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Lily J Bridgewater💫  a friendship loving•singer•twin•follower of Christ•former ballerina•livin in LA•looking for songs to sing. for real. producers u know where to slide.

city of stars ✨

lil piece of "Location" by @thegr8khalid feat. my v bad guitar skills.

ok california i see u

"Hypothetically Speaking"
. These past few months I've been able to work with the contemporary company from @jacquelinesballet school (which is where I trained growing up) to create new contemporary pieces. Tomorrow night and Saturday night they'll be performing them as well as an array of contemporary choreography AND a classical version of the storybook ballet "12 Dancing Princesses"! You should come because it'll be worth it. 7:30 pm @ The Scera Theater. That is all. 💕

Just a little bit of light singing for your summer evening. Cause @thisislany and cause this song is way too good. 🐳

You don't want zero problems big fella.

Look who tricked BYU into letting him graduate!! He's all grown up and got himself an adult job and everything! 💛 #filmedwithapotato @natebridgewater

I honestly don't think I'll ever be able to love anyone more. ❤️

Hey @pauljasonklein @_lespriest and @jakecgoss we're coming for ya.

I know my eyes are closed but guess what i 🍩 care cause this weekend was perfect.

💛I stopped by my house tonight to grab something and ended up sitting on my bed for nearly an hour reading a book of my mission emails. I was amazed by how happy I sounded and the confidence I expressed in the gospel. As I was reading I realized that the gospel is designed to bring us happiness, no matter what's going on in our lives. As a missionary you are living the gospel fully, so you really get to experience a lot of cool spiritual things the gospel has to offer. I've been home for over a year now and have learned that you don't get all of the benefits of living the gospel by "sort of" living it. Going through the motions and kind of doing it doesn't work. If anything it's more frustrating. Today was a great reminder of how it really is worth it. It's worth the work of reading scriptures, it's worth the work of being genuine in prayers, it's worth changing some things in your life. I am so so so grateful for my mission, for the gospel and for the Savior.💛


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