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“it may rain before i reign, but i will bask in the sun” - @blackmouf

this guys onto something genius all the time. S/o to @oaksterrrr for giving me the opportunity and being the reason I reached my first million plays on SoundCloud. 📷: @luizzy_g

In 2010 hopeton said one day I’ll get our story heard.. 📷: @luizzy_g

Like @iitsad said “The West Coast Still The Best Coast!” Pre Order Regional Departure right now! #Aug10th 🔴🔵

Coming Soon “Lowkey” Feat @followjojoe prod by @makinallthehits drop the comments if y’all fucking with it 🔴

show them why she looks up to you..

Life’s short but I enjoy every moment with a small circle..

love you baby girl...

I’ve made innumerable mistakes in life that have brought me to the lowest I’ve ever been. I fought for what I believed in all aspects that I didn’t believe were imaginable for my own existence. but through the ups and downs of this life it has made me appreciate all aspects of it. The people living in it has made me want more to be able to give more before the time comes that I can no longer. I created an long existing opinion in my head that there was never a purpose for me until I matured enough to see that everybody has a purpose. And I found mines in music, made it my substantial escape to happiness and my influence to others that have had the same doubts or worst. this mixtape isn’t something I felt the need to rush. I took the time and patience to tell every piece of truth that created my motive for more. many might understand the picture I’ve painted with the project and many might feel opposite. I’m just thankful to be given the strength to do what I thought I couldn’t by creating a project of my own thoughts. #T.C.T.H coming soon..

I’m always found where the ______ at.. 📷: @cinemazay

the love i get i never thought I would have.. 📷: @thomastyrell619

Coming soon🔴 “Ain’t See It” Feat @skemeingleworld #Beaches&;Blocks @followjojoe