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Lily  Plant-based living at its finest. Choose Compassion. No Bullshit. Liwai @808plantfat Find Lily on Youtube: LilyKoi Hawaii

We were out on a run a few weeks ago in little #hilotown and spotted this chalk graffiti!! Who did this?!?! The #vegalution is really taking off. Nearly a decade ago when I first considered veganism it was only for weirdos. I'd only met 1 vegan in real life (he was definitely a weirdo, imho), and, not kidding, I said to him: "I COULD NEVER LIVE WITHOUT CHEESE!" #suchadisappointment Buying pre-made food or eating out in a restaurant as a vegan was essentially IMPOSSIBLE. Once I went vegan, I became something of a side show act to friends and family. Everyone assumed I'd shrivel up and die #wheredoyougetyourprotein There were so few legitimate vegan resources available... the China Study had JUST come out, ffs. But a few persistent, committed, informed, articulate leaders helped educate me and many others. And we all promised to never shut up! And now, veganism is taking its first confident strides into mainstream culture. We're prepared. We're informed. The science IS on our side, and millions of our anecdotal stories are there to back it up! #wholeplantfoods WORK... and they're going to save the world. If you're not perfect at this #veganism thing yet, no worries! Every effort counts and keep making little tweaks and one day you'll realize: I'm part of the solution. I'm a trail blazer. And life just keeps getting better for us all! #ourchoicesmatter 🌎🌍🌏 love to you all and if you haven't watched #whatthehealth yet, get on it!!

#doublerainbow 🌈🌺🌴🌞 kinda weekend. I can't get enough of relaxing, I really can't πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜¬. What's your favorite way to spend your days off??

LIVESTREAM this afternoon at 2pm Hawaiian time (5pm pacific, 8pm eastern, 10am Melbourne). What's the FIRST topic we should touch on?? And I know it's a bit late notice but hope to see you there! Also, these are double baked potatoes, inspired by @that_vegan_couple (who also have fun and informative live streams, btw!). πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ™πŸΌ

It's important to protect yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays when you're stuck out in direct mid-day sunlight, but it's just as important to protect yourself from toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals and nanoparticles found in mainstream sunscreens. Luckily protecting ourselves also protects marine life from these same, deadly chemicals - especially our precious coral reefs, which have been experiencing catastrophic bleaching events world wide, due in part to the use of sunscreens in and around coastal waters. Check out my latest video on #youtube for all the information you need to find and purchase reef-safe and people-safe sunscreens! Thank you!! #lilykoi #lilykoihawaii #hawaiiproblems #sunworshipper #chasingcoral #oxybenzone #whatveganslooklike

QUESTION: I'm not a tech savvy person, so I need your help... I have an iPhone 6, it's almost 2 years old. It has worked perfectly the whole time. I mostly use it while connected to wifi. A week or so ago the wifi connection got really really slow. Like, noooothinng with looooad. Instagram, YouTube, safari... the only thing that seems to work ok is Netflix?! I deleted all the cookies, I've tried deleting and reinstalling apps, deleted all my unnecessary apps... I'm so frustrated! I try to post and it says "no connection". I try to respond to comments, same. The problem goes away when I switch to cellular data, but I have very little. And no other device on our network has problems. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?! Ideas? Thank you!!

How do you guys protect yourselves from sun damage? Here I am doing my research for an in-depth exploration of which sunscreens are vegan, safe, & effective. And it's not just us we have to think about, our ocean life and coral reefs are at risk, too!! I rarely wear sunscreen as I'm very careful about the times I go outside (this was at 7:45 this morning) and I cover myself in hats, sunnies, beach towels, etc if I'm out at a bad time... but sometimes sunscreen is necessary, so I dove in to find the best of the best! Keep an eye out for that video tomorrow! #hawaiilife #paradiseproblems #preventionisbetterthancure

When it's dinner time and you stoked on all those #wholeplantfoods #growyourown #stokedasfuck

Gotta savor every bite at these prices! But it's still cheaper than dinner out... #hawaiiproblems #eatallthecarbs Luckily, I'm a melon whisperer so I can always find the sweetest, juiciest, crispest melons in the bunch πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰

As the vibrant colors barreled through my retina, firing the anticipatory pleasure centers of my brain, I felt a palpable pulsation from every cell in my body as if to say: "GIVE ME THOSE NUTRIENTS NOWWWWW". And it was as good as anticipated. #legitdelicious #wholeplantfoods #eat2live #hownottodie

We get good sunsets in Hilo from time to time, too!! 🌴🌺🌈πŸŒ₯πŸŒ„

I believe that in life, there is no greater achievement than to figure out what EXACTLY it is your precious self requires to feel contentment. The necessary ingredients will be drastically unique to you... no one else can tell you or exactly model what your deepest, truest contentment will look like. So don't bother asking or waiting for them to tell you... and definitely don't bother waiting for anyone to give you permission. Your peace and happiness is in you, my love, invite it to educate you on exactly what it needs. And once you know, exercise your inherent right to set boundaries and make the plans required to make it happen. No apologies.
I'd like to take you through this picture. I am home right now. Indoors, under a fan even though it is a gorgeous day to be outside. I could think: "what a waste, I should be outside!" But no, here I am currently happiest. I am alone, which is when I replenish my gratitudes and stabilize my internal compass. Usually I go with Liwai to drop off the girls; I know my presence is missed, they could be disappointed... But they are fine without me and I am happiest here. I am re-reading, for perhaps the 10th time, my favorite non-nutrition book in all creation (that I've yet found!). As a vegan, I hate this book, I find her choices reprehensible. But her writing is like balm to my soul. It soothes me into the receptivity I need to grow. And I love re-reading and re-watching media. I love knowing what to expect, it allows me to relax fully. And I'm eating perfectly over-ripe bananas (that are randomly green?!), which most people find gross, but not only do I find them delicious, they nourish me and are the exact food I ate to regain my health all those years ago. I was in the baby-days of veganism the first time I read this book. It taught me, above all, listen to what your body and soul are begging you for... and do it. And I've done it. Any outsider may believe my life is one of restriction, of laziness, of missed opportunities, of unused potential, of selfishness, of reclusion, of over-sharing (is that you, mom?)... Oh well, they can believe exactly as they wish... if I'm not tragically mistaken, this is contentment. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Sunday worship at the Church of the Everlasting Fiber. Even though these are *only* leftovers we threw together in less than 5 minutes, I still felt the grace of the Holy Spirit in those black beans. #godisineverything

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