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Liliana Jaén Russo  Fine Art▪Still Life▪ Travel▪Moody▪Nature. Collecting the sublime 🍃 ~ Madeleine & Alain ~ 💞

Ride Home. #tbt


Another view of this masterpiece of architecture.


Off the beaten path to the clouds 🌬


They say that the wave was so great that it rose unexpectedly that day and the buzzing and rumbling it made, that all the people that were in the beach in other places, had to flee terrified in the greatest panic to the top of the dunes, to save the life; and when the great wave withdrew, shortly afterwards, it revealed two enormous twin stones that had not existed before, just where the unfortunate young women, the two beloved comadres, had fought for love and jealousy moments before. Their bodies were never found and are said to have been transformed by the hand of the Most High into those two stones called since then "The Comadres," which have remained there forever as silent testimony of the tragedy and have given the name to the most popular of the tableñas beaches: the beach of "Las Comadres". - Leyendas Panameñas, Sergio González Ruíz.

The journey that takes you from the very first windmills to the newest factories.


La Tiza 🌅🌝

Sunrise offered a very beautiful spectacle; the water was quite unruffled, but the motion communicated by the tides was so great that, although there was not a breath of air stirring, the sea heaved slowly with a grand and majestic motion. - George Grey.

Even when the last petal has dried, a flower retains subtle beauty.

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