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🌏 L I L Y 🌕 C O L E 🌑  I don’t love labels & I’ve had a few. Really I’m just Lily, exploring things I love 🦇 hi!

Had fun shooting this Selfies in the Sunset video with @gruffingtonpost
Check out the video via link in my bio!

This is our planet!⠀
Bears Ears National Monument⠀
Photo by @codycobb

Taking over @serpentineuk today and asking the question “what is work?”
People living in the remote Zanskar valley in India work the barley fields, collecting grain that will be stored for the winter when the valleys freeze over and they are forced to hibernate. Current estimates are that 1.7 billion people in the world live off the grid.
On Saturday, at the Serpentine Marathon, Mark Boyle will be discussing his decision to live off the grid - off all electricity and technology - in contemporary Ireland, whilst Professor James Suzman will discuss what life looked like for the San, hundreds of thousands of years ago, before the grid was invented!

At the incredible and historic Villa Santo Sospir for the private view of ‘Oneness Wholeness With Jean Cocteau’ - enjoyed learning about the history of the villa, lived in by Cocteau and a haunt for Matisse, Picasso and Chanel whose works hide in corners of the place. The villa is opening its doors this month for the exhibition by the artist @sassanbehnambakhtiar

The Rainbow Mountain in Peru 🌈⠀
The many colours of this mountain are the result of millions of years of our world history long before humans walked it.⠀
Photo by @aatre

Mum’s selfie back in the day! I’m singing at Barbican tonight - “Selfies in the sunset” with Gruff. Link in bio to find the song....
... The selfie may feel like a modern phenomenon but swipe to see older selfies: Francesca Woodman’s beautiful hair-laced selfie aged 13 from 1972, and the first ever known selfie taken c.1920.... Kennedy and a few others!

Next iteration on the hair - camouflage with the wood - thanks Mia & Vidal Sassoon

“Selfies in the Sunset” with Gruff Rhys last night... we’ll sing it together again on 12 September at the Barbican. .. It’s a beautiful song I’m proud to have been involved with, reflecting on the strange timing collision of selfie culture and climate change.

The West Country

The aftermath of forest fires in Portugal, where 27k hectares burned, and my family bravely fought to protect their home. Scientists say climate change makes forest fires twice as likely to occur now.

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