But Religion leader want to old eve's sin. It give them big power. Sin is itself bigpower and big money 🤤🤤 Jesus say that I will forgive your sin. In future , You do good thing. And
Let it be for other's sin. It is my jobs...BUT puritan and arabs deny it.

Motherly Love in female is never same with Fatherly Love....💖 motherly love = sexual desire in male 🌼It is good for NEXT Generation forever alive!! ♖ I see bbc animal program for 5 years, every day...................................... I discovery it first in world history. 🌻We need free-sex trade - laws for Dna'destiny. MORE SEXY, MORE DEMOCRACY.👑In future AI times and DNAism, Night club is real democracy's power. 🎩☛If night club is dead, Democracy soon die. ...It is Dna's destiny. ...Modern puritan feminism now says fake news. It is mere Moses morals.

10pages.// Before 8 months, Korea is in sad situation. But now We come back home. We did mistakes to trust hero. In furture, We must trust on only laws.🌷 In future, Real hero must have a tolerance laws...🐳..I always have seen that every person saying only justice is always going to bad king and bad friends.....♖in add, Modern puritan feminism also say only Justice😖But i think that The old bible = Justice!!🎼 But Jesus or Muhamed = Tolerance !🐳 Korea puritan(Moses morals) hates the progressiveand Renaissance♡. ...Maybe also Turkey and america is also. Etc. IN FUTURE, AI muchine and DNAism need Renaissance and Jesus or Muhamed...♖Never The Old Bible and The moses 10 rules.

10pages...This  Alexander great king is itself The Renaissance. He makes Roma and  Euro empire and America.  I think Democracy come from him. Never plato and Socrates...I think other that All democracy come from sexyㅡ tradeㅡ freeㅡlaws culture.  It is Renaissance.The modern progress ignore The Renaissance. Antiㅡsexual mind makes Bush and Trump to king 🐠Great king Alesander's mind makes next Great The British Empire also...🌷. I think that He is the father of the progress... Today The modern progress do not ignore him.👐 . If he is not in world, The Renaissance is not.🎼 Democracy do not come from only America freedom and only The British sprits. It come from Alexander's sprits .... It is that "Let it be " unless  you are enemy for lifes and money. Alexander king permits religion freedom. And He deny God's nation . It is for paradise after death. ..God's do not have pardonism for other religion and sexy culture. Then They do genocide for other religion. If religion seeks paradise after death, Let it be..... It is Alexander king's mind. It creates Demicracy and Super power. ANTIㅡSEXUAL culture is good for peoples only "per income under 10.000$"♖♖💖 But and But When we Over 10.000$ , We need "Let it be for sexy!!... Otherwise Syria and Turkey and Africa And Barain is on waring forever... 😶.Now America puritan feminism also same with arabs culture and abortion.. Please Let it be. 🌷A freedom of women' freewill is answer!! There is forever sexual crime. But There is Never big wars and genocide. All wars and all genocide come from too many people in small land .♜🐳🐬 We need abortion and sex trade -free-laws... Because male's sexual desire = Motherly love. It is good for next generation....♖ When Male do not have sex, Male do wars always. It is a dna of destiny. It is God's rule.

9pages....⚈🌐🛫👄The first eve's orgaxm is big sin. It creates hijobs and circuncision and Bush and Trump. But Trump is pardox. He raises real feminism.☖🐬 And then It creates always strongly patriarchy system👪 Modern america's puritan feminism  says now fake news. PARADOX They make it more strongly patriarchy systems.⚈☗🕊 See Arabs and Euro and see korea and japan🐙...... I think first that In high- tect times, Sexual culture have been more strongly aramy and more super power and more rich and more peace......Paradox...🎼...Over Per 10.000$ , Sexual trade -freedom laws may be more good for God's works .👪But under 10.000$, The moses morals is good for us 🎼..... In future We must choice Jesus or muhamed..But The moses 10 commansments is Never.!! ..In future god's world, Let it be and Enioy your life. The rest is god's duty and god's love because Love and pardon is god itself. 🕊WE must do abortion like china baby laws and We must do help the poor. We must protect other lifes and animals.....The rest is God's job.

10pages...I think first in world histoty that female's sex freedom always have destoryed all big wars and genocide and strongly patriarchy and big gap in money world💕Only sexual freedom faminism creates peace......But The Old Bible say reverse....Why???...I think that It is good for peoples until 1600 years....Now We meet new AI times...We need new god's voice.....It says now genocide in the world..👰 I think that only Jesus in The New bible make The progress. The progress first make america. Then They do not go to church...🚪..The old bible =putriran charge all church after 1990 year.....Then The progress have no power.🌴.... We neex not old sanders💕 We need more. We need new church. This church must "Let It Be For sex-free trade laws and abortion and contraception. This mean that sex- morals is no more big sin. IN FUTURE Real sin is bad-flow- money. 🎀Eve's orgazm is no more sin.....but Eve's money for only only family welfare is sin.🌴.. The old bible want vergin moral more than money moral...This faith make Bush and Trump...👰..But I think that After 2000 years New Bible and muhamed Want to Money morality more than sexual virtue morality because the earth peoples is too rush hour........ In MY DNAISM, Motherly love = male sexual emotion!! Two are good for next generation....🐯 We need that Free -sextrade- laws!! And free-abortion...🐳. Now earth peoples is too heavy rush hour.🦁All wars and all genocide for animal and humenbeing come from too many people in small land....🌴� Syria and africa peoples is up to 4 times during 50 years...🐒� China baby numbers is only solution.......I have seen 'bbc animal progeam' for 5 years . IN MODERN TIMES, BBC ANIMAL PROGRAM is reallly The Old Bible another.

Before 2years, I say that trump will gain king Power. Before 100 days, I say that Mun men gains king power......Theses days Two meet in Waston city... Good Luck.... !! All wars and all genocide come from too many peoples in small land....Syria people nunbers is up to 4 times for 50 years.... Hijob is small problem......Big problem is abortion🍒👰👰👰🎼📣 China baby numbers is last solution..☇💲For arabs and africa and gor Syria, Other solution is fake news.!!

6 pages☆☆Big oil problem???? It is fake news🐙All big pollution and
All wars and all genocide and all anti- feminism come from too many peoples in small land. Answer is China- baby -numbers in family. IT IS REAL NEWS 🐙🐧Small baby numbers solves the big pollution in the world. But The Old Bibler deny it. They want to too many babys. MUHAMED AND JESUS do not want wars. The Old Bible is only good for The jew...It is killing for other peoples. The Old bibers hates abortion. 🐥 Then Abortion and contraception is last solution.📵🔊💕🔞💖Arab and the moses do not have sexy. They do big wars and genocide. They think that Eve's orgazm is Big devel. And sexy is sadan.🔞 But paradox.🔫 So sexy and sex-trade- freedom -laws always make peace and make money for peopes and for nation. And It give girls too much freedom....Paradox..🌏..In past times , Sexy nation do not have strongly army. BUT Modern times, Sexy nation is more strongly army.... Paradox..🌐. Modern Feminism is fake news......Paradox..In future God give us new Eve's orgazm....Soon Orgazm is no more sin. Then We need new Eve's orgazm.🔞💖

4page....The old bible is good for only The Jew....Today America election....4: 0 ....ㅢㅡ..I am genius for korea and US election . Before 2 years I say that trump will be king ..... .. Again i say answer......🛐 purtitan make trump to king..... We need liberal church.... If you new world , You must go liberal church as Euro church.... Us is made by liberal church. But Amerian do not go church. Then Puritan gain all church in US. We must reject The Old Bible . But We obey only The new bible. And We need new Eve' sexual freedom....Also Musulim obey only Muhamed. Never The old bible...Then All wars is stoped and all terro is stopped...Other way is not.

7 pages😵😢😭Sad news 🛐Joseon kingdom in korea history same with Arabs culture + Jew culture + Confusion  culture from Ming kingdom (China).... After 1945 years, South korea add America culture. .👤.But North korea return to the past times in the name of Marx.。。 Now North korea same with Arabs and god's nation.。🔆。kim jun li is Allah god。🍃。 In Noth korea They kills people who sells prono files and seeing porno🕊....Sorth korea punish also  softly it by strongly laws..👤..It means that korea all culture is The moses 10 commandments and arabs.。。All cruel culture always have killed a sexy person. 👭Therefore  I hates modern feminism. 。。。。。I think now that Gun do not gain peace. 🐥America is already big mistakes...🛐..All bad government denys sexy culture and sex-trades and abortion... 👭Only sexy cultue and free-sex trade laws and China's small baby numbers will  destory terroist and bad government. NEVER GUN and Never Justice...But The Old Bibler and puritan do not agree with my thinking... They want to blood and huge guns. It is never jesus or muhamed.🐥In  Al times and Dnausm times, We need new good news from god... GUN always do not gain peace..🕊 In future.  We need freedom for sexual world......It give us new peace...🍃. All terroist want to Anti-abortion and Anti- sexual culture.....First we do it and next if we kills terroist's family , We gain perfectly peace. . Now We do not need Justice's blood. It is last ways.

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