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take me 2 da sky 9/5  ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ 333

i am my own heaven and hell

Life is a daily oscillation between revolt and submission

that no longer a case type beat #finallylegal

My last mood board being 17... I often said I didn't think I was going to make it to graduation because I would end up ending my shit lol. But here I am... Being 17 to me was a year that marks the rest of my life, I like to mark my life by moment and seasons, like summer 2017, when flower boy came out and sound tracked the happiness summer of my life. The days where I would see Andy every single day and we would sit and eat lunch during summer school cause our dumb asses didn't pay attention through the year. You are truly one of my closest friends. I want to thank all my closest friends (Alisha, Andrea, Esme, Jessica, Neida, Yanira, Evelyne and who ever else who has impacted me) who have stuck by me no matter what. I'm sorry if we don't have pics.. I love u always. Next time I post I'll be 18 !! 💕💕💕

Tonight's mood board is called "Naruto theme-sadness and sorrow (1 hour)" it's also my bday in 8 days and idk how to feel. I'm so overwhelmed with sadness for the first time in so long that idk how to react. I just listen to the same songs and work and go to school. I've finally been out of the house the past three days but I still don't feel alive. I want to feel happiness again which I have been feeling for the past few months but something that this experience has taught me is to depend on myself for happiness. You are the captain of ur own sea and master of ur own soul. Have a good night bby angels <333

I used to have 1000 something followers and care about how I looked and what I posted... Now I just wanna share what makes me happy bro <333

Mood board for fri, 4 26 2019 @12 44 pm <33

A mood board for my main cuz my feelings r a lil hurt but everyone else deserves happiness and some inspiration<333

object of your affection 🥰



kissys for all my bby fishys 😚

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