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Lil Cutty  Carolina 👑 🎮👻Cutty803 - A.M.L♥️💍

Still hustle like I’m BROKE, although I’m all FIXED. But I won’t stop or sit until WE ALL RICH!!!!!! #OneHandWashTheOther #BothHandsWashTheFace


Can’t stand you Tyreke azz n*ggas!!!! Y’all just don’t know what we overcame growing up under Columbia Housing Authority

I sweahhh 🤞🏾

Maaaaannnn listen! Annoying as fck. And it always be when ya shows on or you playing the game or talking to the guys lol. But on the real... Annoying is what you need. If she ain’t annoying you then you’re losing/lost her bruh. 💯 #LoveYours

This how y’all be looking when ya brag about somebody & the ish don’t work out 😂😂😂😂 #PowerTV #Starz #Humor #Lol #LMAO #TashaStPatrick

😂😂😂😂😂 #Humor #Lol #lmao

On Gawd that’s me 😂 #humor #lol #lmao

Since 04’ my ❤️ been split 4 ways!!! The Princesses #NationalDaughterDay

“Lord, don’t take her from me! Know that you made her for me. With all the 💩 that we go through, can you bless her with the patience for me. Her love is contagious for me. Because everytime I had love, it was bad love... That’s why I know you’re the GREATEST for me!” - Ocean View 🌊#EXCHANGEInstrumental

When all the hoes don’t feel the same no more. And Henny don’t really cure the pain no more... 🤷🏾‍♂️


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