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🌙  17 | AZ | it’s cool, shit happens 🤞🏻

8 years of stained clothes and bathrooms have come to a close. I’ll miss you colorful locks, but here’s to a new era ❤️ ((Thx to @urnotlucien for talking me into it as well))

I flew 710 miles away from home just so I could see my second home in person ❤️ my heart already misses you, but I’ll see you soon

“Cause I’m as free as a bird now”
Thank you for an amazing show ❤️ @skynyrd

Haven’t seen this guy in forever ❤️ Cant wait for your show 😉


The crowd was shit tonight, but as you can see in the second video it didn’t affect my mood 🖤 thx for tonight boys, sorry the crowd sucked #5sos3phoenix

Sorry about the mess on the table, I chowed the fuck down on Big Earls right before this


I haven't seen your face or heard your voice in so long || @iameden

Like a car engulfed in flames, I am a wreck 💛

"You have purpose, kenz"
Today my mom and I were on our way back from our usual adventures out of our town, blasting Sam Smith in the 347 traffic when she just outta nowhere turned it down and said, "Did you know that when a person dies, there's a baby born almost right at the same time?" I've heard that saying before so I nodded and said yeah and she continued on, "I feel like you were born because fate knew Uncle Dan and Baby David were going to die". My Uncle Dan, his partner Ron and my cousin David died on September 11th, I was about 7 months old when they passed. Right before we were blasting Sam Smith, Macklemores "Same Love" came on, and I made a comment about how I thought Uncle Dan would've loved this song. "You accept everyone for who they are, and I feel like that's why you're so accepting. You were put here because fate knew there was going to be a loss and it's like there's a piece of your Uncle in you". I was taken aback from this. My mom isn't religious at all, so I know she wasn't talking about God, but actual fate. She told me how I was the coping mechanism for everyone, I was the one beam of light in such a dark time. This really made me open my eyes today and it kinda made me emotional. I've always been told my Uncle was a cool guy, and I wish I could've met him, but it's warming to think that my mom thought that I was a part of him put back into the world. Idk, it just kinda moved me and I wanted to share it with y'all.

I promise I won't hurt you.


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