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Savannah ʕ•.•ʔ Rat Servant  💛 Zelda - blind heart-rat 💟 Sheik - masked model 💜 Maple - Burmese beauty 💕 Navi - sparky Marten dumbo dwarf 💗 Midna - marbled mayhem

We're home! Her vet isn't in until tomorrow, and the vet who was in today said she's FINE!! We're going to apply neosporin for few days. She's still due to have her sutures out tomorrow by HER vet. 👍

Headed to the vet to get this opening out and the stitches out.

I need your help, friends. WARNING the next pic is graphic! This incision opened up and she's going to the vet today. I just wanted to hear your thoughts on it. She's supposed to get her sutures and staples out today. Will this need to be resutured? It's about the size of a pencil eraser. Thanks in advance. We're kind of in a panic.

Fuzzy head 😄

Stitches come out tomorrow or Saturday!! Zelda is with Sheik now because she's such a good girl and doesn't bother Sheiky.💕

A little visitation 😊. Sheik is still separate from the girls at night because we don't want to risk incision injury. She seems completely cool with it. When she's awake we bring the other girls upstairs with her and she seems indifferent 😂. She gets irritated when they mess with her food stash or her bed, but we know it's best for her to have company. ☺️ Tomorrow is one full week since surgery. Sutures and staples come out Saturday!

Happy Sheik ☺️

I think some of her sutures have come untied, but her incisions look SO good to me. I guess we should just leave them be. 😊

Sweet cheeks!! "Sheik" has evolved into "Cheeks" or "Cheekers" 😂

Someone's been mischievous.... 😂

The berry stuff that scared me 😅 (see previous post)

Look at this girl!! She continues to amaze me. This little rat is resilient and strong. 🙌 I swear, she looks better every time she's awake! She's eating healthy foods, including berries, which gave me a big scare tonight. 😅 My husband called me over to the cage asking if something was blood on the fleece. Omg it looked like blood to us! I touched it in disbelief, only to discover it was BLACKBERRY remnants 😂😂😂. We checked her incisions and she looks great. 👍 Navi came up to visit her today and they had a great groom fest between each other, which turned into a gentle wrestling match. Navi let Sheik win. 😉

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