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niina  there is always a light. if not from the sun, most certainly from within

It’s the weekend friends! Have a good one x 👋🏻🐱☕️🌸

love your evening glow dear spring ✨🌸

I found this book in Amsterdam from the botanical garden shop and I love it. It contains small stories and poems about flowers. Just my kind of thing, but you probably know that already 😊🌸 Happy friday! @kerbholzofficial #kerbholz #ad #anzeige

❁❁❁ #bloomsgalore

Have you heard of the girl with the sun on her skin,
Who can make flowers grow with her light from within,
And she runs through the world leaving life in her wake,
With blossoms all lining the path that she takes,
She must be quite shy for she’s never been seen,
But she’s what paints the grass such a rich shade of green,
I’ve heard people say that there’s dew in her veins,
That whenever she’s hurting or lonely, it rains,
And if you listen on nights that are early in spring,
You might just hear her voice on the breeze as she sings. ~e.h
Have a wonderful May everyone x 🌿

One from this morning, right before the thunderstorm came. At the end April showed us all her spring moodiness to say goodbye ✨

The last days of April. With a little bit of sunshine between the clouds 🌤
beautiful cover and cushion gifted from @lepetitlucasdutertre (prsample/anzeige)

good morning 🌸

Weekend ahead 🙌🏻🌸 #happyfriday

It was such a moody day, but it’s a known fact: April showers bring may flowers, right? Also have you seen on my stories, we have little bluetit eggs in the birdshouse! Soon there will be fluffy birdies again ☺️

grey sky spring morning ❁

A very effortless way to deal with mondays: Napping just wherever you want, when you are all alone at home #perksofacat / throw gifted from @kuishihome (prsample/Anzeige)