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Lily Barnard  "Good things take time." Moving through life trying to find that beautiful balance of effort and ease.

💕 Special thanks to my love for moving with me to the beach so my body and soul can soar. 💕

Lions and tigers and bears oh my! But actually mountain lions and bears. Good times trying not to get eaten 🤷🏼‍♀️🐾🌲

There’s no place like home! 🏠🌅🌊💙

Look ma! No hands! 🙌🏼 Well that’s not true... but I’ll get there soon! My first attempt using my #yogasilks The last pose is my favorite. HowtheheckdoIgetoutisthisasana! One day I’ll be half as graceful as @cjspractice but I’m so excited about this new adventure!

Little woof wanted me to wish you all a #goodfriday .... even though it’s technically #fergiefriday but she’ll share the attention. And a happy Easter to all! 🐰💕

You make all the days so much better. HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY 🎂🎉 to my little diva nugget. So grateful for this canine sister. ❤️

Happy #galentinesday to the very first love of my life!! ❤️❤️ You bring so much light to this world and take me on the best adventures. Love you little woof!!! P.s. next week is Fergies 14th birthday! I’ve had the pleasure of spending more than half my years with this angel. What a goof!

I said “I can’t balance in the sand!” He said “You look beautiful.”
I said “I wish I went deeper into the pose!”
He said, “You look beautiful.” I am so blessed to have found support in the things that make my heart sing. Hoping endlessly that I can do the same for others. 🙏🏽

“Be like a tree. Stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your unique natural beauty. Keep growing.” -Joanne Rapits 🤸🏼‍♀️💚🌲

Sunday funday hiking and playing catch-up for day 3️⃣ and 4️⃣ of #namastefitandfresh with #funkypincha and #inverteddancer 🤸🏼‍♀️ Is it weird that funky arms is so much easier for me to balance in than regular pincha?? And I was so excited that leg got up a tad in my handstand! Definitely had to let go of fear of breaking my neck and right when I did, an unexpected lift! 🤗Such a beautiful day of surprises and adventure! Thanks so much hosts @dowteri @brenna.nico1e @alli_roush @yogamom.journey @yogizee_ @smashletics @chipperyogi and sponsors @namastefitlife @giraffeathletic for inspiring creativity and getting me outside!

I thought I might break in half trying this #kingcamel but my fabulous teacher @cjspractice has been making us do allllll the back bends. One day it won’t feel so scary, but I’m happy to be here trying. Thanks hosts @chipperyogi @smashletics @yogizee_ @yogamom.journey @alli_roush @brenna.nico1e @dowteri and sponsors @namastefitlife @giraffeathletic for day 2️⃣ of #namastefitandfresh

Feeling under the weather but can’t skip day 1️⃣ of #namastefitandfresh with #goddesscompass Needs some work but it’s always fun trying something new. Right before falling on my butt. Thanks hosts @dowteri @brenna.nico1e @alli_roush @yogamom.journey @yogizee_ @smashletics @chipperyogi and sponsors @namastefitlife @giraffeathletic

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