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Songs the lord taught us. @heavilly_sedated

energetic & poetic #LickingLoveLetters

Make America Sexy Again. Pt.2 #SoSmooth | alanakaioherlihy.com

Grab them by the nuts. Couldn’t help myself | video I made a while ago - alanakaioherlihy.com

Aloe very on my scar making me blush. #theflashfeelsgood #lastweekwhenIwastanandpink

That’s why I’m tough. I’m tough like Monday morning. Patti X Frida - Thank you @wwd


Shelly & the moon. #ThisIsYourParadise #ThisMoneysGoneToHeaven -Halos are a sign of high thin cirrus clouds drifting 20,000 feet or more above our heads. These clouds contain millions of tiny ice crystals. The halos you see are caused by both refraction, or splitting of light, and also by reflection, or glints of light from these ice crystals.

The crystals have to be oriented and positioned just so with respect to your eye, in order for the halo to appear. That’s why, like rainbows, halos around the sun – or moon – are personal. Everyone sees their own particular halo, made by their own particular ice crystals, which are different from the ice crystals making the halo of the person standing next to you." @iblamejordan tenacious

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