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Alexandra Hoang  Content creator at @CandidThat Bachelor in Intl. Bus & Business Law. ๑ Sydney & Oslo based, Norwegian-Vietnamese ✈︎ NY, SF & LA! ✉︎

Summer in Oslo is something different. The sun is shining until late at night, we spend our time relaxing by the pier and eat ice-cream all day long🍦☀️ Time has flown by and New York is just two and a half weeks away ✨
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a moment of relaxation in between apartment hunting and fashion week in Oslo #oslorw

In the midst of searching for the perfect apartment, I find myself wondering what I can do to make my country greater.
What is Norway doing to encourage disruptive innovation? Is the start-up community making progress? What are the steps to establishing a business? How do Norwegian entrepreneurs persevere?
The future is in the hands of the youth. I sure hope I get the chance to be part of its narrative 💗 #latenightthoughts

Vietnamese Salmon Pho is the best noodle soup I’ve ever tasted.. 🍲 what’s your favorite Vietnamese dish? 😋


when you have so much stuff to do but you decide to take a nap instead

searching for the perfect apartment in Oslo is no joke

Not having a crepey day 🍭 #SantaMonicaCrepes #CANDIDinTokyo

Worth every mile ♥️ high five, @thndd we can finally tick off three years in a long distance relationship 🍒

back in Norway 💘 apartment hunting starts now! #sistersinasuitcase

Thailand’s Gentle Giants 🐘✨ During our stay in Phuket, we got to visit an ethical Elephant sanctuary. We learned about the elephant hospital they were trying to fund for their sick animals and their mission to rescue more elephants from the entertainment industry.
There was absolutely no riding allowed and they were free to roam around on their own. Observing them from a distance was heartwarming and even more so when we got to feed them with bananas.
I used to be one of the tourists who didn’t know better and wanted to capture a photo with baby tigers and sat on animals who were most likely drugged down and unhappy.
I hope I can use the little influence I have to raise awareness and encourage you to really do your research before you decide to visit the ZOO and ride on an animal ♥️🐘 #CANDIDinPhuket

Spirit of a fairy 🧚‍♀️ #splendourinthegrass

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