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(L.) Appel  Photographer @takeyouwild. Art Director, Autodidact. Current nomad. // Living, loving, learning, yearning.

Caught that eclipse in a honey box (true story) - and sent it off to the ages in a manilla envelope.✨Yesterday at the farm was pretty damn magical, as we reached about 90% coverage at peak which left the entire landscape cloaked in silver-blue, metallic light. The entire scene literally looked like the most exquisite hand-painted silver gelatin photograph. Even the kiddie pool. I'll never forget it.🌘#solareclipse2017 #solareclipse #eclipse #indiana #littlemoon #vignette #poetry

My daily life, captured in a small vignette : *thinking to self* Oh hey, it's a beautiful day! And : it's breakfast time. Oooooo-la-la there's Swedish coffee bread, and I'm totally making some tulsi tea. Oooo. You know what? I think I'm going to make a smoothie too, you know, nutrients and all. *throwing things in @vitamix thinking to myself man, I'm going WARP speed on this smoothie* Then - pause. I see a plum in the fridge, possibly going bad. Hmmm I should slice that open and use it, check it, etc. First knife cut, second...thir... All of a sudden, totally enraptured by said plum - potentially madly in love. Grabs camera, makes sounds of happiness and gives self over to the beauty of every fucking second on this planet. Twenty minutes later : smoothie is finally made. I am who I am. There's no fighting it! And figuring that out has been...umm, quite the process.😂🔥🍎❤️#takeyouwild #ethos #mantra #thatswhereitcamefrom #wild #stilllife #plum #sexyfruit #knife #wabisabi

Eclipse vibes.🌑✨Thinking that I'd like to direct something... write, direct and compose the score. #solar #eclipse #intentions favorite #colorpalette #thatglow #vino and #film

Lazy Sunday at the farm. My bro and his lady cooking us lunch, everyone sharing stories about memories of childhood, this area, their families. Me : randomly darting from the breezeway into the house to do impromptu kitchen projects with leftover farm goods... Roasted some pumpkin for tortellini filling, then roasted the seeds (pepitas!) for #nutrients and salad pizazz. Just found out the pumpkin variety is called Winter Luxury...oooo-la-la!!🔥#sexy #pumpkin #sundaybrunch #nativerootsfarm #organicfarm #sustainability #nowaste is real #luxury #indianafarm #takeyouwild #pepitas #lilappelcooks

Muscat grapes - the beginnings of a vinegar baby. Back to the weekend fermentation projects. Missed ya, kitchen!✨🍇 #lilappelcooks #fermentation #muscatgrapes #souvenir #smfm #futurevinegar #nutrition #goodness #nowaste #florabellafarm

Every time I leave the buzz of the city, time shifts in a way that is pretty jarring. So much quiet - so much space - so many hours's amazing, but difficult - and it definitely sends me on a hunt - an exploration of the shadow side of the things around me. Within me.
An old lover used to call me 'la Escalpela' - the Scalpel. The night we met, we were on a rooftop at a songwriters' venue - everyone got drunk on mezcal and, at one point, decided that we needed a word, a name, to capture each of ourselves in that moment. It was decided I was a blade. A scalpel, specifically. An extremely sharp knife - one used for the dissection of things, for surgery, for the making of art. In these moments - the weighted, feral hours just before sunrise - I still feel it to the bone.
#strawflower #floral #flowerstudy #flowerfarm #blooooms #dsfloral #nightowl #takeyouwild #scalpel #thenightsaremine #love #guts #shadows

Alright, here goes. I'm a simple woman with a complex brain. It's running 1,000 mph a second and I relish the times when I can get it to just. slow. down. Just a little bit. When I was little, my Dad told us a lot of stories to calm us down - and what I realized later was : they weren't just stories retold, they were *his*. He made them up. He talked about dancing snow bears, the people they lived with, magic lakes in the middle of nowhere - anything bohemian and beautiful to capture our attention and spark imagination. To demonstrate the empathy that should exist between all beings. To invite us into a world where life as a human on this planet felt like a gift. It worked.
Long story short, tonight, I finally dove into the media. My friend lives in Charlottesville. I had an insider. I had words and emotions in my ear the day of - more 'now' than most news agencies. But watching @vice's report on the events was utterly heart wrenching. It was real. It was brave. It was what the moment was. Fuck...seriously? I sit on this floor in the middle of rural America - a place where I've always found my grounding - and must, must do something about this. For us. For life. For the survival of the common good. Personally, when I look at another human, I just see a human. So why is that still not the status quo? We all need to get there, and now. #fight with #love #fire #guts

Spent the day meeting true human gems, furiously scribbling down golden nuggets of business wisdom for future plans, sparking new ideas in the process, and : I got to meet one of my badass biz lady crushes @ellenmariebennett.❤️✨💃Thank you @hedleyandbennett & @instagramforbusiness for such a rad event. Exhausted in the best way - and excited to take all this learning and distill my ideas into something powerful. Something good. Something for the people, for the future. #schoolofhustle #apronsquad #losangeles #biz #takeyouwild #jetlagged and #happy

A whole lotta late nights, early mornings, beautiful memories made, heartache + love for so many, and skippin' time zones lately, but as my friend reminded me the other delirious, wine-infused, piano lesson in the background, baby whispering joy-inducing, heart blazing with life afternoon : 'The more you're traveling, the more you're living!'. So, hello Los Angeles (from another LA💃) and let's do this! Ready to party and find ways to change the world for the better at @hedleyandbennett & @instagramforbusiness's #schoolofhustle!✨🎉🔥
#takeyouwild #blooooms #dsfloral #nightowl #flower #nativerootsfarm #flowerfarm #organicfarm #ladyentrepreneur #bizlady #love #compassion #workingforthefuture

A note to self at 3 something AM : I like life held in suspended hours with you. Watching smart tv, eating perfectly timed tomato sandwiches, laughing about the world, about how it ebbs & flows, being required to prove that a word (world?) exists, dissolving into a glass of wine and conversation about the betterment of it all, feeling beautiful in a dress, in a robe, in my skin - simple human goodness distilled into tiny moments. Gifts. Reminders. Pieces of a life to save for another.🌿Atlanta has always been a double-edged sword in my story, and as usual, has a way of showing me the parts of myself that need work. So, as always, thank you, but good lawd please don't make me sad cry with a Lyft driver again anytime soon. (Also, she deserves better - send T. some goodness.)✨Life is tough, and we are all just making our way in whatever awkward, fumbling way we can. And that, in its own way, is somehow always the most beautiful. #lyftdiaries #latenight #life #inanutshell #onward #keepbeinghuman #love is the only way

When strangers become friends and business becomes beauty - that's where I'm happiest.✨So grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph the @atlanta_alpaca_treehouse last summer, and in so doing, made two amazing friends along the way. Kara and Kate are total gems, and I truly hope everyone in this world has the chance to meet them and wake up in this beautiful place. It's great to be back, Georgia.🌿 #takeyouwild #airbnb #atltreehouse #treehouse #weloveatl #goodmorning #interiors #dsinterior

Learned how to make goat's milk ricotta yesterday via text! (Scroll through for more photos) Thanks @rnealchef for helping me tackle the to-do list! We've got a LOT of fresh goat milk 'round here.🥛🐐🧀💪🏻✨ #farmlife #yumtown #nativerootsfarm #ricotta #goat #organicfarm #nutrition #healthyfood #islife #cheffriends #dadshomemadebread

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