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royalтy ♕ ♡  NJ ♥ 21 yearѕ old ✧ dancer 🥴

anyone else’s grandparents go fully out for christmas ? ( this video was made at like 7 am 😂😂)

xo .

live life like it’s your last day 🖤

start a conversation in the comments i’ll start

high off life .

what up big head 🤪

baby it’s cold outside ❄️🥴

sooo i wanna say some things.... and i would like feedback idc what typa feedback ... but honestly i don’t wanna hear “all you care about is clout now” because no that’s not even it, ive had “clout” for over 4 years now . i originally started off on vine and vine had died , then musically and so on and so fourth. only reason i have been “complaining” about things is because how do you expect me not to ? yk ? i know i’ve lost a lot of followers due to certain things but how do you guys expect me to be active for you guys and post how i used to , but when i post no one wants to comment , no one wants to like , nothing , it’s all dry ... what more do you expect when i’m being told that you guys want me to post like i did then but then when i do post it’s complaining about me “doing the same moves” i do try to switch it up for you guys .. but i also try to maintain being active on ig along side with having a full time job , i’m basically running out of options towards social media ... so suggestions would be nice .. i hope no one took this the wrong way . i do love all of you trust me , i’m just confused ... . ( i made this video on my break before anyone come for me about that ... )

dead sleepin on a girl .... likeeeee jxjisiwissj lmao what do i even do

i have nothing to post , so enjoy this lil video of me eating ice cream 🍦🥴😂 ( i do not own copyright to this song )

i actually can’t believe how fast this year has gone

magic 🥴💕

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