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Liyana Meer  ❤️ A moment, a love, a dream, aloud.

This babe right here is one of the loudest and chattiest little people I know but deeply sensitive and easily overwhelmed by people and her surroundings. This big-toothed grin is mostly reserved for family and friends and sometimes I find myself wishing for her to be amiable to the world; forgetting that she is her own person, with her own personality and reservations. So don’t mind Mama (or the world) baby girl, you do you. ❤️#LeiaMariam

Never without munchies this one. #LeiaMariam

Trying to be more mindful to stop and take more snaps even when I don’t feel much like it these days. Because we’re young once and I’m sure I’ll be missing these years once they’re gone. #portraitsofliyandleia

Snoozing in paradise. 🌴

Every plant, flower, living and growing thing has its own place and season - a presence to flourish and thrive; and that’s true for us too. Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year.

Taking it easy this Monday. #TheZALORAGetaway

Counting down the days to our next little getaway. #LeiaMariam

The natural yet complex act of breastfeeding your own is one of life’s greatest gifts. I felt an unparalleled bond grow day by day with Leia; a miraculous journey that kicked off rough but was so worthwhile at the end.
At times it felt almost primal; nourishing her body from young, taking everything she needs into my body and straight into hers. But beyond that, it was holding her tight and kissing her little head as we took breaks away from the world (some even with the world around us!), looking into each other’s eyes, playing with our fingers (heck I even miss the jamming of fingers up the nose) until we both fall asleep. All the beautiful moments and memories filled with raw and pure love.

18 months in and this babe still loves her pair of flapjacks.
Happy #WorldBreastfeedingWeek Mamas!

“Baby flower”, says #LeiaMariam.

Growth. Every day is battle, to push myself and face the uncomfortable truths. To understand and honour that life works in the craziest ways. That it takes practice to think beyond myself. That I don’t always listen, -really- listen. That my excuses become self-imposed roadblocks from the things I want.

Trying every day to be kind and to find motivation in my shortcomings. To go slow. To let go of things that don’t make sense anymore. To make goals and not keep them when they start to become irrelevant. To create more. To be more vulnerable. To care more/care less. Growth, a constant work in progress.

Sometimes I feel like she’s still too small to talk or walk - but there she is always on her feet and chatting all the time now. It has forever changed how we interact with the world, frequently stopping to look and talk about ants, worms, the rain and the stars.
Being a mama isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, not by a long shot, but it sure does make the magic of the everyday. ✨🍃#LeiaMariam

In between houses, we popped by this gem of a roof garden for some snaps! Time for this Mama to shine solo now. 😝

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