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Nothin this beautiful dog loves more than her girl, and I am so lucky to be that girl ❤️

Thank God for country music and my country boy 😍

Nine days is too long without seeing my beefy baby 😭

Find yourself a best friend who's not afraid to squat on a tube and piss in some random guys driveway with ya. All good friendships start with peein together, let's be real. Love you so much jackster, I'm so lucky to have a best friend who understands my need for Doritos locos tacos. So sad you're leaving me tomorrow for basic training, but I'm so so proud of you! ❤️

The Tarteist Pro palette is my favorite thing in the world I swear

I think the thing I will miss most, now that I left my job, will be my favorite customer. He is the only person I know who can ask the same question 3 times in a minute and still forget the answer. I will miss getting stolen bags of goldfish that he took from the nursing home, hearing him yell "Hey Lil!" at 5:45 every morning, listening to him mooch free hats and t-shirts off of everybody and picking out the same exact onion bagel and lemon honeymooner every day. Although he might have called me Liz instead of Lil from time to time... he is still my favorite thing about Sunrise Bakery. If you're ever in Kiel, I'm sure you'll be greeted by Charlie Brookner walking down the street waving and smiling at everyone. ❤️

To my beautiful mother, who has carried six beautiful babies, lost two, and still managed to be the best mother possible... there is nobody in this world more admirable than you.
So much pure love in this picture that I could not help but share. Happy Mother's Day.

No one out there I'd rather get super messed up and piss behind a barn with. Happy birthday to my #1 party person and my best friend for life. P.s. I should've posted the pics where we had 0 eyebrows ❤️

I work so hard at the gym so I can eat more donuts at work 🤷🏼‍♀️
Starting to really feel proud of myself and all the hard work I put into my workouts. I'm also starting to get comfortable with showing off my progress on social media... took me such a long time to get it in my head that I can post pictures like this too... I'm at the gym shredding every day just like any of the giant jacked up guys there. No better feeling than being proud and loving yourself. ❤️ #gains

Being a big sister is the most rewarding thing in the world 😭😍❤️

Took my boyfriend to see my other boyfriend #ericchurch

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