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🌑 Lillian Liu 🌑  Creative photo artistry, classical pianist, 25 ▫️Personal IG: @riddermark ▫️Vancouver, 🇨🇦/EU🇪🇺 ▫️July-L.A▫️August-Europe▫️January-Paris ▫️info: ⬇️

May so far has been throwback editing month and tying up loose ends! I was having so much trouble figuring out how to edit this photo for the longest time, and just couldn’t do in a way that satisfied me. I think it was a little beyond my experience at the time, since the lighting was so bizarre (we had the thickest yellow light from a security system leaking through the leaves + a dark foreground), and I remember starting and stopping so many times during the editing process over the months...but I think I’ve made peace with it now, or at least that’s what I tell myself. 😂 Do you guys ever have shots that you just adore, but yet cannot seem to “figure out?” Featured here is a stunning 3 piece set by @royalblack_couture . ❤️ This gifted and creative genius of a designer creates the dreamiest, most robust corsets of the highest quality! 🙏🏻 Modeling this outfit is dearest bumbum @mariaamanda_official - who’s face in some shape or form is almost always permanently magnified at 400% on my screen due to all the edits I have! 😂 Wouldn’t ever want to have it any other way. ❤️

deliverance// Cleaning that backlog! ❤️ Something medical and alien- Here is the ever-inspirational (and very shiny) @ginaharrison wearing @sybansyban from a previous set for Feroce Magazine. Two talented and incredibly driven women: Syban is a visionary who pushes the boundaries of comfort, and Gina is the chameleon of all chameleons who portrays character so immensely. 🙏🏻 I also wanted to take a moment to express my love for @infinitecolorpanel by the INCREDIBLE @solsticeretouch , which I had the absolute privilege of using here! I am absolutely floored by how simple it helps you implement colour toning...but mostly, by how it can also help inspire you if you’re ever feeling stuck. It is easy to apply, very customizable, and also user-friendly. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, I’m sure there is something here for everyone. I can’t wait to use it for some upcoming, colourful shoots! ✨❤️ #lillianliuphotography #ginaharrison #syban #fantasyphotography #fetish #medical #creativephotography

Pegasus// Forgot that I haven’t uploaded this one yet! Trying to put out a bit more older work before I start posting/working with the new camera. I absolutely adore this look from @_fairytas ...the colour on this piece is just incredibly beautiful, and even more so in person. She definitely outdid herself here! This was back when I first started feeling the urge to experiment with studio work, so we put up a little black fabric against the window to play around. @mariaamanda_official is looking radiant as always- and also wears this piece absolutely flawlessly. This fabulous human being reads my mind like no other in front of the camera and always knows exactly what I’m looking for! ✨ I am blessed to know both of these wonderful women. ❤️ I’ve been very busy the past while trying to tie up loose ends for the end of the school year/exam season...but I can’t wait to reveal some fantastic projects lined up for the coming few months. Sending my apologies to anyone waiting on replies or edits at the moment- I’m getting there! Meanwhile, I’m sitting in my studio earlier than usual, waiting for my first piano student of the day. Onwards and upwards (or at least I try to tell myself...😂)!

Throwback! Simple portraits are sometimes the best. Been keeping busy with so much piano work and client shoots lately...I just had to edit something personal in-between to stay sane! Meanwhile, I’m still inspired by the fiery energy behind @desymons ‘s expression here. Thank you for letting me dress you up! 🙏🏻 I can count on one hand just how many male models I’ve photographed in my life...too few! Maybe it’s finally time to expand my horizons? 🤔

I just love this look by @_fairytas so so so much. So honoured to have photographed it, even though it was super quick! It was a hard shoot due to the lighting, but I’m so happy to have something to show for it. I’m also sure that all of you by now know that I love anything related to armour of any sort. ❤️ Dearest @mariaamanda_official couldn’t have worn it better as well, and this look was just perfect on her! Best road trip, girl! 😘

Throwback: Close crop of “Arachnid” featuring @fraiseauloup , @gio_rda__na , and @melissa_vignotmakeup 🕷 ❤️

#throwback to springtime in Denmark with this quick set featuring the beautiful and immensely talented @lindafriesen.couture wearing her own creation! We were both there for @mariaamanda_official ‘s incredibly dreamy wedding, and I cannot believe it has already been almost a year! I absolutely adore and consistently return to old sets to see what new skills I can apply to images sitting for a while. However, this also makes it a never-ending journey many of you have the same problem as I do? 😅

Trying a subdued edit! First look at beautiful Rachel ( @amodelwhosread ) floating out of a dream in @armstreetcom ‘s exquisite dress and corset made of the lushest blue linen. Makeup and assistance by @daisyyha ❤️😘- you’re the best!! I’ve always had such a love for period-inspired silhouettes! I blame it on my bookworm side, as I was always reading and looking at pictures in textbooks and references as a kid. Nothing has changed! ❤️

Happy Easter, friends. ❤️ Something from an older set! // @fireflypath + @presleymccargar + @isamua667788 + @creative_artistry_by_jeanne_ + @aniyagodden + @royaldissension

Finally get to post this one ❤️. How beautiful is this dress from @joflemingdesign ? There are so many beautiful shots from this set that I’ll have lots of fun coming back to this over and over again to get them all. ❤️ I especially love the sleeves- and I hope to produce more shots that focus on the gorgeous shapes soon! Partner-in-crime @mariaamanda_official looks fantastic in it as always- and it is always the biggest treat to do this together with her. How many looks have done together now? 😂 I love the never-ending journey...thank you girl for the adventures. ❤️ In other news, first shoot of the year is next week! I’ve got a beautiful new face lined up for that...really excited. Onwards!

Patron of War II // When it’s cold weather, indoor shoots are a lifesaver! @mariaamanda_official and I have done so many looks together, that I think we’ll never catch up on edits or finish posting in good time! 😂 I love this problem, haha. Here’s another edit from the set with @hysteriamachine ‘s exquisite pieces. I cannot say enough good things about this designer- it is not often that you get pieces of this intricacy so robust and well-constructed. ❤️ Also, fellow dreamer @gracealmera provided the studio, snacks, and best assistance! I wanted a darker feel for this shot, due to the candlelight- but it is always my concern that digital screens are never quite the same, and that darker images are tricky depending on what device it’s being viewed from. Additional credits include: circlet by @frecklesfairychest , contacts by Pinky Paradise

So excited to start shooting for 2018 in a couple of weeks! I have so many exciting things to reveal that I’m about to explode. ❤️ Meanwhile, I’ve been busy catching up with edits: here’s another look from the shoot featuring beautiful @brinalyon of @keymodels wearing @pioroblue , with @daisyyha on makeup. ❤️

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