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Truth & Trail  oversharing on the west coast

I am nothing
If I’m not with you
📸 @trinacaryphotography

You can have it
if you want it

I didn’t build all this
for me

Sorry babe,

it’s my turn to drive
📸 @kristensciberras

We are awake
and wondering
what has been done to this place

and how we can
undo it
📸 @kristensciberras

I feel like I’ve missed the boat
and it’s gaining speed as it sails away

and the people on the boat are smiling and laughing and patting one another on the back, congratulating each other on their successes

and the boat is making waves, which travel back upon the shore, the water breaks up onto my toes

and it’s warm,
and it’s beautiful,
and it feels like fame.
📸 @trinacaryphotography

Tell me what you want and I’ll tell you what I need.
📸 @kristensciberras

Dress for the job that you want.
📸 @kristensciberras

Run away. Run for cover. Run from your problems. Run for your life. Run alone because you hate compromising. Run from love because you’re not ready for it. Run at night because you don’t like being seen. Run late, for everything, all the time. Run into someone you know. Run out of things to say. Run home from parties full of boring people. Run on empty. Run wild. Run like Phoebe in that episode of Friends. Run out on a bad date. Run home to your mother when you get hurt. And home to your father when you run out of money. Run because you’re afraid to walk. Slowing down means slowly stopping. And the last thing you want to do is to stop. The last thing you want to do is rest.
All you want to do is run.
📸 @bryce_piwek

I dance naked,
In my room
In my house
Without pretences
and approved social conduct
I dance alone,
and unruly
📸 @trinacaryphotography

was a faucet
were a drain

I poured myself
into you,
And you swallowed
every drop
📸 @kristensciberras

We can’t all be goddesses, so I will take a seat.

Though I’m happy for you queens, who have realized your hidden inner power. It’s nice to know, isn’t it, that having a vagina makes you sacred? That because you are a woman, you deserve to be worshipped!

Never mind the fact that you have two DUI’s and are $60’000 in debt— you are a GODDESS.

I’m happy, that we women FINALLY stand alongside each other. And that, even if I’m a horrible person, you will support me because we are both female. (If you haven’t heard, #thefutureisfemale.) I am also glad that our opinions are now valued, above and beyond their actual logic or ethical merit. Who cares if what we’re saying is sexist or uneducated? We deserve to be heard, not judged, damnit!

We are so lucky, that now we are free to wear push up bras to the gym because they make us feel good about ourselves, (and not because we have been trained to feel good about ourselves in push up bras) and we are lucky to go topless and pantsless and shoeless and walk around the city at night feeling EMPOWERED because men would be disgusting pigs to try and touch our naked bodies.

I’m happy to uplift my sisters, who are all equally talented, kind, and beautiful, with no one lady rising naturally to the top, nor anyone falling down to the bottom. With all of them being equally magical and special and spiritually sound.

But... Even with the moon-cleansed crystals falling out of our vaginas, and the lesser human species (men) falling at our feet, I have to say, I don’t think we can all be goddesses.

I’ll just take a seat.
📸 @trinacaryphotography

I don’t know how I’m going to tell my children, that they cannot do something.

How will I tell my daughter not to drink, when I have a glass of wine every night?

How will I tell my son not to have sex, when his father and I make love all the time?

How could I expect them to behave themselves, when I laugh loudest in restaurants, and scream “fuck!” while I’m driving?

Why would they respect authority, when I myself don’t follow the rules?

What sort of wild, challenging, opinionated children am I going to raise?

I already know that I’m going to encourage my kids to talk back, to question why, to make decisions for themselves.

I’m sorry in advance, if you end up teaching my kids. They are going to be loud, messy, adventurous children, and they are going to expect you to back up everything that you say, just like I taught them.
📸 @bryce_piwek

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