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🌵Liliana 📺  Mezcal drinking, puppy loving desert rat from Fresnillo, ZAC. Ain't no feminism like intersectional feminism. Ask me about my antifascist agenda.


@ridingwithcoryandcandice hosted yet another fabulous #dtlvcommunitybrunch at @bunkhouse_saloon. Chefs @douglas.taylor4 and @chefjennabarr cooked up a feast that left everyone in attendance absolutely delighted(and stuffed). The side loin rack from @mangalitsabymosefund stole the show and paired beautifully with @kimosabemezcal. Can't wait for the next community brunch! #dtlvcommunitybrunch #chefdouglastaylor #ridingwithcoryandcandice

I've had very little time to reflect on the challenges this month has thrown my way(both good and bad). Photographing LV Young Artists Orchestra's concert last week which featured a spectacular rendition of George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue(with Alex Le @pianominxalot on piano) made me realize the enlivening privilege I have of using music as therapy. For approximately fourteen minutes and thirty seconds I was transported to a part of my mind where no worries or doubts existed. Seeing musicians of all skill levels bearing their heart and souls with every note is such a beautiful experience. Music and art truly save lives. Thank you for the amazing performances and sorry about the crappy crops on these photos.

Stumbled into an amazing cocktail experience(as per usual) at Velveteen Rabbit last night. @helendiaz of @chareauspirit served up some of the tastiest drinks I've had this month. Pictured here is My Rye'd or Die(Rye whiskey, apple brandy, Chareau, Angostura bitters, and fresh mint) and the Lazy Sunday(Mezcal, Chareau, lemon juice, celery bitters, and sparkling wine). There's an extra photo of My Rye'd or Die since it's such a badass name for a drink.

Celebrate national pasta day the best way possible by heading to @pizzeriacontento for their orecchiette eat shaped pasta with house made sausage and calabrian chilies. Treat yourself extra and pair it with one of their signature cocktails. #nationalpastaday

The outpouring support of this beautiful community has warmed my heart since the domestic terrorist attack of Sunday night. My community is amazing but it's tainted by people whose interests are unveiling conspiracy theories rather than helping those affected by this tragedy. I'm exhausted both physically and mentally and cannot bring myself to fight these people and I understand if you can't either. Stay strong and try hard to focus on what truly matters, fuck the rest of the negative noise. Again, if you need anyone to talk to, I'm here.

First and foremost, call it what it is; don't let whiteness stop you from calling this an act of (domestic) terrorism. Keep the thoughts and prayers coming but also get ready to fight for gun control in a state with some of the most lax laws in the United States. I'm heartbroken, I'm scared, but most of all, I'm fucking angry. I'm angry that regardless of this being the 35th mass shooting in the United States this year alone, no measures have been taken by our government to keep automatic weapons off the streets. I'm not going to tell you to call your representative right now, there are more important things to worry about at this moment. Call your friends, your family...even if they're physically safe, make sure they're on a path to mentally recovering from this. Once you've made sure your loved ones are cared for, take the time to make an appointment to donate blood or look for a blood drive, keep in mind that the wait time may be long. Stay strong and take care of your mental health. If anyone in Vegas needs anything, whether it be a safe place to decompress or just a place to crash, don't hesitate to contact me:

My family and friends are safe but my heart is still heavy. The death toll is more than 200 across three states. I suggest that rather than donate to organizations who stand to profit, you support the often unsung heroes of these natural disasters; grassroots organizations. Los Topos Mexicanos is a volunteer group initiated following the devastating earthquake of '85 in Mexico City. Your contribution will go toward the necessary equipment for moving rubble and rescuing trapped survivors. Your dollars can go a long way in helping the country that was so quick to respond with aid following the hurricane that struck Texas and Louisiana. If their website isn't working, you can send money directly through Paypal:


Former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, the criminal responsible for the creation of tent city, an atrocity he labeled as a concentration camp of inmates, is being presented with the “Courage Under Fire” award during the Conservative Leadership Conference held at the Tropicana Hotel. The United States Justice Department, Amnesty International, and ACLU all deemed the conditions Arpaio kept prisoners under as inhumane. He was convicted of contempt in July for defying a court offer which instructed his law enforcement department to stop basing their arrests on racial profiling. But that victory was short lived since Trump decided to send a message that racism and white supremacy were admirable qualities by pardoning Joe Arpaio. The time for us to stand in solidarity for those terrorized during Arpaio’s reign falls on Mexican Independence Day. Let’s show this racist criminal and his sympathizers that Las Vegas does not celebrate their ideologies or agendas. Be sure to share with family and friends! Jean Green, James Dunbar, and Yesenia Moya de Marin have carefully organized this demonstration to be as safe as can be. If you need someone to stand next to during this protest, count on me to be there.

Southeast corner of Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd
5:30 PM

I don't agree with the sentiment that we are all immigrants simply because this was a stolen country built by slaves but I am definitely an immigrant, a really privileged one. Becoming a United States citizen is a long and frankly bullshit odyssey. If you haven't the financial means or the time to call off work for all the appointments you have to attend, you're fucked before you've even had a chance to become "legal." Policies that make this path to "legalization" harder than they already are, should be labeled a crime against humanity. I'm calling on all of my friends, this time I fucking mean it. We can't afford the luxury of "I'm just not that interested in politics like you are" bullshit. Either you stand beside me in this fight or you stand in my way. I don't care that this hits people too hard, seems too harsh. People's lives are at stake and I'm not going to stand idly by and post about the atrocities happening in my own backyard just to comfort my own ego. As always, hit me up either here or by any means you have if you would like to find ways to help our community. Don't be the Becky that just posts about it, I'm no longer associating with Becky's of the world.

Swinging into the weekend with @agame.flows styled by @crykitsplayhouse @djcrykit (sorry about the ridiculously cheesy caption, my brain is a legit disappointment today 💨)

Tuesday night in downtown Phoenix turned violent due to one side and one side only and that side is pictured here. Using gas canisters, mace, rubber bullets, and flash bangs to "disperse" a crowd of peaceful protestors with no warning is a crime. Thanks to the courageous people who continued to stand their ground regardless of these threats in order to ensure the crowd behind them got to safety before police armed in riot gear barricaded the remaining protestors. Our rights to assemble in peace in protest of 45s decision to pardon Sheriff Arpaio were violated and our wellbeing was compromised. I don't need anyone's opinion defending cops right now, not while I haven't been able to sleep or eat since coming back home due to the mental stress this event caused me. Shouting "no justice, no peace, no racist police" is not a threat and the fact that Phoenix PD saw it as such illustrates that their department is not only led by a racist but also comprised by them. I'll need a couple of days to recover and I'm sure the events of this night will not be forgotten soon but rest assured that I'm not afraid to continue the fight against white supremacy.

A five hour drive really gets you pumped to protest the possible pardon of a shit Sheriff by a shit president #NoWhiteSupremacy #Not1More #FueraArpaio

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