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Ana Liliana  Stranger in familiar places | Self-development addict | Idealist | Science of the Mind enthusiast | BSc IBM | ANG SA UK NL | 🌍

Oke besties. It's that time again; going on a social media detox (probably back in a millisecond 😂), ever since my birthday I haven't been able to lay ze phone down or resist my bomb ass feed full of entertainment (no thanks to 9gag). Mans missing out on some great Dutch weather too (sarcasm). Finna keep in touch. ❤ #donaldtrump

1 more for the culture #angola

I have the tendency to write a lot in my captions (i wont apologise) but imma frinna keep this one short and snappy;
Big up to my women (possession much?). Whom I entrust with my darkest secrets, where I find my strength to conquer and whom inspire me to do better airday. Thank you for the lovely (unforgettable) birthday @pegahh92 @fatima @ingmni - notice the highclass 4 dimensional laughter in this video (cause man knew she was being filmed 😅😂).

We do dress ups too you know #swipe

23 (IMPERFECT) things about me:

1. Can't multitask. (Don't believe in it. Can't even reply to msgs while walking. Its either or)
2. Gets anxious over emails (too many emails and I might just suffer from a heart attack)
3. Plucks her baby hairs when stressed
4. Gets motivated when angry (listens to symphony n.25 in G minor to expand the anger)
5. Finds eye staring during commuting awkward (am I the only one btw?) 6. Likes to put mayonesse in everything
7. Enjoys her solitude time a bit too much.
8. Laughs at her own jokes (in an unhealthy way)
9. sings everything off note/beat/melody (I mean EVERYTHING!!).
10. Visualizes pretty much everyday and everything (the scenarios are out of this world, with a bit of Hans Zimmer in the background and we are gone)
11. Is able to sleep on 4 hours a day.
12. Crushes over everyone who can dance.(j.b fan girl style)
13. Goofball
14. Gets motivated and is even more determined when underestimated
15. Is a complete different person abroad (alter egos spread over different countries).
16. Doesnt acknowlegde when people call her Ana Liliana (Despite it being her real name.)
17. Laughs when stressed (this one is so stupid if i say so myself 😂)
18. Talks to herself sometimes (Internal dialogues things).
19. Has the worlds loudest laughter (my non-cute laughter is not to be mistaken with my highclass-4-dimensional-trying-to-impress-kinda-laughter)
20. Perfectionist (w.i.p)
21. Impatient
22. Small dosis of pride (w.i.p).
23. And some other weird traits not worth scaring people off

Moral of the story: Memento homos (we are only humans). "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars." ~ Gibran. I rather accept my imperfections than condemn them. With a open mind and willingness to work around and build from them, they become gold. There is a tradition in Japan called "Kintsugi" where they repair the breakages of a vase with gold to highlight its "imperfections." The breakages are seen as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. The same applies to our imperfections, they are gold. Inspired by: Ikigai #yabetterpraiseinstagramwordcountlimit

#Birthday 23 & cheekless: All I'm filled with this year is GRATITUDE!! Thank you Lord for another year. I know that saying thank you by writing this little post is no where close to my love and appreciation for you and all that you've blessed me with this year; the growth, the travels, my new friendships, for enhancing my lifes perception to a whole other level, my mothers strength, my successes at UH/HU/abroad/domestically etc. Thank you for relentlessly supporting me by sending the right people, events and opportunities to my life at the right time. What a great day it is to be alive!

Also, public announcement to my beautiful ladies and gentlemen on the gram; today I shall spam your feeds with endless delight - I've been waiting 12 months for this!!! #allowit

Don't be beautiful ... Be brave, be wise, be witty, be funny, be adventurous, spontaneous, talented; be everything that comprises your shine. What is beautiful anyway but a set of letters strung together to make a word? be your own definition of amazing by soley focusing on the attributes that reflect your uniqueness. That can be your special personality, your ability to give kind words, musical ability, determination in life, giving, preaching, wisdom, compassion, teaching skills, charisma, communication skills, or anything you’re good at. It becomes your gift to the world the minute you decide to share it. So others may benefit from it or be helped by it in any particular way. "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me." Erma Bombeck

Person: (Here she comes again with one of her recommendations thinking she owns the place)

Aesthetically pleasing. Listen to it as you fall asleep #goodnight @ludovico_einaudi

1 for the feed #doingitfortheculture✊

There's not much to elaborate on. Perfectly said👌

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