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🌑 Lillian Liu 🌑  Welcome to my dreamscape. 🌬 25, photographer, pianist. ▫️Personal IG: @riddermark ▫️Vancouver/Europe ▫️Portfolio, inquiries: ⬇️


Welcome to the future! 🚀 Outtake edit from one of my previous fashion sets published a while back, featuring one of my favourite girls @jkitsjoni wearing designs by @avant_afi and @furla , styled by @jasonpillay , with makeup by @isamua667788 , and hair by @creative_artistry_by_jeanne_ . I love visiting old images and upgrading them with new and fresh techniques picked up as the months go by!

Wanted to experiment with different colour tones! Beautiful @jumeria wearing her own creations. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Preview of a rustic fae romance set coming, with handsome faerie king @ian_hencher and beautiful real-life sprite @sorcha_verey , wearing designs and wings by @undertheivy1 and a crown by @frecklesfairychest ❤️🍃

🍃🌿🌸Loveliest @_fairytas strikes again with her beautiful craftsmanship, modelled by dearest elfling @mariaamanda_official , as she summons sunbeams and a breezy high noon in the Netherlands. Doesn't she make the best wood elf mage? 🌿- @riddermark ❤️ #fairytale #fineartphotography #warcraft #larp #cosplay #tolkien #sylvari #aenseidhe #altgirls #fairytas #mariaamanda #lillianliuphotography #blondehair #danishmodel

#throwback to the time when I photographed beautiful @tiffanykawaja in the deep of winter, in which we struggled to do a springtime look with @bronbermudez 's gorgeous Garden of Armixa dresses...since the area was snowed in for the most part! 😂If you look at the second photo outside the window, you can see a small glimpse of just how white it was outside. These images were part of a larger editorial for @ellementsmagazine , with a complete team of @cinwu , Elizabeth McLeod, @jkitsjoni , and @stylomilo89 , and I just love how the garments look so retro with a modern touch. 🌸❄️

Whew! It's been a little while! ❤️ Hope those of you going back to school this week are hanging in there! I'm working through a few photo sets right now that I can't quite post just yet- but I guess this is a good time to go through backlog! Here's beautiful @lindafriesen.couture wearing her own charming creation, shot a few months back. Linda takes commissions suited for all occasions- and I'm sure if you gave her a chance, she could whip up your dream dress too for a very fair price. 💕 Trying out some new editing styles here as well, going for something a bit cleaner. I hope you guys enjoy! Will also post some publications that just came out last month...in due course. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments and messages from the past couple of weeks- I'm sorry I haven gotten to all of you yet, but I'm getting there! ❤️❤️❤️

Something simple. 💧💙I'm sure many of you know and love @bellakotak 's romantic photography- it was a joy last year to meet and explore some mystical bluebell woods together. I also couldn't help but quickly photograph this talented and warm person as herself in her signature element...flowers. 🌸 We got caught in the rain, which had to cut things short, but at least something small came of it! If you are unfamiliar with her universe, I highly recommend checking her page for inspiration. ❤️ Thank you Bella for creating such a vibrant community space as well for creatives and dreamers as well! You are ever radiant. Dress by the amazing @rawragsbypk ❤️🙌🏻

On a roll with portraits lately! I find that they're the best when it comes to playing around with some new editing techniques. ✨ Thank you to those of you still waiting on photos- I'm so chronically late all the time! Here's a headshot of cherished friend @mahafsoun nestled in blossoms wearing a gothic headpiece by @regaliadesigns 🌸💀. I'm thinking back to the early days of my photography adventures, and this reminds me of how I started....when I used to shoot a lot of alt and gothic fashion with Mahafsoun from a few years ago. Where did the time go? 😂

🔥Elysse🔥//Wanted a new cover image on Facebook that was more portrait-ish, and I just knew that this image would steal my heart. I didn't have to do much to the photograph at all, as everything was just perfect with our lighting and timing. Beautiful @implosions wearing @squirrelvscoyote helmed at the makeup station by @immandychin ❤️-- thank you @blancheworld for helping out!

#throwbackthursday // Popcorn couture! Realized that I've never posted some favourite results from this fashion shoot before on my Instagram. Here is @katrifab looking impishly mischievous and beautiful, styled by @marinasardanopoli , clothing by Paula Qingyuan Yu, hair by Emmanuel Estaban, and makeup by Eve Alya. ❤️Can you see the popcorn in her shoes? 💕

🏆Winged Victory II- Closeup🏆// Really digging the more subtle editing, straight-on portrait vibe lately! There's something about making eye contact with the subject that makes an image speak to me...it's my current phase! 😂 See the full image on my Facebook. 💕Phoenix Armour: @_fairytas ❤️, model: @mariaamanda_official ❤️(and Francois the birdie!) Hope all of you creatives out there are slaying your backlog- keep it up!! Got some really exciting shoots coming up too...can't wait- thank you to my collaborators, colleagues, critics, and followers. You are all amazing! #fairytale #fairytas #lillianliuphotography #mariaamanda #larp #rpg #armour #warrior #gameofthrones #lordoftherings #targaryen #noldor #fineartphotography #altgirls #cosplay #cosplaygirls

🍃Major throwback! I still remember this shoot from a couple of years ago with @fireflypath 's forest elf dress of dreams + real-life elfling @mariaamanda_official . Ring is by @rogueandwolf , tiny hair beads are by @regalrose , and crown+bracelets are by @amonseuldesir_boutique 🌿. Im also replaying The Witcher 3 right now, and can't help but think of the awesome Scoia'tael Gwent deck artwork in the game whenever I'm doing elven art (although I'm totally team Northern Realms when playing...can't turn my back on Vernon Roche ever haha!). I'm also getting close to my first 100 posts on this account, maybe I should do a giveaway? ❤️ #fireflypath #lillianliuphotography #mariaamanda #scoiatael #mirkwood #elf #fantasy #fantasyart #artphotography #altgirls #fairytale #lotr #rivendell #ig_mood

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