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Lilian yeri  Dance consultant,Choreographer,dance instructor,wedding dance groomer,entertainer,Artistic director for LYDW and model. Jesus is lord!08165702576.

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Forward Dance championship 2.0.

120 schools, 14 finalists, 1 winner.
Cash prices and a dance studio in the winning school.

Created by The Dance deal Training Foundation.

Powered by The Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, arts and culture.

Refreshed by Maltina.

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Maryly Maryly I say unto you...happy happy birthday my feisty ,beautiful, strong,fierce,funny,gracious, hardworking, fire cracker,troublesome,stubborn,determined,kind,generous, smart ,over caring superwoman Mary aka"my little pumpkin ".the love I got for you is too much...I honestly cannot explain it how you always run to me like a little child and try to strip my clothes off to either seize my shoes,top or jewelry, or is it how you care so much for me when we are on location knowing that miss lily would not think of what to eat or drink,putting all her focus on the job and you quietly go out to get my favourite drink and snack and force me eat them,or is it how you look into my eyes and tell me how you love me as an aunt and still snatch my food and I chase you around the room...oh Mary,too many memories of you in my are indeed a good friend,an amazing dancer who has brought tears to my eyes with her performances,a good woman and a very strong one at that.much love from here my darling!plenty hugs and more of God's blessings in this new year, cheers baby!@fierce_furo .

INCREDIBLE ART... Find it in your mind's eye and feel it in your heart.

And so over the weekend I got a call to be one of the judges for the Lagos state inter-secondary schools dance competition "forward dance championship" and I was quit excited with great expectation as I thought to myself that I wish I had the same opportunity during my time in secondary school to show case my talent and not be scared that my teachers would see me/us as unserious and jobless,and probably even scold us for it with enough arriving at the districts,one of them particular caught my attention, the schools in Epe where I used to be a boarding student and I remember going to seek admission into some of these schools where my sisters and I were refused entry because we came at the middle of the term and we were told it would be difficult to get any admission at the time.
I remember I cried saying that I didn't want to go back to my old school,but eventually we got admission into the boarding school of government college ketu Epe which happened to be one of the best schools in that district.
On Monday I was a judge in this district, in one of the schools that refused me admission as they were the host, judging the same schools that I admired so much but was not given the opportunity to be one of their student.Some how after the show,the excitement and the thrill brought back a lot of memories, beautiful memories...I was then interviewed by their press club,but the admiration in their eyes was very overwhelming ,joy and excitement in their voices as they asked very intelligent questions knowing that their academics also plays a major in the career of their choosing irrespective of whatever it was. This brought great joy and confident to my heart.That day the teachers and students alike honoured us with a grand reception at the end of the competition. But we knew that we had all left a mark in that district as well as in the hearts of those children and teachers alike,one that they would never forget in a long time to come.
20 years ago,I graduated as a student but went back as judge 2017...#beinspired #followurdreams @corporatedanceworld @lilianyeridanceworld.

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