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森山 由梨 


Someone, please teach the name of this beautiful flower.

I took a picture with Yumi Katsura.


The name of this flower is Japanese rose. The Japanese calls Yamabuki.
This yellow is called [Yamabuki] color in Japan.


There is a culture that loves full moons in Japan.
It gathers in the pond in the garden, and the moon and the moon that reflects in the pond are appreciated at night of the full moon.
This is a photograph where it went to Daikakuji temple in Kyoto.#Kyoto#京都

There is a jinrikisha in Japan.
The jinrikisha is a vehicle to which the person moves the car that takes the person.
It is in Kyoto and Tokyo.
It differs from the car of the machine, the wind is felt, the season is tasted, and it is possible to go sightseeing in Kyoto.
I took the jinrikisha of 'Ebisu shop' of the Ranzan district in Kyoto.
It explained the history of Ranzan in Kyoto, and it was able to spend very significant time.
There is a staff who can speak English, too.
It is recommended.#Kyoto#京都


I traveled to Kyoto putting on the kimono.
The kimono are various patterns, and should change coordination by the place to which it goes. This kimono is for play.#kimono #kyoto


I went to the hot spring of Toi in Izu.
Gold was able to be taken here in old times.


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