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lilly  i like to paint n take pictures n make coffee

your heart’s a thousand colors but they’re all shades of blue

“I know a cool spot we can go, it’s only 6 mins past south!” 30 mins later “we made it!”

always by the water

i just wanna break out my summa jeep already

5,000 feet up

just me chlo and my sony

today’s adventure will be one i never forget

dancing in the rain

missin jake and finland


it was 40° and beyond incredible on top of that mountain

this city is everything and more

sometimes home is just over the ocean

finland you were a dream

no words could ever express how much I appreciate and love you

livin in the sunset breeze


today was the best day of my life

national museum of modern art was amazing, I 100% recommend if you are ever in Sweden

well hello neptune

here lies a picture of me with the biggest smile that has ever been on my face bc i'm eating really good ice cream and in a town that is beyond amazing

I am sitting on my balcony w my niece looking over, past the ocean, to denmark and I've never been happier

"I am surrounded by idiots"

atlantic ocean, oh how I've missed you