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Leena Åhr  💔 Carson Key is daddy 🤤 GBC 🌸 no friends 😕

“Come let’s watch the rain cause it’s falling down, sunlight on your skin when I’m not around, shit don’t feel the same when u outta town, so come and watch the rain it’s falling down” 💔 •

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💔 wait right here I’ll be back in the morning, i know that I’m not that important to u but to me girl your so much more than perfect so much more than gorgeous, right I know that I’m not really worth it if u give me time I can work on it give me some time while I work on it 🖤

“All I ever wanted was a friend, all I ever wanted was a brand new Benz truck, now I wonder where my friends gon’ end up, money don’t help with the pain where the drugs at”

“ The Suicidal lucid dream, I project myself on you then back to me” 🐣

👑 lookin off the ledge, and picturing the fall ‘cause I don’t want to break my legs and have to carry on 🐣

💔change hoes like clothes I could get attached, cause these hoes fire starters like lit matches, I’ve been feeling lost, ducking all attachments 🖤

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