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Lily  Lily. 23. | student | that tall one with the fringe. | probably care too much about my photos. (my fancy ones are taken on a Nikon D7200)


what an exciting afternoon ahead i have... 🤷🏻‍♀️☕️💻📚 lol just as I type this my essay questions for my final assignments have been released oh joy!!! #studying #finals #university #literaturestudent

last one from today I swear but I loved the contrast of colours so much! •

#winter #nikonphotography #nikon #nikond7200 #photography #somerset

another from today’s walk! 😍

#winter #nikonphotography #nikon #nikond7200 #photography #somerset

went to a place called Greylake today fifteen minutes from where I live and it was beaaaautiful. It’s a nature reserve that’s a wetland full of birds and lakes and marshes and it was lovely!!! it looks so gorgeous and wintry I love this photo I took on my #nikond7200 😍 (got more photos to come!!)

#winter #nikonphotography #nikon #nikond7200 #photography #somerset

happy valentines day! the boy did gooooood! I also got my favourite vegan @boojabooja truffles and some dark chocolate ❤️🧡😍 what a babe!!!

i put up a new blog post today all about my essential makeup items for winter/spring! kind of like a capsule wardrobe but for make-up!💄❄️🌸 link to my blog is in my bio ✨👏🏻😁🧡 i’m really enjoying having a blog! •

#blogger #bblogger #bloggerlife #makeup #beauty #lifestyle #ysl #nyx #revlon #tanyaburrcosmetics

for some reason i always hated my side profile and i honestly can’t be bothered to dislike it anymore so screw that. love yourself instead you’ll be a lot happier 👏🏻✨❤️

so I thought to myself that I’d write a blog post about my holy grail eyeshadow palettes and then I got all of them out and realised I own 16... this might not be a lot to some people and my collection is definitely not finished but dang that’s a lot! Eyeshadow is my favourite makeup to do can you tell 🧡✨👏🏻 (wanna point out this is a few years of collecting, I’ve gotten rid of a lot etc too but yeah I have good taste hahahahaha)

it’s a good day when you find a Lush bubble bar you bought ages ago that you haven’t used yet. yes, a nice bubbly bath will do nicely tomorrow night 👏🏻🧡

oh bertie 😍😍❤️❤️

still loving being a cruelty free makeup babe 🧡💄✌🏻

the only way to start my wednesday ✨ a hot chocolate ☕️ and friends ✌🏻

“and which is harder i cannot tell, to hide true love or make false love look well” - suckling. i found this poetry book i’ve had since my first year of college around 7/8 years ago and i had all these post-its bookmarking my favourite poems, this was one of the quotes i’d picked out and it’s a very good one. doesn’t apply to me at all as my relationship is definitely true love but it’s something important to remember. poetry is my favourite 🧡

my parents bought me a car ahhhhhhh!!!! now to pass my test in a few months 😁😁🤞🏻🤞🏻

my number one babe, bertie ✨🧡

got a snazzy new coat yesterday courtesy of my mum and it’s hit me that it’s camel coloured and is going to show dirt so easily but hey it looks fabulous so 😏🧡 happy thursday everyone! onwards to university... 🚆📚 (train selfie lollll)

nothing beats greeting an old friend at the end of the day 🧡☕️ (white chocolate mocha with oat milk is rather delicious) aw kinda missed my classic lily is having a coffee in bristol waiting for a train home posts.

“nothing can come from nothing” 👑 (spending this very rainy, dreary sunday reading King Lear) #shakespeare #universitylife #cantpretendthisishardwork #lovethisplay

had a much needed fringe cut today and i tidied my room and now i’m gonna spend the rest of my day watching one tree hill 🧡✨

and as the sun starts to set on my way home from my last university exam i feel soooooooo relieved it’s over and ready to have an evening doing whatever the heck and i want and not crying over shakespeare ✨✌🏻🧡

copper/orange hair and mustard yellow jacket aka my favourite colours together aka clashing is my thing. ft a peek of a seatbelt as i am in the car currently (i don’t drive dw) ✨🔥🧡💛

the sun will rise and we will try again

this. this was good.

today was a very good day. fall in love with your best friend, guys. it’s the best. ❤️

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