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Attention! Something big is coming out on March 24th and we ain't even had breakfast yet.
Ladies and gentleman, Cedric Jackson II is releasing his latest music video for one of his lethal hits called "Stay With Me" on March 24th. Download the song in the meantime, it's available on iTunes and Google Play. #CashMeInTheVideoHowAboutThat #15secondsoffame #suppprtyourfriends @worldofcedric

Ya better not sleep on Pablo Neruda's quotes

Bridge over troubled water. Here's to new beginnings! #cheers🍻

These kids wear crowns

That one time I was genuinely photogenic so as you may understand I had to repost this pic once again as the year draws to a close. Next pre-scheduled repost: OCT 2017 #instasystematicpostingstyle #mileywhatsgood credits: @pegah.92 and the rest of the mains for making this day worth remembering. #hashtagneverendingcaptions #hashtagstop .. 😏

Reunited with my charterd-accountant. #EverlastingBasterdLove

Like the quote said "It is time to start living." Eliminate old habits and create new ones that are more enriching to your health, career, relations and happiness. The brain evolves whenever you choose to feed it with valuable desired skills and lessons, all of which require time. Choose to rewire your brain by forming new neural pathways and weakening old ones. With repeated and direct attention towards your new desire change you can rewire your brain; it's a matter of patience, persistency and resiliency. #neuroplasticityinaction

Man don't talk man rob #robbery

Don't be a passive woman..

#FavouriteQuoteAlert had to steal a quote that's very close to me from one of my favourite books called The Alchemist. I advise everyone to read it if you are striving to get the most out of your god given life. The book is very spiritual oriented with a holistic and unbias outlook on life so your religion is irrelevant, it shouldn't stop you from reading it. #lifechanginggadgets

When you can't decide which photo you prefer so you post both of them. #mileywhatsgood

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