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there’s a time and place where the truth is said no matter how hurtful it can be. this might be that place🔜tcth.. taken📷 by @sheareiswig p/s I tagged @_twinhang just to look cool follow his new page.

Her: “bOy yOu bEtTer sToP SlEePiNg oN mE🤪” Me:☝🏽night night

Like “nah break this bitch up” 🤣🤣🤣

Happy Birthday to my beautiful, amazing lil girl. You’ve showed me true love in every aspect and made me push myself to be all I can be. This world may not be mines but I promise I will always give it to you because you complete me🖤 dad

no fairytale conclusion, least that’s what I’ve been told.. 📷: @shotbyjoe

these niggas ain’t even put on for they own hood. what makes you think they’ll put on for the city?

even with hell contemplated i still wish em well.. 📷: @sheareiswig

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