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lilly wallace 🍋  italiana in america integrative nutrition & health coach beauty + wellness new video 🎥👇🏼

Giveaway! 💝 I am excited to give you guys a chance to win the entire @eoproducts Love & Flowers Essential Oil Perfume Collection. As I mentioned in the previous post about this collection, I have been enjoying these perfume oils for their delicate scents and aromatherapy benefits. My favorites are the Rose Damascena (a calming and romantic rose scent) and Namaste (an uplifting blend of orange and geranium), which are perfect when mixed together.
Check out my stories to learn more about these perfumes or head to the link in bio to shop them.

How to enter the giveaway: ⠀
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US only. Winner will be announced in my Instagram story.
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🌹 Happy Valentine’s Day from me and my new baby 👉🏼 the RMS Beauty Luminizing Powder ✨ In case you missed it, there is a whole new GRWM video on @thedetoxmarket IGTV channel with all the details listed on TDM’s blog 🥰 Okay, now tell me: do I film a whole video where I use the powder, a full-review on my blog, or do you just want a quick swatch in the stories? (Or all of the above? 😉)👇🏼
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Perfume with aromatherapy benefits 👃🏼| #AD 🌹 As some of you may know, I cannot tolerate any sort of synthetic fragrance, and it is the very reason why I was drawn towards “clean” beauty. Perfumes, fragranced lotions, and home fragrances used to trigger severe migraines and nausea, which did not improve until I got rid of all my fragranced products (this was about 10 years ago). I do, however, enjoy some natural fragrances made with flowers, fruits, and herbs. I find that oil perfumes are the most soft and pleasant for sensitive people like me because they are easy to dose and typically not overpowering. My current go-to fragrance is the newly launched @eoproducts Love & Flowers Rose Damascena essential oil perfume, a delicate rose perfume that smells exactly like a fresh, fragrant rose. It takes up to 60 fresh roses to make 1 drop of the rose essential oil used in this perfume 🥀. I like to wear it alone for a calming and grounding scent, or mixed with another perfume oil from this collection called Namaste, a citrusy blend, which I find uplifting and energizing 🍊. The Love & Flowers essential oil perfumes have an organic jojoba oil base, and contain vitamin E and castor oil—nothing else. No hidden ingredients or phthalates, and no synthetic fragrance at all. They come in tiny glass bottles with a steel rollerball, so I keep mine in my purse should I want to re-apply. They are also quite affordable, so if you have been looking for a simple oil perfume made only with good quality plant oils and essential oils and zero mystery fillers, I think you would love these! *The perfumes are also certified gluten-free and certified cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny). #xoeo #sponsored  #eoproducts #genuineglow

Romantic & Rosy 🥰 Need a lil' Valentine's Day beauty makeup inspo? Check out the look I created for @thedetoxmarket using all #cleanbeauty products. Link in bio 🌹
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What’s your favorite highlighter? I am currently loving the @cloveandhallow Hydraglow ✨ I have the color Galaxy, a light pinky color with champagne-silver iridescence. What should I try next? 👇🏼
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GIVEAWAY ✨ Imagine if you could walk into Target and buy excellent skincare products. No compromises—clean, luxurious, and effective plant-powered beauty products. Well, now you actually can! #AD
Grace + Tonic Beauty offers science-based, botanical formulations at affordable prices, and it has now launched at Target with three products:
•Cleansing Mud ($24.99) with Brazilian Purple Clay to reduce shine and leave your pores “decongested”—it comes off so easily, too;
•Moisture Cream ($34.99) with soothing Aloe, vitamin A-rich Rosehip Oil, and Mango Butter for long-lasting moisture.
•Eye Serum ($24.99) featuring Green Tea and Vitamin E for antioxidant protection.
The products come in glass packaging, are made with sustainably-sourced ingredient, as verified by their COSMOS certification, and are  vegan and cruelty-free.
Check out my stories to learn more and browse the products online.
To celebrate the launch, I am partnering with @GraceandTonicBeauty for a giveaway. You can win their three products by following the rules below.

To enter:

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US only. Winner will be announced in my Instagram story on Sunday, Feb 10.

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💥💥💥 #Rp via @newbeauty

Does your skin need a quick reset? Mine certainly did, especially with all of the stressful things I went through in January. It was the perfect time to try one of #Naturopathica’s Skin Remedy Reset Kits, and the Calm and Soothe Kit was a good match for my tired and stressed skin. This is a #sponsored post, but I am so glad I was given the chance to try this kit, because it worked well for my skin. Naturopathica has a holistic approach to skincare, so each kit is customized for specific skin issues. The kits include everything you need for a quick skin reset, including skincare treatments and a herbal tea to support your gentle reset from the inside out. In the Calm and Soothe Kit, I received: 1️⃣-Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm. This balm has an addictive honey scent and a soft, balm-to-oil texture that melts into the skin and breaks down makeup and lifts grime effortlessly. It also comes off easily with a damp face towel. Perhaps because my skin was more dry than usual, I didn’t feel like additional cleansing after the balm removal was necessary. 2️⃣-Kombucha Bio Cellulose Mask, a sheet mask that has a “nourishing” serum. The serum contains beneficial bacteria from kombucha to help restore the skin’s microbiome. If you have over-exfoliated your skin, or if you are going through a stressful time, this mask could be beneficial in promoting repair and soothing the skin. When I removed the mask there was plenty of product left on my skin, which I just left on as a moisturizing mask.
3️⃣-Alpine Rose Recovery Concentrate, a lightweight, water-y serum that features Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, a natural Hyaluronic Acid with absorption that deeply moisturizes and defends against premature aging.
4️⃣-Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream. A medium-weight cream that is rich enough to soothe dry skin, but does not feel heavy and suffocating. 5️⃣- three tea bags of @naturopathica ’s Stress Tea formula, a delicious and soothing blend of herbs, featuring adaptogenic herbs like: Holy Basil, which helps to lower inflammation; calming Chamomile and Lavender; mood-boosting & stress-relieving Schisandra; Oatstraw, which helps to reduce anxiety. #cleanbeauty #holisticskincare

🧖🏻‍♀️ I tried a new, clean, korean beauty skincare regimen and I shared all about it in my new video on Youtube. Link in bio 👆🏼. #ad
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If your skin is dry and itchy, and you missed my previous post, head to the link in bio. I have some fast-relief tips for serious cases of dry skin 💆🏻.
#dryskinrelief #winterskin #selfcare #skincaretips #healthyskin #bodyoil #bodymoisturizer #selfcaresaturday #thedetoxmarket #genuineglow

DRY SKIN | As soon as Winter approaches, my skin resembles a reptile 🦎. If you, too, are struggling with dry, flakey skin on your body, I gotchu 👐🏼. Head to the link in bio for free tips (some you may have not heard of yet) and a few products I am currently enjoying (all clean & cruelty-free--just like we like them 👌🏼). #dryskinproblems #dryskinrelief #cleanbeauty #thedetoxmarket #greenbeauty #skincaretips #bodycare #genuineglow

GIVEAWAY ✨It is no secret that my go-to shop for all things clean beauty is The Detox Market, whose selection of beauty products keeps on getting better and better. The news is, however, that they are now making their own products as well!
First they launched a new brand called, Detox Mode, whose first product is a luxurious body oil named, Altogether Oil. It comes with a leak-proof, mess-free spritzing nozzle (anyone who has ever dropped a glass bottle of body oil in the shower knows how convenient this is! 🙋🏻‍♀️). It is scented with a light blend of essential oils (including my favorite scent, cardamom) and feels satisfactorily moisturizing when applied on wet skin, yet it is a non-greasy oil. The first ingredient in the formula is Jojoba Oil, which studies have shown to be one of the best moisturizing plant oils. I honestly love it. It feels way more luxurious than its price tag.

Then, The Detox Market launched beautiful gemstone face rollers, available in three different stones at the moment. My favorite is the one I showed you in a recent post, the Opalite roller. It isn’t just pretty, it also works well. It is sturdy (don’t you hate when rollers fall apart?! I have had a couple do that already), and does not squeak.

Lastly, they launched the Horizon Glow Ritual bath soak. A reinvigorating formula that includes Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea Extract, Ginseng Extract, and essential oils. It’s a real treat! The scent is uplifting and makes me feel recharged.

The Detox Market is kindly gifting these three products to one of you, and they are also gifting a $50 gift card to one of your friends. Follow the rules below to enter the giveaway.

How to enter: -Like this post
-Follow @thedetoxmarket , @detoxmode , and @lillygenuineglow -Tag 1 friend below—if you win, your tagged friend will win the $50 gift card!

The giveaway starts now and ends on January 11th. The winner will be picked at random and announced in my stories, as always.

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