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Happy Lim  🔞I study Eastㅡasia SEX cuture everyday and maybe i am top master. 🤑

Lion will be perished soon in 20 years..But I think other ways. Gas is not problem.It is fake news.🤯 Too many babys kills animals. 🍒We need China's abortion...If we do it, World will do not wars and genocide🦁.Earth is already full. Other ways is err. 😰 But Eve's religion rejects it.🌌 We need new messages by god. It must be abortion and sexy culture and small babys.. It is a last Exit. It will save animals and It will erase wars and genocide. End.

The modern Renaissance. I think this first??. Only sexy culture have made free-democracy and welfare system in the world history. It is Renaissance. It is a destiny of DNA. It is real Jesus's saying in the cross. It will be real Renaissance in AI's times and DNA's times .

🧚‍♀️ I don't know orgasm. so I am there.
(The old bible..New bible see other ways)🌈
🧚‍♀️I think .So I am.
(Modern Euro' thinking and America' thinking)..🌈 I see other cosmos now.It is that
🧚‍♀️I hunt(job) and digest by electronic music in dna . So I am.

💝💓Eve in eden garden was first victim girl of MEETOO by abraham's god.It was destiny in first times.But Jesus say in city "Let it be" and First see a "the bribe case", "the poor"and then Seek "welfare system." But. "Let it be for women" and "Not use stone(dead)"and killing or suicide..🎆paradox. If We use cruel laws for long-past in wide aria, Women will be a lifes of ISIS'women in end. It punish men first. But In end Women becames victim. It is deatiny of dna. See nature. .. They do not demands anti-sexual culture....In future First welfare and peace ..Paradox..Wide-METOO's culture makes always strongly patriarchy...Arab and puritan is itself METOO's life.They now do wars and killing each other for anti-sexual culture and for Moses..paradox...It is witch- hunter - times.👍Simplely call lawer and police....

Who am l ? I think now that our dna is itself electroic-music note. ⚘ All of atom sound each other in cosmos. Someday, In the beginning time Sounds turn to music by god or by cosmos. It is lifes. 🐥Music by energy creates RNA and DNA. I think that Dna is a top music of lovely note...Death ?? When dna-music is going to mere sound We will meet to death..💓🐘. This room is my wife's new houes in 2018.2.24.

Emotion + AI + Dna = I am =God(s). .. Logic with pure is mere AI's power in future. We will live another world....and Logic is no more morality with goodness itself in future. Now AI muchine times changes all. Emotion is no more animal's nature now. and man's sexual emotion is same with motherly love..It is never fatherly love. Fatherly love is mere for food and hunting...Man have also motherly love in dna..and Two are equelly fuction for next -generation alive.

If two are meeting in Olympic at Pyeong Chang 2018. 2. 25 day. North Korea may be quiting nuclear-bombs. 🎉 North Korea only wants to kim's family alive as big leader for 20 years........And Most of them in north korea may be wants it....It is big paradox......But America' church hates it.....And They demands shooting North korea in the name of human being'right .....But In facts, Peace is itself big blessing... If America demands only and only nuclear bombs'dead , North Korea will erase it. And North korea want to only one for America....It is " Let IT BE"...I think that only Ivanka will do it.....and She will be only ONE soon in the world.

Anti-sexual minds and rigidly laws for sex-crime makes 100% strongly patriarchy system. I think so first in the world... 😭🎑And Strongly patriarchy always makes terroist and genocider and anti-feminist and anti-welfare system....🐧💎Paradox....🦁 Sexual culture and "Not-Me Too" makes 100% free-feminism....But Abraham feminism and USA's and Korea's seeks now anti-sexual culture and rigidly laws for sexuality in the name of moses and females .....Paradox....They now seeks fish in the sky. ..

Traditional new year in korea......Today is 2018. 1. 1 in korea🌻.....All family in korea is together todays...

Sexy culture with dance music and night club and with maths only makes more peace and more rich and free-feminism and free-democracy in the world's history. It is big paradox in DNA...

Food chain = wars(genocide)...It come from too many persons in small land...paradox..Abortion = wars in DNA....Earth is already full. ..If we do not it in future, Wars is our destiny forever... Moses' thinking will be killing our babys all. Exit door is Euro's feminism and Jesus or Muhamad. It is new bible. And America feminism = another Musulim.

🍉🍽This book is shit hole. This book is bad theory by moses cultures....This book is 100% fake news...Two are twins in abraham's thinking....🕎😲If arab and Jew and africa and America and asia do abortion and do china babys for 100 years , Soon we will meet big peace and big money in 30 years....paradox....Now I am seeing dna's greed in the name of family and patriarchy system in the name of protectng babys and girls....It is fake news.... ... We mere want to only power in the name of anti - sexual- morality and god's name....paradox.. Sexual culture and sodom city only makes abortion and makes china baby numbers and makes rich situation... 📯📣🎯🏇🌷and paradox....Euro-Kingdom is more peace than religion leader and than america system. It is dna's destiny..----. WE will need Euro- kingdom without contempt laws for god and for kingdom and for sexual action....But Abraham's culture may be rejects it forever.....In end There will be being wars and genocide again and again and forever.....It have been for 3.000 year in abraham's culture...📯📣🕎And USA is king power in abraham's culture.......Two are twin....and It is mere old bible story forever....But Jesus or Muhamad is mere Scapegoat...And now Real king in the world is abraham and moses. .and. ..Jesus and muhamad is side- actor. And They all rejects abortion and rejects pardoning for sexual crime because pure- virtue morality is ticket for paradise in women and they do ho or-killing.......and..paradox...They all now are waring and genocide and forever maybe.#문명충돌론 #Samuel Phillips Huntington #The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order#난 반댈세#eden feminism

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