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Dani Reardon  💍❤️@ianscho 💪🌱Vegan ⚛️ Jedi BEL1EVE 1️⃣TR1BE Fit Hustle athlete MONSTAR10. ☀️LSR You attract the energy you are ⚛️ 💁hoodieup


⚛️please read⚛️WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? No really, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself who do I think I am? Realize this, what you see in the mirror is not who you are. It’s just an extension, a vehicle, an example, a product of creation. When the cameras are off, the filters are gone, and your deeds are done for the day... when it’s just you, and the person you have created standing there, silent, staring into one another... Two separate entities but one in the same breath. Ask your self who am I? And we may never know the true answer simply because we are the picture in the frame... but I believe we always know our own individual truth. #intuition Are you proud of what you see, are you proud of your creation? Is this what you want for yourself and the people you are impacting, and is this really how you want to do it, are you happy? The beauty of life is that there are no rails, or rules or limits. #fxcklimits ... moment by moment we can create a totally different life. If we want. There is a whole universe out there waiting for us. ⚛️⚛️ Look again in the mirror, look at the little sparkle of light in your eye and realize the creation is now looking at the creator. The power is always in your hands you beautiful creation stations you. ⚛️❤️✨ #lilmonstar #fxcklimits #createyourreality #creator #truth #fithustleclothing #wtfisalimit #creationstation #fitchick #workoutclothes #spirit #thanksuniverse #create #life #explore #love 🙌FITHUSTLE.COM 👚 MONSTAR10⚛️
📸 @pcs_photography_

⚛️please read⚛️ ARNOLD CLASSIC UPDATE!!! Let me get it out of the way... I’m not doin it 😕 soooo many reasons helped me make the decision. But the one that made it the hardest was thinking about letting people down who were coming to see me. And maybe that’s why I’ve been kind of away from social media. I found my self pushing through hours of cardio for other people. Also pushing because I wanted to prove a point with the plant based vegan thing and I told so many people I was doing it. But the timing is bad right now for a show... and let me tell how how hard of a realization that was for me. Since I was 15, there has always been time and space and money for a show. And for the first time in my life... I am seeing how much life there really is out there other than the stage. Since the Olympia, i have had a whole lifestyle change #vegan 🌱 ian and I got married!! And we just settled into the second place we moved. So I’m sure you can imagine my focus has really just been everywhere but the stage. When I compete I am laser focused on the show. I had a long talk with my coach @nikkis.angels and for me to get in shape and shredded like I do I would be doing hours of cardio a day. Which is fine and we’ve all been there, but I don’t need or want to go there. I love enjoying my process and doing it healthy and with a smile. I love representing positivity and how amazing hard work can be. Can I push through it physically, absolutely. But emotionally and spiritually and energetically, that is not the smartest way to do a prep. I run the risk of becoming very burnt out early in the season, living under a rock and hiding doing cardio and really just suffering and being hungry. My biggest fear is showing up all stringy having lost muscle because of hours of cardio. And I know people will blame it on the plant based diet. And I just can’t have that, because it’s not true. I want to really represent for the plants and show up healthy and strong and really at my best. I plan to really shake things up next time I get on stage. Like disrupt some shit. And I will not be able to do that the way I envision by the time the Arnold rolls around. (Continue in the comments)

I love you. Everyday I do, and always will.
Every time you kiss me I get butterflies even still.
Every word you whisper gives me those sexy little chills.
You are my addiction, but stronger than drugs and pills.
You are my strength my weakness, my kryptonite, my power of will.
It’s my first Valentine’s Day as Mrs. Scho and I’m so grateful, more than you’ll ever know.
I love you Hubbard. And I’m so happy to be your valentine wife. Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is to the beginning of many more to come. @ianscho #hubbard #valentine #married #love #specialhuman #kissme #valentinesday #team #partners #lovebuds #embracebykara @embracebykara

It’s live!!!! Check out this podcast I was lucky to be a part of the other night!!! We delve deep into the vegan prep and lifestyle!!!! Nothing was off limits here. We talk everything from plants to steroids!! We shared a few laughs and exchanged lots of scientific information!!! Click the link to listen!! Lots of great valuable information!!! Thank you to the weekly grind for having me. Can’t wait to talk with you again!!! Until then thank you and good vibes 💪👸⚛️✌️#podcast #lilmonstar #theweeklygrind @keith_fabbri #veganprep #veganmuscle #arnoldclassic #steroids #mealprep #protein #bodybuilding #womensphysique #ifbb #truth #contestprep @valhalla_labs

🌱✨ The burners have been ignited and the cooking has begun!! #cookingshow our YouTube channel is Lil Monstar, before the new ones start rolling out maybe check out the old ones we did (linkinbio)
New diet 🌱 new kitchen 👩‍🍳 new purpose ⚛️ and new videos comin at ya very soon 🎥😎 @schomatics
#plantbased #lilmonstar #tofu #airfryer #highprotein #vegan #veganmuscle #newkitchen #veganbodybuilding #peacefulwarrior #youtubechannel #naturalhabitat

Tonight at 9pm I have been given the amazing opportunity to be a guest on THE WEEKLY GRIND PODCAST!!! Omg I’m number 18!! ⚛️❤️😎 check them out on Facebook for more informative intense intriguing episodes from those out there who know how to grind!!!! Excited is an understatement... See you all tonight at 9pm #lilmonstar #bigmouth #podcast #theweeklygrind #valhallalabs @valhalla_labs #thegrind #episode18

It’s more than a flex, it’s a feel. It’s more than a hobby, it’s a home. It’s more than a game, it’s a master. It’s not so much a trying, but a doing.... I don’t know why I feel compelled to write this but no one can tell you what feels good to you and what feels like home to you, and no one can tell you who your master teachers are. So all in all do you. Because you wanna do you. Because it feels right and feels like home. Do you because you learn and grow from it. No matter what division, what sport, what hair color, what skin color, what occupation... do you, and own the shit out of you. because you owe beautiful you that. Do you because you fuckin want to and because it FEELS good to you, and feels like home to you. And you already know home is where the heart is. ❤️ #followyourheart #doyou #lilmonstar #vegan #bodybuilding #veganmuscle #womensphysique #truth #becauseiwantto #classic #posing #home #contestprep #jedi

⚛️please read ⚛️ The trouble is, you think you have time” #buddah .

Ask yourself today as it pertains to your goals and inspirations, “what are you waiting for?” Are you waiting for something to happen, waiting for the perfect opportunity, waiting and holding out for... for what?? Realize this, time is an illusion. The only thing we really have is this moment. This moment right now is where all of our power lies. Our power our abilities our potential, does not lie in the waiting for the opportune time. It lies in making every moment in time, opportune. The problem is we think we have time... and in reality, all we have is now. Here comes another moment... Ready set go! ..... www.fithustle.com..... MONSTAR10
#timeless #hourglass #fithustleclothing #livethehustle #balancexlifestyle #thepowerofnow #lilmonstar #truth

Excited and honored to make this post today. Thank you @liquidsunrayz for allowing me to be an athlete for you all again this season. It’s incredible to think about my first couple shows and the tanning experience I have had with them. And now here I am an athlete. Wow. Grateful is all I can say. I have been tanning with #LSR for almost 8 years and I have been very fortunate to have built amazing relationships with the people who tan my naked butt. Thank you again for sponsorship the spray tan and the laughs. See you all soon!!! So much love for you all!! #getyourrayzon #liquidsunrayz #lilmonstar #olympia2018 #spraytan #competitontan #bronze #lsrathlete #arnoldclasdic2018

⚛️please read⚛️💁‍♀️ Fxck limits... think about the word limit. Think about the vibration it holds. It reminds me of fear, doubt, giving up, giving in, sabotage, and most of all excuses.... Fxck that. FXCK LIMITS!! 🙅‍♀️ there is another side to this coin however, and that is possibilities. Think about the vibration the word possibility holds. It reminds me of belief, perseverance, love, power, achievement, and most of all inspiration. Be inspired by possibilities today not ruled my limitations. Fxck limits. Love possibilities. The choice is always ours. ⚛️ #createyourreality #fxcklimits #infinitepossibikities #fithustle #wtfisalimit ....... 👕 FXCK LIMITS TANK: @fithustleclothing MONSTAR10 (link in bio) 📸 @pcs_photography_

It’s hard to see the picture when you are in the frame. Thank you @pcs_photography_ for capturing this for us. Doing what you love with who you love... there is no greater gift. Just ask the smiles on our faces... my motto, “if you don’t love it don’t live it”. #team #1love #love #liveit #fithustle #livethehustle ...... (link in bio) 👕👕 @fithustleclothing #bel1eve #fxcklimits 📸 @pcs_photography_ ❤️😎 @ianscho and @lil_monstar_ 💰Discount code: MONSTAR10

⚛️please read⚛️ Well, I have some news everyone... a few days ago I decided to part ways with @redcon1 . Please understand before I go any farther it has nothing to do with anything they did or didn’t do or even their supplements. It has all and everything to do with me, my heart, my beliefs, my happiness and my tribe. You see switching over to vegan really has made me question everything I do and everything I am associated with and everything I promote especially to you all.... I was so conflicted by this decision and it was one of the hardest scariest things I have ever done. I love everyone over at Redcon, I love what they do for their tier operators and their products really are good. But here is my dilemma, every time I opened up my phone I felt this terrible guilty annoyed constricted vibe about posting, and producing content for them. I felt out of alignment and weighed down by a paycheck. And for someone who doesn’t do things based on money, this was eating me up inside. It’s just felt too wrong too many times. I was so nervous about our financial situation with the Arnold coming up and a move in a few weeks. I really didn’t want to put that stress on my family. I felt like I should be so grateful they want me to represent them, and I was. And it seemed silly to quit over a few posts. But it’s so so much more than that under the Instagram surface. My mind was spinning with indecision and had been for quite sometime. My heart and soul were suffering because I feel as though there is a level of trust we create on social media. And I didn’t want to tarnish that with you all. I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I did it. I sent the text. And man, the level of clarity and freedom and courage and relief I reached afterwards was magical. The weight lifted off my shoulders. The cocoon I was in broke open and I was ready to fly 🦋 I felt like I could truly and fully stand in my truth and really own what’s coming next. I don’t really know what’s on the horizon for me, but I am trusting in that the universe conspires for those who follow their heart. As sad as I am to say bye to Redcon1. I am more happy to say hi to myself again. #lilmonstar #followyourheart #truth

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