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Linni💎  What you see in others exists in you. Life is an echo of what you radiate, so radiate love and compassion🌍Oslo -❤️P 💌 👻

Whatever comes, let it come. What ever goes, let it go. If you accidentally burned a bridge you want to cross again, bring your best beach wear and swim until you get there. It's impossible for someone to navigate in black water so make sure to keep some light on in your heart because whatever's meant to be has a habit of coming back. If it's not meant to be, you still have light in your heart to lead the way to what is. And whatever that is, I guarantee you it's blissful!❤️ // #leavethelighton #love

Spring teach us great lessons; bloom where you're planted and wherever that is, be all there. Every flower had to grow through some dark dirt. Remember, you can cut all the flowers and no matter how long winter is you cannot keep spring from blooming. You'll be ok love, you're a part of nature!😘 // #Spring #Vår #Flower #Blomstre #Utno #Nature #Love

❤ Valentine's Day is the day of love so if you feel it or think it, tell it. Even if it's just as small as; "You cross my mind sometimes." I know it might be scary telling someone how you feel, or just how you think you feel, I can get better there myself, but keep in mind that great opportunities and great people are lost in a blink of an eye. Usually it's not telling how you feel that scares you, it's the answer, the response to your vulnerability. Fear of rejection. Regret can last a lifetime and eat you up and it's better knowing you tried than to be living with: "Fuck! I should have said something, anything." To me at least, nothing's more attractive than to consist of the greatness it takes to put yourself in a position where you might not get the answer you're hoping for. It takes a man and a woman with confidence to do so and what shines greater than that? And btw; it's usually that kind of honesty that allows the flow of mutual feelings to grow. // #tellhim #tellher#happyvalentinesday

When you're single for Valentines, buy your own fucking roses and write yourself a love note🌹😄 "Dear Self! Continue to do your very best and never stop the flow of love and kindness that resides within you. I will continue to care for you, protect you, listen to you, help you grow, support you and I will for the rest of my days love you unconditionally for who you used to be, who you are today and who you'll become. When the time is right a man big enough to carry your greatness will swipe you off your feet👊🏼
PS: Hakuna Matata!💃🏼
Xoxo, sincerely Me❤" // #valentines #love

😎🎈Friday thoughts; I couldn't care less about your money, your job, your CEO-title or status! ... Excite me! Teach me! Take me away! Take me with you on how your journey has been. Tell me about you! How you cooperate with yourself. How you worked yourself through hell and conquered your demons. How you rebuilt yourself when you were broken. How you gained self-mastery. How you figured out to genuinely love yourself unconditionally and be emotionally independent. How you learned to never hate, but always love. How you figured out to see the good in the bad. How and why you respect others even though you deeply disagree with them. How you manage to perfectly live life without daily being negatively affected by people's opinions, circumstances or bad situations. How you understand that you are fully responsible for you own life. If you want my full admiration, fascination and attention, tell me THAT story. And if you don't have a story like that to tell yet, tell me how you're working on achieving that kind of state of mind. If you're not even working on it, ask yourself why you're not.(?) Because to me, that's the greatest accomplishment in life. The accomplishment of self-mastery, self-love and the ability to remain perfectly calm, mature and reflected in situations where most people get hotheaded and hysterical! 😎 // #SelfMastery #ThatFascinatesMe 👌🏼

There's one person in this world your relationship have to be flawless and perfect with. There's only one person you know you're going to spend every second with for rest of your life, until your very last breath. Only one person you know will be by your side through it all. Only one looking at you when no one else sees you. Only one to take care of you when nobody else does. Only one to love you when everyone else falls short, and that's yourself. So before anything else, nourish THAT relationship❤️ // #MeMyselfAndI

How lucky am I to have you who knows exactly what I'm thinking, what I need to hear and brings me my avocado with a spoon, salt and pepper just because you know I eat it that way. How lucky am I to have you to do things you know I would appreciate without me even saying it. How lucky am I to have her hold her tongue when she easily could have said; I told you so. Until the last second before she falls asleep she listens until she pass out in the middle of a sentence giving me her last bit of energy and smile. You bring such great value to my life and I'm forever grateful for all the love and fun you bring! 16 years of friendship❤️ @martecharlotte - The man who wins your heart is the luckiest man on this planet.❤️ // #bestfriend #bff #partnerincrime #iloveyou #thankyou

Kindness is just like snow. It beautifies everything it covers❄️💙 // #kindness #bekind #snow #trysil #trysilknut #grønskaret #love #girlstrip #crosscountryski #swix

Happy New Year!🎉 I'm back at the gym and my new year resolutions are; to take even better care of my body. If you do take care of your body your body will take care of you. Fashion might be important to some, but a healthy body is for me the greatest fashion statement there is💪🏼😘👍🏼 #happynewyear #newyearresolution #health #fitness #fashion #eatclean #loveyourbody #workout

Why do people force love? I think sometimes the ego is so incredibly strong that the chase at one point switch from being about finding love to be about winning. Winning rather than being the loser who got rejected. You know you never get rejected, you only get redirected - into something better. So give it all you got because the outcome will be exactly what it was supposed to be anyway. Don't try to find love, let it find you. That's why it's called falling in love. You don't force yourself to fall, you just suddenly do❤️ // #goodnight #love #bedtimethoughts #sweetdreams

Lunch break thoughts☕️: Be kind when you're tired. Be understanding when you're upset. Do more for others than you're asked, without silently demanding anything in return. Tell people that you love them. Go out of your way to do things to show that you care. When you mess up, make up for it the next minute, hour or day💐 Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. Life comes with no guarantees, no time-outs, rarely second chances, so live to the fullest in the best possible way and make sure you don't regret your choices. Smile until your face hurts, take too many pictures, laugh your stomach sore, dance in the rain, forgive freely, love like you've never been hurt, be fearless, hold a hand, comfort a friend, hug a stranger. Kiss all the time!💋Have fun and be playful. Be a daredevil. Take a chance. Remember, if it excites you and scares you at the same time, go do it! 😉🤘🏼 // #christmas #holiday #family #love #friends #snow #lunch #nails #coffeeaddict #daredevil #roses

I'm head over heels in love with this holiday season. The Christmas music and movies, the decorations, the gingerbread and mulled wine, even the weather. The wonders of Christmas are longer hugs, more gratitude and more love. Let Christmas be the loving magic it originally is by displaying light towards each other, not just in our frosted windows ❄️💕☃️ // #christmas #freehugs #gifts #decorations #interior #mulledwine #christmasspirit #love #gratitude #bethelight #bethelove

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