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Bethany Ugarte  • Nearly died from #IBS • Gut Health, Real Food, Saved by Grace

A common mistake health foodies make is baking with yogurt. Cultured dairy contains tons of gut friendly PROBIOTICS, but when heated they go bye bye! 👋🏼 So you might as well drink milk (which I don't - causes inflammation). So instead of baking, I used @vitalproteins gelatin to make this 3 I N G R E D I E N T No-Bake Probiotic Cheesecake!
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• Sugar Free
• Grain Free
• Gluten Free
• Nut Free
• Oil Free
• Banana Free
• Coconut Free
• Candida Diet Friendly
• Keto Friendly
• Full of Probiotics
• High in Protein
• Easy to Digest
#lilsipper #GutHealth

Who else wants FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE as a meal? That thickness in my stories THO.....👌🏼
Today was a late start to a busy day (which isn’t the best combo 🤦🏼‍♀️) but I’m embracing it and telling myself I’ll get done whatever I’ll get done, and the rest will be waiting for me tomorrow....and that’s ok. Remember to care for yourself, or else you can’t care for others.✌🏼
- 3/4 cup @nancysyogurt Probiotic Cottage Cheese
- 1 cup frozen cauli (pre-steamed)
- 2 small frozen green banana (green bananas have less sugar and are a pre-biotic)
- 2 scoops natural @nuzest_usa (code: lilsipper)
- Splash of water (cuz @nuzest_usa makes it sooo thick you need some liquid lol)
- 1/2 Tbsp cacao powder
✏️Blend then stir in extra cacao cuz, duh. #lilsipper

Anyone else buy waaaaay too many strawberries when they're on sale then realize you need to do something with them?🙋🏼‍♀️ So I made these Vegan #CBD Strawberry Cheesecake BallZZZ in my stories (go check it!) with just 3 simple ingredients.
- 4 scoops natural @nuzest_usa (code: lilsipper)
- 1 cup fresh chopped strawberries
- 2 Tbsp @biovellecbd CBD coconut oil (code: lilsipper)
🍓Puree strawberries with @biovellecbd, mix in @nuzest_usa until a thick cakebatter forms, then roll into balls. I covered them with crushed freeze-dried raspberries (or you can use freeze-dried strawberries). Store in fridge.....or mouth. #lilsipper #StressLess

IBS — WHAT? @lilsipper eats eggs? I get asked all the time if I do, well 1) I used them in many of my bread recipes so yes I do eat them. But why don't I ever eat runny egg yolks?🍳 There's a reason. If you’re easily susceptible to illnesses, have the flu, pregnant, nursing, the elderly, a young child, battling cancer or have DIGESTIVE ISSUES you should🚫avoid runny yolks all together. I also avoid foods that contain raw eggs such as:
• Mayo (why I choose vegan mayo)
• Cesar dressing
• Eggnog
• Ice creams (unless vegan)
• Cookie dough (again, unless vegan)
• Hollandaise
If you’re generally healthy, you may decide that the low risk of salmonella is worth eating runny eggs, but for me having a history of digestive issue and can easily get's sick, I stick to scrambled, baked, etc. One thing to note is that 🥚HARD BOILED eggs are hard on the digestive system too! So I stick to what works for me.....and this toast certainly did.👌🏼 #lilsipper

✨GIVEAWAY✨ alert! Remember these BONE BROTH GHEE pops? Well I used @bonafideprovisions and @fourthandheart vanilla bean ghee, and now here's your chance to get the goods and make these bad boys too! (recipe is on my blog - search "CBD Bone Broth Pops")
How to enter:
1️⃣ Like this pic
2️⃣ Be following all 3 accounts (@lilsipper, @fourthandheart, @bonafideprovisions)
3️⃣ Tag a friend below (you and your friend will will if chosen!)
*Multiple entries welcome.
Winners will be announced in my stories this week so keep watch! #lilsipper

The only bar🍺 I’ll go to to get a date💏 Who want's to be my wingman?
#lilsipper #MedjoolDates #JuiceBar

Whether or not your earthly father is still here, remember the Lord is our ultimate Father and welcomes us with open arms.❤️
Just made this👆🏼 in my stories with what I had on hand, and DIDN'T COOK A DARN THING. Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day, so today I'm meal prepping, cleaning, and I just might let my dad have the leftovers.
Soak @explorecuisine's Organic Brown Rice Pasta in water for about an hour. Drain water then add @chomps grass-fed meat sticks (the cleanest I've found - pork free too!) with olives, onions, tomatoes, chopped spinach, and dress it with @evohemp's Hemp Seed Oil (different than their CBD oil). ✔️DONE! #lilsipper #NoCookingRequired
Codes for @evohemp and @chomps: LILSIPPER

BODY SHAMING comes in all forms. This is my first time wearing a swimsuit (in public) in over 5 years. Why? Cuz I've been body shamed waaaaay too many times for being too thin. If you know my history and follow my IG stories, you know ya girl can EAT. Fact is, I've always been on the thinner side, even before my huge flare and bed ridden days. I've been made fun of for the way I look, and many of you who struggle with "IBS" have expressed the same experience. I'm 5'7", have wide hips (so I've always had a thigh gap), I lift weights and leg press 400lbs, and I eat clean, healthy, nutrient dense foods. Some people have narrow hips, their thighs touch, and they are still itty bitty. Some people have skinny legs and a plump belly and vice versa. ✨WE ARE ALL CREATED DIFFERENTLY.✨ Yes, we should celebrate curviness, but also don't shame someone because they aren’t. If you are HEALTHY, that's all that matters. Cheers.✌🏼 #lilsipper #needatan
👙: @solidandstriped
👓: @mvmtforher

This EASY PEASY 6 ingredient brownie recipe may just be your new BFF! Your digestive system will thank me now, but you can thank me later.😙
• Grain Free
• Gluten Free
• Nut Free
• Coconut Free
• Banana Free
• Sugar Free (of all kinds)
• Paleo
• High Protein
Whatcha need:
- Eggs
- Baking soda
- @evohemp protein
- @vitalproteins Collagen (optional)
- Unsweetened cacao powder
- @ottos_cassava_flour
Full recipe just posted on the blog (link in bio) #lilsipper #GutHealth

If you're a loyal story watcher, then you know I've partnered with @projectjuice to host a smoothie challenge! 1/day for 5 days....but I'm giving you all some time to get your smoothies so we can do it together! @projectjuice gave me a STELLAR deal for you all too!
50% off an 8 pck + FREE shipping (nationwide)
Use code: lilsipper
I'm so excited for us all to do it together! Who's in?🙋🏼‍♀️

Soak oats in coffee then have the best day ever. ✌🏼 I don’t eat right after i workout cuz your digestive system shuts down and take about 45 min to kick back in (ever felt horrible after eating right after a workout?) THAT’S WHY! - I’m still in that 45 min period so the suspense is killing me...😫
The GOODS: @rigthtfoods oats soaked in coffee (just enough to cover oats) overnight in fridge, then add @santabarbarachocolate's 100% no sugar chocolate discs. I also drizzled some of that Macadamia Cashew Coconut Butter I got from @perfectketones. Any codes I have for these or any brands are listed on my blog under my "Products I Love" page. #lilsipper
Happy Thursday! What’s your favorite way to eat oats?

Don't wait to spend time with the ones you love and think "I'll do it later".....later may never come. Chill day with the mom and @theratreats. Go CHILL with someone before it's too late. ❤️#lilsipper #CBD

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