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Ricky Moore 

405 front squat for a double! Pretty fired up about this one! Hope to see heavy squats #crossfitgames Always great with @ncosta78 @crossfitinvictus @crossfitgames #teaminvictus #notbadforalittleguy #imonlyhuman @nike @rehband @thorneresearch

Wanna be this hyped? Come to hang out with us for a mini camp from 9am-2pm (50$) and a silent auction 4-7pm (25$) where all the proceeds go to our cost for the 2018 crossfit games @crossfitinvictus also come to play spikeball!

Get them while they are hot!! The @crossfitinvictus Ten year LEGACY shirts were donated by @nike to help us offset our cost to get to the crossfit games! Please go online or come in to get one! Thank you so much!!! #teaminvictus

Today was a good day. More conditioning and staying strong! 390 FS 260 Snatch with the tall @therealbrycesmith @crossfitinvictus @nike #invictusathlete #crossfitgames #invictus #notbadforlittleguy #prdmy3milealso #powerornah

Week 1 build foundation. Haven’t squatted this heavy in months! 440lbs (200kg) for a good single! Video by the great @ncosta78 @crossfitinvictus #invictusathlete #invictus #squat @crossfitgames #crossfit #crossfitgames

What a wild weekend! So many people to thank! Thank you if I missed anyone after this haha so many people!
First is @krazy_kmart and pops and everyone else who took care of us this weekend!
@cjinvictus @tinomarini and @blaine_mcconnell for not only having our back this weekend but all year long. We couldn’t do it without you.
@lsjursey for being my rock and LITERALLY taking care of me everyday for the past two years!
Thank you to the sea of green and @crossfitinvictus for cheering and staying behind us no matter what!
Thank you to the judges, volunteers and the @crossfitgames staff for allowing us to compete!
And last but definitely not least, thank you @tammygoose @jennilyn33 and @therealbrycesmith for being the great competitors and human beings that you are! You guys are my family and will go to war with you any day of the week! I do not have words with how much you guys mean to me. You are warriors and SO LUCKY to have you guys as my teammates!
Congrats to @holdenrethwill @samdancing @jenndancing and @k8lynkassis on your victory! Super stoked to give you a run for money this summer 😉
It is such and honor and blessing to be apart of the Invictus family! @cjinvictus I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for others and myself! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Now it’s time to grind!!
#invictusathlete #nike #moreassaultbike @niketraining @thorneresearch @crossfit

“Hey guys just trust me, but I want to try something!”
Then @jennilyn33 replies down below!
#handstandobstaclecourse #35lbs
Repost @crossfitinvictus with @get_repost
“Oh my gosh, he’s going to die.” - @jennilyn33
Solid support among teammates as Team Invictus’s Ricky Moore (@lilrickyt_2 ) messes around with some resisted handstand walks after Sunday team training. #invictusathlete #HaveFunStaySafe

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! @lsjursey you are one of the greatest human beings I have met and beyond blessed to spend everyday with you! You make life fun and keep me grounded! Well try to at least! You deserve the world and I will try to give it to you! Even tho your working have a great day! I love you!!! #dasbae #iloveyou #bestfriend #happybirthday #weneedmorepics

New season, same supplements!!! @thorneresearch is one of the best and love how I feel during thing season! Wouldn’t be able to do this without them!! @crossfitinvictus #invictusathlete #heightline #laurenisinthistoo #picswithbae #nike #crossfit

Pic 1: How I will feel if 18.5 is thrusters and chest to bars
Pic 2: Anything else haha
One more week!!!
@crossfitinvictus @crossfitgames @nike #invictus #invictusathlete #crossfit #thrustersmakemehappy #nomoredeads

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