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Lily June  “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps”-Proverbs 16:9 ❤️

We like to PADDY !!!!🤩☘️🌈

Did you know that it costs 0$ to be nice?😜 #mostlikelytobrightenyourday2019 ☀️

turns above -5 degrees & nj girls just do not know how to act !

💚ing Maryland a latte

Something ab the color of ur hair n having more fun ?!?!!!!???!?!!?! Idk

Wrestling:❌(“too hard”)
Points dropped: 19✅
Ex: flexed on✅
Ball: life 🏀💯

Twenty Neenteen !⭐️💋🥂

no cap

U better watch out 😉

*I’m not sure what my dad is doing!
*We are really excited to be here!
*I’m from philly! (Well, right outside of it.)
*I ate a cheesesteak taco!
*Carson Wentz you’re still my bf!
*Go Steelers!



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