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🌵Liliana 📺  Mezcal drinking, puppy loving desert rat from Fresnillo, ZAC. Intersectional feminist with a knack for groovy pictures, and an anti fascist agenda.

A five hour drive really gets you pumped to protest the possible pardon of a shit Sheriff by a shit president #NoWhiteSupremacy #Not1More #FueraArpaio

In light of yesterday's white supremacist fueled terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, a vigil will be held in North Vegas in front of the Dr. Martin Luther King Statue(on MLK Blvd & West Carey) from 7-8:30 PM. Join us in this safe space with candles or flashlights. Be mindful that this is not a protest or rally, but a gathering to heal as a community. Do you feel like fighting back and getting even with the alt-right? Volunteer to register people to vote, get people to the polls, endorse local candidates that oppose prisons for profit. I understand that punching nazis is not violence, it's self defense, but we have to do more to take back the power that dictates our everyday lives if we're going to make real progress.

Throwback to the awesome Tale of Two Neighborhoods tour from @nvpreservation that shed light on influence the historic westside had in all of Las Vegas and gave me inspiration for upcoming shoots. Don't listen to the noise that says Vegas has no history, they just don't know where to find it. #nvpreservation #hhlv

We definitely did not trespass to get this shot. Not even a lil bit.

Ring-a-ding-ding ☎️
Styled by @djcrykit for @crykitsplayhouse at @rebarvegas

Ready to win with a little help from her Hustler Casino visor

Oooooooh-weeeee, thank you @vegasseven for this rad feature! Eternal thanks to the dream team of style and giggles @djcrykit @agame.officially Catch you guys at @commonwealthlv tonight for the monthly stylings, art, music, and party vibes put on by my favorite gal DJ Crykit!

MR. SELF DESTRUCT (a wonderful homage to the Nine Inch Nails jam) available on @velveteenrabbitlv's spring menu Gin+ lemon+ turmeric ginger syrup+ black pepper+ black coco powder+ tiki bitters #dtlv #Vegasculture #nothingtodolv

Artist statement: "There is a monster and it's trying to eat a person and me and my sister are saying "no!" -Maggie, 5 years old, attending a counter protest against the Westboro Baptist Church #lovetrumpshate

Had the awesome opportunity yesterday of sitting in on one of @cole_coffee's practice runs for USBC. Man oh man, was I completely unaware of how much training has to go into this competition. I'm thankful for the inspiration I got from seeing an expert who's been 15 years in the training continue to find ways to learn and grow in his craft. Best of luck bringing home that 🏆!

Is it appropriate to have dessert for breakfast? If you answered no we can't be friends...I don't need this type of negativity in my life. #hojaldras

Thank you, Reinarz, for being the best even though I was a lousy orchestra student. #trueMVP

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